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    SPRING 2022 TERM
    Mon 17 Jan - Friday 1 Apr 2022
    Half term 14 - 20 Feb (no classes)

    Jan 10th, 24th, 31st (at different time of 2 and 3pm)

    Feb 7th, 14th, (21st no class half term) 28th
    March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

    Stage One (6 - 14 months) and Stage Two (14 months +)
    There are still places left for the January term. All venue classes come with Class@Home (see the video below), at no extra cost! Can't come to a venue? Book just the Class@Home Stage 1 or if you are going back to work.  Scroll down for more info about Class@Home.

    Sing and Sign Babes (0 - 5 months)
    A lovely, gentle introduction to baby signing.
     This class offers families a carefully structured introduction to creating a strong framework for brilliant communication with their babies. You will learn lots of simple songs - just right for this age group. We concentrate on the essentials such as good eye contact, repetition and anticipation.

    In order to support you on the Babes course we give you 'The Jessie Cat Songbook' with free CD and new for 2022 - membership of The Jessie Cat Club online resource!  This online resource for Babes includes theme reminders, expert tips and video clips of our songs, helping you build the framework of communication with your baby! While a current Babes member you also will be able to stream our lovely Beginner Babes CD to enjoy away from class.

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