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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Wellington

    Kia ora! My name is Catrionna and I am the local Sing & Sign teacher for the Wellington region in New Zealand.

    I am a mum of two young girls and have a professional background in communications - journalism, PR, and digital marketing. 

    As a new mother, I was amazed at how instantly my baby started to communicate her needs to me, well before she could speak. From facial expressions and hand movements to little sounds and full-on crying, she was born a range of tools to get my attention. But even when I was watching and listening closely trying to head off those tears, it wasn't always easy to understand what she needed. Sing and Sign classes really helped remove that frustration and were a really fun way to learn a language we could both easily use.

    My daughter enjoyed the singing and interacting with other babies in class. Meanwhile, I had the joy of using my brain again! I was learning a new skill and meeting like-minded mums and dads in my community, many of whom became really good friends. Above all, I loved seeing the spark in my baby's eyes whenever she understood a new sign, or used one for the first time.

    When my second baby came along I signed with her from birth - quite quickly she learned the 'change nappy' and 'milk' signs meant something good was about to happen. I took her to in-person classes from about 6 months, then switched to online classes when the pandemic disrupted things for us. The combination of live Zoom events and access to the website resources was so helpful during those days.

    Sing and Sign is hands down the best class I ever took as a parent, so I'm really excited to bring this to Wellington in term 2, 2022.

    I'll be running taster sessions during term 1, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to join me. I look forward to meeting you and your baby soon.

    Nga mihi
    Catrionna Grant (Cat)

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