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    Welcome to Sing & Sign York!

    Hello!  And welcome to the pages of 'Sing and Sign', York.  My name is Anna and I am delighted to be the 'Sing and Sign' franchise holder for the area of York and Surrounds.

    We may all be stuck in the house but...this summer term Sing and Sign can come to you! Our new, fantastically received, streamed, weekly classes can be watched as many times as you like for a seven day period after release, and each week you can also enjoy a 'live' Zoom 'check in' session where I will give you support, tips, extra signs and we can share in some singing and signing together, too!  There are also WhatsApp groups for each class where you can get to know other attendees better.  Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses last for ten weeks and cost just £40! 

    Not yet 6 months?  No problem! A five week Sing and Sign Babes course will teach you some gentle and engaging communication activities to share with your little one, as well as some great songs and signs that will entertain you both.

    For more information, just click on the enquiry button and drop me a line or book your place now.

    My own 'Sing and Sign' journey began when a friend encouraged me to attend a 'Sing and Sign' class with my baby daughter, Sydney.  With a background in drama, music and English teaching, the concept of communicating with my baby through gestures and music was intriguing, and once we got going it paid us huge dividends.  The classes were fun for us both; Sydney was excited and stimulated by the music, songs and surprising props, and I was delighted by a system that is easy, fun and engaging,  and also encouraged me to learn a new skill.  Baby signing quickly established itself in our household and we were overjoyed when, at about 10 months old, Sydney actually started signing back!  It wasn't long before her vocabulary of signs was such that we were enjoying quite an astonishing insight into her emerging world.  From the descriptions she gave us of our family walks to the park, to her account of her imminent bedtime routine as we sat eating dinner, signing with Sydney will forever be one of my most cherished memories of early parenting.

    I'm really looking forward to helping you to embark on your own 'Sing and Sign' adventure, and hope that you find it as rewarding and exciting as I did.

    See you in class!



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    What Do Our Courses Include, How Much Do They Cost and How To Book A Place.

    Our Babes course is designed for very little children from birth until 6 months and builds the framework for good communication. Its unique syllabus covers anticipation, eye contact, routine, shared looking, turn taking, consistency, repetition, babble and speech sounds, and there will be plenty of time for affection, praise, touch, music and listening, and of course a group of specially selected signs for you to begin your baby signing journey!! If you might be interested in us running a Babes course specifically for you and your friends at home, please send us an email and we will get in touch (minimum attendance is four babes).


    Our Babes course costs £43.50 for a five session course and includes an accompanying Jessie Song Book and double CD. This allows you to listen, sing and practice at home or in the car, and the book also has a basic signing dictionary on the back page to help you remember the basic signs and start using them often.


    Our Stage 1 course is designed for beginners & young children (from 6 months up to 14 months). The course Syllabus includes: Basic Signs (Milk, More, Finished…), Going Out, Bath Time, Nappy Change, Emotions, Help Me, Bedtime, Being Ill, People, Animals & Vehicles. This is the stage where signing might take off, with most children signing back from around 9 months old (although of course, all children are different - we’ve even had 7 month old baby signers, together with those who make their first sign around their first birthday. There’s no hurry and never any pressure.


    Our Stage 2 course is designed to help older children (14 months up to around 2½ years) with more progressive concepts, and encourages sounds & simple counting. The syllabus includes: Choices, Colours, Weather, Opposites, Love & Manners, Potty Training, Phonetic Alphabet, Speech Sounds & Numbers, and is a brilliant pre-school foundation. 

    Our 10 week Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses cost £62.50 per term, with the option of reserving an accompanying GOLD or PREMIUM 'Sing and Sign' On-line Membership for the bargain price of £15 / £30 (40% off the regular website price).  GOLD Membership includes brand new supporting material for the Stage 1 course (published on-line for the first time in November 2017), the award winning 'Sing and Sign Original' DVD, a live action signing dictionary of over 200 signs that can be saved and printed out to share with any of your child's other carers and a couple of simple, interactive games which are sure to delight your baby/toddler.  PREMIUM Membership includes all of the GOLD Content plus, the Stage 2 'More Sing and Sign' DVD, the 'Have A Sing And Sign Christmas' DVD and a short 'Look At Them Now' film of the original 'Sing and Sign' babies.  Alternatively, a Stage 1 ('The Original Sing and Sign') or Stage 2 ('More Sing and Sign') DVD can be requested for £15. 

    Siblings and multiples can enrol for FREE but we do need the names of every child that will be coming along in order to reserve them a place. Just mention additional siblings in the "Any Other Information" part of our booking form.


    The Booking Pages can be accessed here: 




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    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 @home
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 & 2 @home
    Thursday AM Babes @home
  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign, York, Nursery Affiliation Programme.

    Our Nusery Affiliation Programme allows childcare settings to harness the benefits of baby signing using the easy and fun Sing and Sign Programme.  Affliation includes:

    • A 1.5 hour training session in your nursery for up to 15 staff, led by an experienced Sing and Sign practitioner.
    • An action plan devised specifically for your nursery, in collaboration with your staff.
    • License to use Sing and Sign songs and resources in your setting for 12 months.
    • A Time to Sing and Sign CD of songs.
    • Affiliated access to Sing and Sign's Gold Online resources, giving you access to the full, live action dictionary of signs, and the ability to print them off.
    • Sing and Sign Affiliate logo to use in marketing.
    • Affiliate setting and training attendence certificates. 

    A list of Sing and Sign Affiliated nurseries in the local area can be found below:

    Bright Start Day Nursery, Abbots Road, SELBY YO8 8AT

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