Lockdown is a gift to your baby or toddler!

Why is lockdown a gift?

Because all your baby needs is your attention and your time! Especially when it comes to the development of communication and the process of learning to talk. Make the most of lockdown with Sing and Sign's @home programme, it's fun and it's so very easy. See our taster clip of online content below and some little clips of Sing and Sign babies using signs learned in our classes to help their parents understand them.

What is Sing and Sign @ Home?

- Our award-winning programme of classes, but in your own home!

- A full term of Sing and Sign to enjoy in your living room.

- 10 weeks of 30 minute sessions

- Pre-recorded to watch at any time it suits you 24/7

- New theme each week

- Chose between Stage 1 (this is recommended if you’ve not done S&S before)

- or Stage 2 if your baby is 14months+ and you are already familiar with Stage 1

CLICK HERE to find your nearest teacher and she can book you in to an online course of classes

Your own local teacher will be able to offer a more personal and interactive experience and support your baby signing fun via social media groups and/or Zoom sessions alongside your Class@home, but if you don't have a teacher local to you or are unable to book through her you can join a Class@Home course here

Never seen baby signing in action?

See below just a few examples of how happy our little Sing and Sign friends are at being so easily understood.

Just a few of the awards and honours Sing and Sign has received

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