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Since March we have been piping our award-winning classes straight into your homes. We are thrilled that our online lessons have been such a hit, winning awards and fans all over and are pleased to announce we will be continuing this service alongside the re-opening of our venue classes for the Autumn Term! Please be patient with your local teacher who has a few hoops to jump through in regards to her local venue's re-opening dates, however a large number of our teachers have already applied our extensive COVID-secure measures for their Autumn Terms and are running live in a venue near you!  Find and contact your local teacher who can give you full details

If you would prefer to enjoy Sing and Sign in the comfort of your own home still, we have 10 weeks of award-winning lesson content online so you and your baby needn't miss out on the wonderful experience of baby signing and learning the fun way! CLICK HERE to learn more and to watch our taster clip!

- 10 weeks of sessions

- Each week a new theme

- Up online for the whole week to dip into whenever you fancy

- Supporting Lesson tips and clips