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    Booking is open for Summer term (Online +Zooms) and Autumn term (venues and online)

    SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2022 TERM (online only plus zooms) 
    Mon 11 July - Sun 18 September  2022

    No break, classes go right through.

    Autumn 2022 TERM  (11 weeks of classes over 14 week period) Venue + online
    Mon 19 September - Friday 16 December 2022

    Half term 24 Oct - 6 Nov (2 weeks no classes)
    Class@Home only runs for 10 weeks until 11 December

    • SUMMER TERM (online only with zooms)  BOOK HERE
    • AUTUMN term is as below:   BOOK HERE

      MONDAY - Poplar Union, Poplar
      Stage 2 @ 10.00
      Stage 1 @ 11.00

      TUESDAY - St Paul Old Ford, Bow (these are not up yet but they will be from 20 July)
      Stage 1 @ 11.00
      Babes @ 12.00

      WEDNESDAY - St Paul Old Ford, Bow 
      Stage 1 @ 10.30
      Stage 1 @ 11.30

      THURSDAY - Tiny Tigers, IOD
      Stage 2 @ 9.30
      Stage 1 @ 10.30
      Stage 1 @ 11.30 

      FRIDAY - Suzuki Hub, Hoxton
      Stage 1 @ 11.00

      Give me a call if you are unsure (07899 820205)

    From can:

    • Check availability of classes
    • Book a class (booking is now open to everyone)
    • Watch videos of babies using signs
    • Get on to your online membership and lots more!

    Which Stage should I do?

    There are exceptions so feel free to give me a call to discuss what might be right for your baby.

    Sing and Sign Babes (0 - 5 months)
    A lovely, gentle introduction to baby signing, '
    Babes' offers families a carefully structured introduction to creating a strong framework for brilliant communication with their babies. You will learn many simple songs, just right for this age group so we can concentrate on the essentials such as good eye contact, repetition and anticipation and membership of The Jessie Cat Club is now included! Mini video classes, theme reminders, and expert tips, helping you build the framework for good communication with your baby! While on the course you also will be able to stream our lovely Beginner Babes CD to enjoy away from class.

    Stage One (5 - 14 months) and

    Stage Two (14 months - 2 years)

    Babies naturally wave, clap and point at around 8/9 months. We give you lots of extra useful gestures to add to your vocabulary of signs, like milk, more, change nappy, eat and so many more! Check out the FAQs here. All venue bookings come with Class@Home (see this video), at no extra cost! So if you are on holiday or ill for one week, you won't miss out. In fact, you can have a mini Sing and Sign session at home every day if you like!. If you are going back to work, you can buy the Class@Home course on its own.  

    What does the Stage 1 & 2 Class@Home look like?  Take a look here... 

    We now have this amazing extra resource to enjoy all week included with your venue visit! We've bottled the charm and simplicity of our live classes to create a natural and friendly online experience. Or you can JUST do the Class@Home course with no venue booking. 

    • 10 Structured classes (around 30 minutes) to enjoy with your child whenever you like for seven days
    • Each MONDAY a new class appears (and the previous one disappears)
    • A host of passionate and talented Sing and Sign teachers!
    • Saturday Zoom session 
    • Class WhatsApp group
    • GOLD membership to the Jessie Cat Club included for Stage 1
    • PREMIUM  membership for Stage 2

    GOLD Jessie Cat Club Membership includes:

    •   Lessons 1 - 10 (access to the @Home lesson videos)
    •   Dictionary - 250+ signs to view in video clips
    •   Two 15-minute films directly supporting our Stage One curriculum
    •   A print-out vocabulary facility for your baby’s favourite signs.
    •   Our classic ‘Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way’ (2001 DVD streamed).
    •   2 interactive ‘Where is Jessie?’ games.

      PREMIUM has all the above plus extra Stage 2 videos and materials.

  • More Info

    About our classes

    Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals and recommended by experts, Sing and Sign is Britain’s longest-running and best-loved baby signing programme.

    Classes are very relaxed and great fun! We keep class sizes small, around 11 per class.

    Babes classes (for the youngest babies 0 - 5 months) are around 35 minutes.
    Stage 1 and 2 classes run for approximately 50 mins to an hour.  

    As a general rule, Stage 1 classes are great for babies aged from around 6 mths upwards. Stage 2 classes are most appropriate for babies who will be around 14mths + at the start of term (please contact me if you are unsure!).

    We know babies don't like to stay still so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they can pick up whilst wandering!) When Jessie Cat, the instruments or the prop bag appear they soon come back!

    We learn all the signs through our easy to learn action-songs which include some you will already know and the babies love them. Don't worry if you can't sing particularly well... you don't have to! 

    Sing and Sign Babes is £103 and now includes the Jessie Cat Songbook with CD and the Online resources in the Jessie Cat Club Membership  The 'Babes' class lasts around 35 minutes, an appropriate time for their age.

    Stages 1 & 2 costs £110 and includes the Sing and Sign on-line GOLD membership or PREMIUM for Stage 2.   This streams our award-winning teaching video 'Sing and Sign', has a dictionary of 200 signs in video clips and your baby can play 'peekaboo' with Sing and Sign's favourite friend Jessie Cat, who teaches signs through her simple interactive hiding games. This also gives you access to our award-winning Class@Home which we originally produced for lockdown and has proved an incredible resource which means you can enjoy the class, not just once in the venue but as many times as you like throughout the week!

    Upgrade to PREMIUM membership is included with stage 2 and gives you access to more Sing and Sign material, including our much-loved, follow on (Stage 2) DVD content, our Sing and Sign Christmas DVD and your baby can play Jessie Cat's next level interactive hiding game with seventeen animal friends! 

    The Class@Home Stage 2 for toddlers course on it's own also comes with the Premium as standard.

  • Venues

    Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Eltham and Woolwich

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 The Yoga Space
    Friday AM Stage 1 Suzuki Hub
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Eltham
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 St Paul's Church
    Wednesday AM Babes St Paul's Church
    Friday AM Stage 1 Suzuki Hub
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Poplar Union
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