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    Captivate! Communicate! Connect!

    I'm Rachael and I am the Sing and Sign teacher for Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. 2020 has challenged us all in many ways and we have all had to adapt very quickly to what is going on around us. 

    Since March 2020, the Sing and Sign founder, Sasha Felix, has worked extremely hard to bring us together to produce an award winning and much loved @ Home Sing and Sign Course- viewable through any internet browser in the comfort of your own home. Much like our in-person classes, the course is available as a 10 week course, with a new lesson available each Monday (previous lessons are then not able to be viewed). Each week's class can be viewed as many times as you like for the WHOLE seven days of the week. 

    EDITED: Due to the current National Lockdown in England, all in person classes are suspended until after the update from the Government in February.  

    As we move forward into January, I am bringing Sing and Sign Stage Two and Stage One classes to the Shrewsbury United Reformed Church. Wednesday at 1pm for Stage Two and Stage One on a Thursday at 10am and 11am. Use the "book now" button to register your interest. 

    Course fees for the 10 week course running from Thursday 14th January will be £68. Not only will you get your weekly in -person class (35 minutes) , but you will also receive access to the 10 week @ Home course to allow you to reinforce your class learning or if you have to miss an in-person class for any reason, you will be able to access it at home. As well as this, you will have basic access to The Jessie Cat Club for 12 months, with short class clips to support your learning and share with other family members too. 

    Of course, if you and your baby are not ready to attend our classes in person OR you have a toddler who cannot yet attend classes, the @ Home course is still available on its own at a cost of £50 for the 10 week course (beginning Monday 11th January 2021) 

    Why I'm part of the Sing and Sign Family

    My daughter and I really enjoyed attending Sing and Sign lessons ourselves and when the opportunity to become part of this fabulous team came up, we had to take the plunge (after over a decade of teaching in a Primary School, this was both quite scary and very exciting)!

    We have had so many positive experiences using baby sign language, that I recommend the programme to ALL my friends and family. Everyone was amazed when my daughter first signed “no” or “milk” or “more”. These were the first signs she began using to communicate to us at the age of 10 months, when she had been attending Sing and Sign for around three quarters of a term. Now, at 6 years old, she is an amazing conversationalist AND reader! She still uses signs occasionally, when she talks to babies, or when she is practising to take over mummy's job!

    Sing and Sign classes are not just about learning to communicate with your baby or toddler, but they are about becoming part of a family and meeting other parents and their children. So, what are the benefits of signing with your baby?

    • enhances speech and language development
    • stimulates memory and listening skills
    • lessens baby's frustration
    • enriches your relationship with baby
    • gives you and your baby lots of fun

    Sing and Sign changed our lives, find out what sort of a difference it could make to yours! I've really found out that babies are very intelligent, and just because your baby cannot speak, doesn't mean they have nothing to say!

    Don't hesitate! Book today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why should I do baby signing?

    Studies have shown that use of baby signing can lessen frustration in babies and toddlers, can help develop the language centres of the brain and stimulate learning and understanding in general.

    When should I start baby signing?

    The following are our general guidelines for classes, but we know that every child is an individual... 

     Entry Stage (level 1) is aimed at children from around 4 months to 13 months, ie pre-speech. 

    Signing with your baby before they are 4 months old will not do them any harm, the reason you are recommended to wait is because we don't expect them to start signing back until they are 9-14 months old. Therefore you may think it is not working in those early days and maybe think it is not for you, which would be a great shame.

    Stage 2 classes at around 13+ months old

    Stage 2 classes are appropriate for babies who have attended at least a term of stage 1, BUT I have had many toddlers join this group who have never signed previously and have picked up the signs extremely quickly! The best age to start Stage Two is when your toddler is around 13mths+ (but under 2 years) at the start of term (exceptions apply as experiences of baby signing can vary, please contact me if you wish to discuss.)

    Can I bring older siblings too?

    At this point in time, I am having to say no older siblings, due to the restrictions on social distancing and my limited class sizes. This gives you some quality one on one time with your littlest. 

    I have twins is it double the price?

    No, not at Sing and Sign! We charge families just one fee for all of you. So there is no extra charge for twins or triplets, or for older siblings, (within reason, please contact me to discuss if you are unsure).

    How much are the classes, can I pay as I go?

    Cost per class is just £6.80 for in-person classes (or £5.00 per online class) and fees are charged on a termly basis. Due to limited numbers per class (maximum 7 babies) you will need to book and pay prior to term starting. (Early booking is advisable) Payment can be made via cheque, or bank transfer.

    Sing and Sign has been specially designed to help you build your signing vocabulary over the whole term, and our social time is also a good time to build friendships for both you and your little one.  Classes last 40 minutes and refreshments are provided. 

    The price for the whole term is £68.00. From September 2020, the price includes an Introductory level of Online Membership to our fabulous resources. For the Autumn 2020 term, we have developed an extremely exciting online content in case you cannot physically make a class, you'll never miss a class as you can stream each week at home! You can join and do the whole course at Home for £50 (with no access to in-person classes) 

    I Am On Holiday For A Couple Of The Classes.  Do I Still Have To Pay The Full Amount?

    In a word, yes!  Sing and Sign classes operate as a course, not a drop-in and your place is guaranteed each week.  Many people miss one or two weeks because of illness / holidays etc. and they soon catch up as our classes are purposefully repetitive to help you remember the songs and the signs (and babies love routine too).  We also e-mail you handouts to complement the classes. If possible, I will fit you in to an alternative class on another day on your return.

    When does the term start?

    We follow the same term pattern as schools so my Spring term starts in January, Summer term in April and Autumn term in September

    The next term dates are: 

    SPRING Term 2021 

    Stage two: movers and groovers from 11 months to 28 months old 

    Wednesdays at 1pm 

    Starts 13th January 2021

    Stage One : Non-Movers aged 4 months to 10 months

    Thursdays at 10:00am / 11am

    Shrewsbury United Reformed Church, Coleham Head. 

    Course start date 14th January 2021

    How do I join a class?

    Copy this link into your browser or use the "Book Now" below :

    If you need any more information you can use the "email me" link or the make an enquiry option also in the contact me box.

    Please ensure you fully read the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy policy when booking. 

    I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your little one soon.

  • Venues

    Welcoming and Friendly Venues

    All the venues have free parking, good facilities and refreshments for adults are also provided or available from the cafe. 

    Shawbury Village Hall 

    SY4 4NH 

    Shrewsbury United Reformed Church 

    SY3 7BJ

    Little Rascals UK

    SY2 5TF


    SY5 6QS

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Baby Sensory Room, Little Rascals
    Wednesday PM Stage 1 Love2Stay
    Friday AM Stage 2 Button & Bear Bookshop
    Friday PM Stage 1 Button & Bear Bookshop
    Monday AM Stage 2 Function Room, Shawbury Village Hall
    Monday AM Stage 1 Function Room, Shawbury Village Hall
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Activities Room, Shrewsbury United Reform Church
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Activities Room, Shrewsbury United Reform Church
  • Nurseries

    Nursery Affiliation Possibilities

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    Does your child attend a nursery?

    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. It includes teaching staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and designing an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to Sing and Sign signing resources and a complimentary package of products. 

    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass my details on.

    I am also able to offer weekly sessions within nurseries, booked for a term. Contact me for more details. 


    • Twyford Tots Day Nursery, Shrewsbury 357083

    • Tick Tock Nursery at Moor Park


                01584 876061

    • Little Learners Preschool , Aqueduct , Telford 

                01952 872636

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    Come and join the fun!

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    Come and learn baby signing the fun way, with Rachael, Jessie Cat and all the animals! 

    Join a class near you today!

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