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    Sing and Sign - The Original British Baby Signing Programme.

    A Very Warm Welcome to Sing and Sign. Baby signing in the heart of Sutton/Carshalton, Banstead and Cheam :)

    Most importantly, many thanks for visiting the Sign and Sign page for more information on baby signing in the Sutton/Carshalton, Banstead and Cheam area. My name’s Alex Ashison and I live in Cheam with my husband and two little girls.

    By reading this page, you will be able to find out exactly what Sing and Sign is all about, book and pay for a class online, read parent testimonials and contact me using the 'enquiry form' below.

    You may or may not have heard about baby signing, but it's important to know first off that it is really fun and very easy. You only need to learn a few signs to make a significant difference in your child's ability to communicate. You can lessen frustration, enrich language learning, encourage speech development and have a lot of fun with it too. 

    Classes are extremely relaxed and a great way to meet other like minded Parents local to your area (Grandparents and Nannies are also very welcome). As well as many familiar and original songs, puppets, props and pictures are used to inspire your baby's interest and illustrate the signs. We sing about going to the park, mealtime, bath time and bedtime and other things to capture your child's imagination like animals and vehicles. Each session includes forty minutes of singing and signing and ample social time for drinks (and biscuits) whilst your baby plays and makes friends!


    Booking for the Autumn Term 2018 is NOW OPEN, you can click here now to book your place!!

    The Autumn Term will start w/c 17th September - w/c 26th November with a half term (no classes) from 22nd - 26th October. There are 10 lessons in total and the cost for the term is £70 (you only pay once for twins). Places are limited with a maximum of 12 babies/toddlers per class. There has been a lot of interest in next term so I would recommend adding yourself to the waiting list to get priority booking.

    Classes are all age specific and split into 3 different stages:

    Sing and Sign Babes is aimed at babies from birth - 5 months

    Stage 1 is aimed at babies from 5 months - 14 months

    Stage 2 is aimed at toddlers from 14 months - 30 months. 

    Don’t worry if you’ve not been able to attend Sing and Sign Babes or Stage 1 sessions, you can move straight onto stage 2 as it’s never too late to start signing.   

    Please see the timetable and details of how to book below:

    WEDNESDAYS – Banstead:

    YMCA Surestart Children's Centre, Banstead Youth Centre, The Horseshoe, Bolters Lane, Banstead, SM7 2BQ 

    STAGE 1 - 10.45am – 11.45am
    STAGE 2 – 9.45am – 10.45am

    THURSDAYS - Sutton/Carshalton: 

    The Riverside Centre, 113 Culvers Avenue, Carshalton, Sutton, SM5 2FJ

    STAGE 1 - 10.45am – 11.45am
    STAGE 2 – 9.45am – 10.45am

    FRIDAYS – Banstead:

    YMCA Surestart Children's Centre, Banstead Youth Centre, The Horseshoe, Bolters Lane, Banstead, SM7 2BQ

    STAGE 1 - 10.45am – 11.45am
    STAGE 2 – 9.45am – 10.45am

    Click Here to check availability and Book Online Now

    Spring Term 2019 and Waiting List Information

    If you are currently pregnant, or would like to join us at a later date please complete the enquiry form below or e-mail me at I will then add you to my contact list and you will have priority booking for the appropriate term. I'd advise to register your interest early as we already have interest up to the Spring Term of 2019. The Spring Term will start in January 2019. 


    Personal Experience of Signing with My Daughters:

    I took both of my daughters to Sing and Sign classes in Cheam and we all absolutely loved it. We found the classes to be friendly engaging and really good fun (always their favourite class over other groups). In the case of my older daughter, it took her a while to initially start signing, once she started however, her enthusiasm became clear and she then began to pick up sign after sign extremely quickly. Her satisfaction at being able to communicate was obvious (usually with a big fat grin!!). The timing of her ability to start signing was particularly poignant as this meant that at 15 months old (when Lyla was born) Sammy was able to use various different signs that helped alleviate her frustration at a time that some toddlers can find really tough. As an added bonus, we also made lots of friends in the class that we are still in touch with to this day.

    I have a degree in Psychology and a large part of that was focussed on child development and as a result of the girls enjoyment of signing I have become more and more interested in the theory and reasons behind how and why signing can help communication in such an effective way. I have been teaching Sing and Sign in Sutton, Cheam and Banstead since January 2012 and absolutely love it, hoping to continue for many years to come. 

    We have gained so much from Sing and Sign and I am extremely enthusiastic about what baby signing can offer children and their families. I hope to be able to share the great experience that we have had with as many other families as possible!


    Parent Testimonials:

    Ruth says:

    We love sing and sign! Alex is a brilliant teacher and it's a really fun and friendly class. It's amazing to see how quickly you and your baby learn and recognise the songs and actions. Can't recommend it enough!

    Jo says:

    We love Sing and Sign and are in our second term of Stage 1 and we are moving up to Stage 2 in September. It is a lovely activity to do for both mum and baby, both of us have made friends. Alex is a great teacher with bags of enthusiasm and is great with all the babies. These classes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Sheena says:

    We are on the second term of sing and sign with Alex! My daughter loves it! She has picked up quite a few signs and really recognises the songs! We bought the DVD and cd and they have been so well used! We will be going onto stage 2 soon! Can't wait! I love my daughter's reaction to the songs! It's a lovely thing to do and meet new people too!

    Leanne says:

    I first tried sing and sign five years ago with my son, I was sceptical at first but it really helped us. By the Time he finished at age two he had over 100 signs. I'm now on my third child and she loves it as much as my older two. I cannot speak highly enough of Sing and Sign. If you only do one activity this should be it.

    Jenny says:

    I have been to sing and sign classes with both my sons and am currently on term number 3 with my youngest, who is 21 mths. The classes and the use of signs have been really helped both of my sons' communiction skills and we look forward to the classes each week. Alex is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend booking a class.

    Rebecca says:

    My son and I absolutely love Sing and Sign with Alex, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve communication with their baby. My son's been able to tell me what he wants using signs from very early on and it has made life significantly easier for both of us. The classes are lots of fun too!

    Philip says:

    I can't recommend Alex at Cheam Sing and Sign enough! The class is fun and friendly, my daughter (10 months) and I look forward to it each week.

    Jayne says:

    I have been attending Sing and Sign for almost a year and started when my son was 15 months old. (Which was rather late, I wish I had started a lot sooner as is recommended.). It has been an absolute godsend as now aged 2years he still has a very limited vocabulary of about 25 words but knows dozens and dozens of signs. This means we can communicate with each other and it has certainly eased his frustration in needing to make himself understood. It is amazing how he recalls signs that we have not used in months or how he suddenly uses one for the first time. Alex is a super teacher and sessions are always fun using songs, music, instruments, pictures and props so the children never get bored. The groups are small and friendly and the coffee and biscuits at the end are appreciated by adults and kids alike! I would definitely recommend Sing and Sign.

    Lisa says:

    I attend Sing and Sign in Cheam with my 10 month old son and he absolutely loves it! We have the CD and DVD at home and he is transfixed by the songs every time we put it on. My eldest son still joins in with the songs and signs as he remembers from when he was a baby. Alex is a great teacher and all the babies really engage with her. I would strongly recommend the class to anyone and will definitely be attending with any future children!!

    Please do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail is best) if you have any queries with anything to do with Sing and Sign or baby signing as I’d love to help.


  • More Info

    What to Expect at a Class: 


    "Sing and Sign" is an award-winning programme of songs and rhymes teaching simple gestures or baby signs (derived from sign language) which parents can use to enhance communication with their babies. It is suitable for babies from 6 months old. Using signs with pre-verbal hearing babies is widely known as 'baby signing'.  Between 9-18 months babies naturally go through a very gestural stage. Sing and Sign will show you some extra and more specific gestures to make this natural form of communication even more rewarding and beneficial for your child.


    Baby signing is really very easy. You only need to learn a few signs to make a significant difference in your child's ability to communicate. You can lessen frustration, enrich language learning, encourage speech development and have a lot of fun with it too.


    What will happen at class?


    In a half-hour singing session your teacher will use many signs in action songs and rhymes using pictures, puppets and props to inspire your baby's attention and illustrate the signs. You will also sing songs relating to such daily routines as bath time, bedtime and mealtimes. Then will follow a class discussion when your teacher can answer any questions you have about baby signing while the babies play with our toy box. At the end of class you will also be offered a handout with sign illustrations and information on the topic of the week.


    The course will cover over 100 signs relating to your baby's world. As you begin the term you are not expected to instantly remember all the signs shown, or to use them straightaway with your baby! You will receive plenty of advice from your teacher in class, but the number of signs you chose to use at home is up to you. Some parents decide on just a handful of signs, some adopt a wide range of gestures they feel will be useful. Consistency is the key to your baby learning the signs!


    Each week your teacher will highlight a group of signs, which she will recommend using at home. The course is designed to comfortably and gradually increase your gestural vocabulary so your baby can learn naturally by your example and begin using some signs when he or she is ready.


    Why do we teach the signs through the music?


    This has proved to be a great way to learn! Our action songs are a relaxing and un-pressured way for you to become familiar with a wide range of signs without needing to study sign language illustrations.


    Everyone knows that nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun but musical activities can also help stimulate your baby's language development, memory and attention skills. Sing and Sign classes combine the benefits of both music and baby signing.  Although there is a strong educational element to the class, babies are not expected to sit still and concentrate. They can crawl and toddle around, enjoying the musical and social aspects of class exploring the props, instruments and other babies while you learn the signs. 




  • Venues
    Day Time Stage Location
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 The Riverside Centre, Carshalton, Sutton, SM5 2JF
    Wednesday AM Stage 2 The Riverside Centre, Carshalton, Sutton, SM5 2JF
    Thursday AM Stage 1 YMCA Surestart Children's Centre, Banstead Youth Centre, The Horseshoe, Bolters Lane, SM7 2BQ
    Thursday AM Stage 2 YMCA Surestart Children's Centre, Banstead Youth Centre, The Horseshoe, Bolters Lane, SM7 2BQ
    Friday AM Stage 1 Cheam Fields Primary School and Children's Centre, Stoughton Avenue, Cheam, SM3 8PW
    Friday AM Stage 2 Cheam Fields Primary School and Children's Centre, Stoughton Avenue, Cheam, SM3 8PW
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    Nurseries that are Sing and Sign Affiliated :)

    Glaisdale Day Nursery is now a Sing and Sign Affiliated Nursery :)

    Lynton House Day Nursery is now a Sing and Sign Affiliated Nursery :)

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