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Julie Warriner is a teacher and mother of two who runs Sing and Sign classes in Bedfordshire ..."I am now in my eighteenth year of running my Sing and Sign business and I love it ­ - it doesn't feel like work! The training manual tells you everything you need to know and for anything else Head Office is only a phone call or email away, plus there is a Teachers' Forum online where you can get tips and advice. I would recommend the franchise to my friends ­ - in fact, I have!”

Liz Merrifield teaches S&S in the Malvern and Worcester area… ”I was an accountant but wanted to do something more fulfilling after I had children. When I was expecting baby number three I read about baby signing and thought it sounded wonderful. We started using the Sing and Sign DVD with Phoebe when she was 6 months old and loved it. Phoebe signed ‘milk’ at 8 months old, and it was so exciting to have such a tiny baby able to tell us what she had seen or wanted; she was much less frustrated than my older daughters had been at that age. At two and a half years old Phoebe spoke wonderfully in full clear sentences and I am convinced that she was a happier more relaxed little girl because of Sing and Sign.”

Liz decided to apply to teach the course and found the business was easy to set up. After only two terms of teaching she had more mums than she had space for and made a profit.“This is the most rewarding job I have ever had! I love the look on mum’s faces when their baby joins in with the signs in class! The reaction that I get each week when Jessie Cat or the instruments come out is amazing and seeing the babies change over the term is wonderful.”

Vicky Rogers (South London) says: "Helping mums, dads and carers to communicate with their babies is one of the most rewarding jobs I can imagine.  I am part of their lives during some of the most formative years and the signing stories the parents tell you are truly inspiring.  I have taught young children for over 14 years and moving into teaching Sing and Sign has been a very natural progression for me.  I have the stimulation and fun of teaching with the flexibility to work the hours that suit me and my young family.  Running your own business is hard work but I have loved every minute of it."

Katy Bovaird (Harlow) "I want to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the families I've taught, who so often tell me what a massive part of their families' lives Sing and Sign has been. Personally, my own children were able to benefit in every way possible from S&S, from the linguistic advantages right through to the enhancement of our emotional bond. Secondly, S&S has given me the opportunity as a franchisee to run my own flexible business around my family with such success, meaning that I can be mummy at the same time as earning my keep and thereby keeping my independence."

Leese Mott (Staffordshire) "We started our Sing and Sign journey thirteen years ago, and we are so very glad we did - it has truly enriched our parenting experience. Sing and Sign is simply the best way to learn baby signing. I now have parents telling me what a huge difference S&S has made to them - I am proud to be a S&S teacher. It's a joy being a part of the Sing and Sign family."

Pippa Jenkins (Stratford upon Avon) I am so proud to be a part of this fantastic company and have gained so much as a family through signing together and personally through meeting wonderful parents at class! After six years I couldn't imagine doing anything else - thank you, thank you for launching such an amazing programme - it still feels very special!

Sarah Glover (Exeter) "Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a part of Sing and Sign. Finally I found a reason to go to work, what a wonderful and fulfilling way to do it. I miss it on the days that I don't teach!

MIchelle Chalmers (Horsham) "I never could have dreamed when I started coming to your classes with my baby daughter in Brighton that I would be writing this message today to you as a franchisee of your very successful business. What a success you have made! You have helped so many babies over the years whether in your classes, via one of your franchises or via your DVDs/CDs. Thank you as a mum, and as a woman with a business."

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