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Features of membership :

  • View over 200 signed video clips (see examples on our home page)
  • Print out as many selected signed pictures as you like from our 200 word vocabulary!
  • Create your baby's own signing resource (see below)
  • Your membership is valid for a whole year and you can access the signs as often as you like.

If you wish to purchase membership please use the form on the right to add your name and email. When you register as a member you'll instantly be sent an email with an automatically generated password to allow you access to your membership immediately. If you wish to alter this password for future visits, just let us know at

Over 200 video clips to help improve your signing skills...

Share your baby's favourite signs with friends and family...

Your baby's own signing resource.

As your baby starts to communicate more and more, you will be keen to share those exciting first signs with family and friends. By following a simple procedure, online members can print out a page (or as many pages as you like!) showing the signs your baby enjoys the most. This is invaluable for times when your baby is being looked after by another family member or by a childcare provider. A 'favourite signs' sheet is a great way to involve all the family in your baby's enjoyment of the signs and to keep a record of your baby's' first words' forever!!

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