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    Welcome to Sing and Sign classes in WGC, Potters Bar and Goffs Oak!

    Bookings are now open for our Spring Term!

    Friday mornings at Goffs Oak Methodist Church

    9:45  Stage 1 (6-15 months)

    10:45 for Babes (0-7 months)

    Wednesday mornings in WGC

    9:45 for Stage 1 (6-15 months)

    10:45 for Babes (0-7 months)

    What is Sing and Sign? Essentially we teach you the art of communicating with your baby through sign language.

    Baby sign language is a simplified language using key word signing by signing the most important word in a sentence. Baby sign language is largely compatible with popular signing systems eg Makaton 

    We teach through song and music

    Our weekly themes are wide ranging & incredibly useful for the developmental age of babies in that class (Babes, Stage 1 & Stage 2)

    By consistently using signs with your baby, they will begin to show you signs, even very little ones !

    Hello and welcome!

    My name is Sarah and I started Sing and Sign with my oldest son when he was 10 months old. I was instantly delighted by how much fun the classes were and how quickly babies can learn to sign.

    That first moment when my son did his very first sign (water) to tell me he was thirsty was a magical moment- I understood what he was asking and he was absolutely delighted by the fact that I had understood him! The special bond of being able to communicate with your very young baby before they can even talk is the reason I love Sing and Sign so much. After getting home from work my son would sign to tell me all about his day- going on the slide at the park or seeing pigs at the farm, which he wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

    My son signing at 15 months!

    I continued signing with my both of my sons and enjoyed 9 terms of Sing and Sign between them and wow did their language develop fast!

    Every parent and child I have seen in a Sing and Sign class has loved it and have enjoyed so many precious moments developing lifelong skill and memories and I know you will enjoy it too!

    Happy signing!

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    Come and find out why baby signing is loved by so many people!

    Which course should I book?

    Babes (birth-7 months) - This is a five week course, which includes a beautifully illustrated songbook, one cd and a mini signing vocabulary. Also included is online membership which includes a weekly streamed @Home lesson, expert videos linked to our weekly theme and a streamed music cd

    Stage 1- (6 months-14 months) This is a 10 week course filled with basic signs learnt through songs, rhymes, props and lots of fun! Also included in your course is online Gold membership which gives you access to our weekly streamed @Home lesson, games and streamed Stage 1 DVD.

    Stage 2- (14 months- 2 years) This is a 10 week course which focuses on signs that include a wider range of vocabulary with all the usual songs, rhymes, props, fun....and of course the much loved Jessie cat!

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