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    Spring Term - New Babes Classes Starting In February

    Hi, my name is Liz and I am now in my 16th year of running Sing and Sign classes in the Sheffield.

    I signed with both my children and loved the fact that we could communicate with one another from a really early age. I am more amazed with it every day as I see how much difference good language skills made their transition into nursery, school and now university.

    Most of your questions can probably be answered on the other pages of this website, but if you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    We look forward to meeting you and your baby(ies) soon.


    Spring Term Classes

    Stages 1 & 2 - w/c 10th January to w/c 21st March (no classes w/c 14th February)

    Sing & Sign Babes - w/c 10th January to w/c 7th February & w/c 21st February to w/c 21st March. 
    Booking for the next set of Babes classes will open on Sunday 6th February at 10am.  You can register your interest on the booking system if you'd like me to notify you closer to the time.

    Exact venue locations can be found on the "Venues" page (see tab at the top of the page).

    Most of the current classes are full, but there are a few spaces and it's not too late to book. 

    Mondays @ Nether Edge (S11)
    10am - Stage 1 - 3 spaces left

    Mondays @ Mosborough (S20)
    2pm - Stage 1 - 2 spaces left

    Wednesdays @ Nether Edge (S11)
    10am - Stage 1 - 1 space left

    Fridays @ Greystones (S11)
    12pm - Babes -  3 spaces left

    Booking is open via our online booking system.    Full classes have now been closed on the booking system as most already have long waiting lists.  If you'd like to learn to sign with your baby and can't / prefer not to make one of the available venue classes, please join the @Home classes.  I originally learnt to sign with my son with just the Original Sing & Sign DVD as there weren't any classes available, and our @Home package gives you so much more than just that. The cost is £50 and you can also book that through the online booking system.  Term dates are the same as the venue-based classes.

    You MUST read our (long!!) Terms and Conditions BEFORE booking so you know what will happen in the event of a local lock-down / venue-based classes not running etc.

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    Need More Information? Read On!

    Which Class Should I Attend?

    We have 3 different "stages" of Sing and Sign which have been developed specifically for your baby's developmental stages.

    Sing and Sign Babes classes are for 2 to 5-month olds with their parent / carer. This gentle class explores themes such as eye contact, gesture and anticipation together with lots of cuddles, tickles and some simple signs. All building the framework for good communication and brought to you using our magic ingredient - music!

    As well as the 5 weeks of venue-based classes, you will receive your own copy of The Jessie Cat Songbook, which is a beautifully illustrated book of the nursery rhymes we use in the classes, with an accompanying CD.

    Not only that, you also get Babes membership of The Jessie Cat Club. This online resource includes theme reminders, expert tips and video clips of our songs, helping you to build the framework of communication with your baby. There are 12 Babes themes and you can watch them at any time, in any order.

    Whilst you are attending your course, you will also be able to stream our lovely Beginner Babes CD to enjoy away from class.

    This very comprehensive resource supports our mission to give you the best possible tools to help you enjoy the development of your baby's communication.

    If you would prefer to attend a Babes class via Zoom, please contact me and I can arrange for you to attend one with one of my colleagues.

    Sing and Sign Stage 1 is ideal for babies from 6 months old up to around 13 / 14 months old and their parent / carer. Themes include basic signs, nappies & bath time, emotions & bedtime. You'll learn over 100 signs related to your routines and also the sort of things your baby may be interested in, such as animals and vehicles. It's no problem coming straight to Stage 1 without doing Babes first (in fact, most people start Sing and Sign at Stage 1).

    At the beginning of your course, you will be set up with a year's subscription to Sing and Sign's Jessie Cat Club which enables you to access the following online resources:

    •  200+ signs to view in video clips
    •  Two 15-minute films directly supporting our Stage One curriculum, one covering songs and signs from weeks 1-5 and one covering weeks 6-10
    •  A print-out facility so you can share your baby’s favourite signs with family/nursery
    •  Our classic ‘Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way’ (DVD streamed)
    •  2 interactive "Where is Jessie?" games

    For the duration of the Spring Term you will also be able to enjoy our @Home programme, which means you can watch a variety of teachers deliver each week's class. You will be able to watch each class as many times as you like during that week, at any time of day or night!

    You can also choose the @Home with venue-based classes, where you have all the above plus one venue-based class per week. You will need to book on the venue class of your choice (places are limited).

    Please make sure you read our (quite long!) Terms and Conditions BEFORE you book on a class.

    It is quite a big step from Stage 1 to Stage 2, so many people come to Stage 1 for two terms before attending Stage 2. However, this is also dependent on your baby's age.

    Sing and Sign Stage 2 is great when your little one is 14+ months, moving about and probably starting to talk (although every baby is different, so there's no hard and fast rule!) as it is more active and interactive. Themes include weather, opposites, colours and the phonetic alphabet, together with simple counting songs, turn taking, sharing and of course, lots of fun!

    When you start Stage 2 you will be upgraded to our "Premium" Membership and your renewal date will be extended to a year from that date.

    Premium online membership includes everything on "Gold" plus:-

    •  'More Sing and Sign' - Stage 2 (DVD streamed)
    •  'Have a Sing and Sign Christmas' (DVD streamed)
    •  'Jessie and Friends' - interactive game with 17 animal friends

    Some people don't hear about Sing and Sign until their little ones are 14+ months old and then wonder if it too late to start. Not at all! It may be more appropriate to come straight to a Stage 2 class, but if you ring / e-mail me we can have a chat about your individual circumstances.

    For the Spring Term, if you are planning on joining at Stage 2 (having not attended Sing & Sign in the past) please get in touch with me so I can let you know how you can catch up on the Stage 1 materials prior to the start of term.

    What are the @Home classes?

    The online content involves a 30 minute lesson each week for 10 weeks, which you can enjoy with your baby as a 'home class' and will remain available all week as and when you fancy.

    Online lessons are delivered by a variety of sunny smiling teachers, with all the anticipation of our blue board songs, props surprises from the bag and Jessie Cat will also of course play her games in her inimitable style! Developed in Spring 2020, the @Home programme has already won numerous awards, including "Best Lockdown Adaptation".

    The @Home classes are designed for you to do interactively with your little one. Just as in our physical classes, you are the one learning the signs to use with your baby at all times of the day and your baby will enjoy doing the classes with you.

    How Much Do The Classes Cost?

    Sing and Sign Babes - 5-Week venue-based classes - £48 including "The Jessie Cat Songbook" with CD and online Babes online resources.  If you already have a JC Songbook from previously attending classes, please get in touch with me for a discount code. 

    10-Week @Home with Venue-Based Classes - £80 (including our "Gold" online annual membership if it's your first term of Stage 1 AND the @Home programme. For Stage 2 you get an upgrade to 'Premium' membership if you already have 'Gold' AND the Stage 2 @Home programme).

    10-Week @Home Only Classes - £50 (including our "Gold" online annual membership if it's your first term of Stage 1 / "Premium" membership if it's your first term of Stage 2 if you don't already have it).

    If you haven't attended Stage 1 and want do Stage 2 @Home, please contact me to have a chat about it.

    Please note, the Gold and Premium memberships are gifted by me and there is no discount if you already have them.

    Please make sure you read our (quite long!) Terms and Conditions BEFORE you book, so you are aware of what is refundable and what is not, and what will happen in the event of a local lockdown / illness etc.

    How Do I Enrol

    Please book via our online booking system.

    If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch -

    Hope to see you at Sing and Sign soon!

  • Venues

    Summer Term Venue-Based Classes

    Common Ground Community Centre, Machon Bank, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1GR

    St. Gabriel's Church, Dobbin Hill, Sheffield S11 1GR

    Joseph Stone Centre, 9 School Street, Mosborough, Sheffield S20 5EB

    Nether Edge
    Shirley House, next to St. Andrew's Church, Psalter Lane, Nether Edge, Sheffield S11 8YL

    Day Time Stage Location
  • Nurseries

    Nurseries in Sheffield trained in baby signing the Sing and Sign way

    Once Upon A Time Nursery
    863 Ecclesall Road
    S11 8TJ

    If your baby attends a nursery, then it is ideal if the nursery staff understand your baby when he / she is signing to them!  Sing and Sign runs an excellent Nursery Affliation Programme to train and develop staff, on their own premises, in baby signing.  I work with the nursery to create an individual training session which suits their setting.

    Whether you are a parent or childcare provider, please contact me if you would like any further information.

    Nurseries in Sheffield Training in baby signing the Sing and Sign Way

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