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    Kia ora! My name is Cat and I am the local teacher for Wellington and the Kapiti Coast. 

    This Autumn I'll be running several classes in Paraparaumu, from 2 May:

    * Babes (0-6 months) - check class times and availability.

    * Stage 1 (6-14 months)check class times and availability

    If you prefer to learn baby sign around your own schedule, I can also offer an online-only course you can enjoy in your own living room, aptly named @HOME. To book, click here and choose 'Stage One' then select '@HOME' 

    Please use our online booking system to check which class could work for you and your little one. 

    So, a little bit about me.

    Sing and Sign is hands down the best class I ever took as a parent so I'm really excited to share this with you.

    I'm the mum of two young girls and have a professional background in communications - journalism, PR, and digital marketing. 

    As a new mother I was fascinated by my baby. Her face was a flurry of facial expressions and she was constantly waving her hands, cooing or crying. She could give me all sorts of clues as to how she was feeling. But even though I was paying close attention, it wasn't all that easy to understand her.

    A friend of mine suggested a Sing and Sign class and I was intrigued (and to be honest, a bit skeptical!) - could we really communicate with our babies before they could speak? (Spoiler: Absolutely, yes!)

    My baby loved hearing the singing and interacting with other babies in class. She didn't seem to mind me endlessly repeating the songs and signs at home. Meanwhile I enjoyed using my sleep deprivation-fogged brain, learning a new skill in a relaxed and easy-going way. The class was fun and sociable, and it was great to meet like-minded mums and dads in my London neighbourhood, some of whom became really good friends.

    An early thrill came from seeing the spark in my baby's eyes whenever she seemed to 'get' a sign. It was even better when she started using signs to talk to me.

    At coffee group, my friends found it remarkable how much my baby could ‘say’ and how calm and happy she seemed at the table. She was clear about whether she wanted more food, a drink, or was all done and wanted to play. I feel that there was much less frustration and tears in those early years than there could have been! 

    My girls are both very articulate for their ages, and I credit Sing and Sign for giving a bit of a boost to their vocabulary and confidence too. We still use signs occasionally - my 6 year-old recently signed ‘where’s the toilet?’ across the crowd to me when she got a bit lost in the cafe. My 3 year-old still likes to emphasise ‘more’ with a sign when she wants a second or third helping of something too.

    I’m excited to be able to share these courses with you and I’m looking forward to meeting you and your baby(ies) soon. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

    If you're interested but can't make the classes listed above, please let me know - I'd love to help you find a future session.

    Nga mihi,


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    Booking Sing and Sign classes and other FAQs

    What is baby signing?

    Baby sign is a system of gestures that we can use as we talk, to support the development of our child’s speech. It’s not necessary to learn an entire language complete with complicated grammar rules (though you can if that's your thing!)  Instead, we use a set of simple signs that are meaningful to parents, carers and babies in everyday life. 

    At Sing and Sign, we focus on keepings things simple and consistent. We only use one sign to emphasise the keyword in any sentence, and we always say it as we sign it. This helps your baby to connect the gesture with the important spoken word and grasp its meaning. 

    We encourage baby to say and sign the word too. As we sign, we naturally tend to slow down, make eye contact and speak more clearly. This makes it easier for our baby to follow our mouth and copy us, which encourages speech development.

    Sing and Sign is a lot of fun and easy to build your vocabulary without even realising you’re doing it. The songs are catchy and familiar, and since babies love patterns and repetition we work them into a class routine. The songs are sometimes sung to traditional tunes so they’re easy to remember and share with family members.

    Learn more about the Sing and Sign programme, supported and recommended by experts in the UK. 

    Find out what parents think about Sing and Sign 

    Have a question about Sing and Sign? Check out our FAQs

    Which Sing and Sign class should I choose?

    Choose the class that most closely matches your baby's age at the course start date. 

    • Babes (0-6 months) - 5 weeks
    • Stage One (6-14 months) - 10 weeks
    • Stage Two (TBC) - 10 weeks
    • @HOME (Stage One) - 10 weeks

    Watch a 5-minute video to find out more about the different Sing and Sign stages 

    You can work out your baby's age at the course start date on the Time and Date website.

    Babes class (0-6m) - what should I expect?

    Our “Babes” course is split into two 5 week blocks. You may be able to choose to do one or both of these. I may only offer one 5 week course in a term.

    Babes offers much more than a baby group - we focus on the fundamental framework for communication with our babies with themes such as eye contact, shared looking, commenting, gestures, facial expression and more.

    You'll learn lots of fun songs, chants and rhymes you can do with your little one and learn the basics of baby sign. 

    The Babes course empowers you to feel confident you don’t need lots of toys and props - you are stimulating and enjoyable enough for your baby. You’ll also benefit from those early months with ideas for what to play at home.

    Babies love being the centre of your attention and this course is a distraction-free way to nurture your bond. Of course, baby may not be in the mood to play, engage and participate at the same time each week. They can feed, cuddle, sleep, have nappies changed anytime they need during the session.

    Classes include 10 socially-distanced parent/carer and baby pairs, so it’s a relaxed and intimate class with the chance to meet like-minded local people.  

    Sessions will run for around 30 minutes with some social time built in before/after. Please allow an hour from the time the class is advertised to run.

    Check availability and book a Babes class in Paraparaumu.


    Stage 1 (6-14m) - what should I expect?

    The Stage 1 course is designed for beginners and young children (from 6 months up to 14 months).

    Classes are up to 10 socially-distanced parent and baby pairs. It’s an intimate class size with the chance to meet like-minded people in your neighbourhood. 

    The course syllabus includes: 

    • basic signs (milk, more, finished…) 
    • going out (routine, places, vehicles)
    • bath time
    • nappy change
    • emotions
    • help me
    • bedtime
    • feeling sick/in pain
    • people
    • lots of animals!

    This is the stage where signing may take off, with most children signing back from around 9 months old (although of course, all children are different and there’s no hurry and never any pressure).

    Classes will run for around 45 minutes with some social time built in before/after. Please allow an hour from the time the class is advertised to run.

    Check availability and book a Stage One class in Paraparaumu.

    Stage 2 (Toddlers 14 - 30m) - classes TBC

    If your baby is a little older, you may feel ready for a course with a little more action and activity! 

    Our Stage 2 classes are great for toddlers up to around 2 1/2 years old to explore and have fun. You don’t need to have done baby sign or Sing and Sign before, and your little one may or may not have already started talking. 

    In our Stage 2 class we still include the basic signs with lovely songs to enjoy. We also tackle concepts such as the weather, colours, being helpful, simple counting, opposites, and even begin simple phonics - all using music and song.

    Kids this age tend to get up and walk around the room, dance and get involved - and that is all OK. Classes are up to 10 socially-distanced parent and toddler pairs. It’s an intimate class size with the chance to meet like-minded people in your neighbourhood. 

    Classes will run for around 45 minutes with some social time built in before/after. Please allow an hour from the time the class is advertised to run.

    NB: I am not currently offering this class, however I'm keen to hear from you if you're interested! Email if you'd like to register interest. 

    Online only @HOME course - is this right for me?

    The Sing and Sign @HOME programme is perfect if you need more flexibility or perhaps can't fit a group class into your schedule. Instead, you can enjoy one of our award-winning courses on-demand in your own living room!

    Sign up for @HOME and you’ll receive:

    • a new themed, pre-recorded class each week
    • each class is available for a whole week, 24/7 
    • 10 weeks of 30-minute sessions
    • supporting lesson tips and clips
    • access to our 250+ signing dictionary, Jessie Cat interactive games and award-winning DVD titles (streamed) for the duration of the course

    You’ll feel empowered to:

    • help your little one use words before they can talk
    • encourage speech development and support their understanding of language
    • learn songs, rhymes, and music
    • practise lots of basic signs you'll use every day at your own pace
    • support your learning when it suits you, with 24/7 access to online resources
    • enjoy new ways to play and bond with baby without too many distracting props

    Check availability and book an @HOME class 

    Watch a video taster of our award-winning @Home online classes (9 mins) 

    What if my baby is out of the age range you are offering?

    We offer different "stages" of Sing and Sign which have been developed specifically for your baby's developmental stages.

    Sing and Sign Babes classes are for roughly 2 to 5-month olds (we do accept younger and slightly older babies!)

    Sing and Sign Stage 1 is ideal for babies from 6 months old up to around 14 months old and their parent/carer. There can be some flexibility in this - please reach out if you'd like to chat about it.   

    It's quite a big step from Stage 1 to Stage 2, so many people come to Stage 1 for two terms before attending Stage 2. However, it all depends on your baby's age - I'd be happy to chat with you about this

    Stage 2 is more active and interactive, which is great when your little one is 14+ months and likely to be moving about and probably starting to talk (every baby is different, so there's no hard and fast rule!). You don't need to have done Sing and Sign before to join a Stage 2 class. 

    The @HOME course may suit you best if you feel your baby isn't quite ready for a group session - let's chat about your needs!  

    I have multiple babies - how many places do I pay for?

    Twins/triplets are welcome and only pay for one place if there is only one adult attending. If you're bringing another adult helper each week, you may need to book 2 places - please contact me about it.

    I have an older child - can they come too? 

    It would be preferable for classes to be just for the babies/toddlers and, if you have got older children, it's a great (and rare!) opportunity to focus solely on your youngest. If you need to bring your older child, they may be able to come with you to class but please contact me before you book your place. 


    How much does it cost?

    • Babes is $75 per 5 week course.
    • Stage One & Stage Two (10-week courses) - Fantastic value at $159 for a 10-week term. You'll also have access to Sing and Sign's amazing Jessie Cat Club (detailed below) and your current term’s @Home course (worth $90).
    • @HOME (10-week course) is $90, including access to Jessie Cat Club for the course duration.


    What is Jessie Cat Club Membership?

    • 200+ signs to view in video clips
    • two 15-minute films directly supporting our Stage One curriculum, one covering songs and signs from weeks 1-4 and one covering weeks 5-10
    • a print-out facility for you baby’s favourite signs to share with family/nursery
    • our classic ‘Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way’ (DVD streamed)
    • 2 interactive "Where is Jessie?" games


    How can I book a class?

    Check availability and book a class in Paraparaumu on our international, UK based website.

    Don't worry, there's no additional cost for booking on this site - payments are in New Zealand dollars and made direct to the teacher via Stripe or Bank Transfer. 

    If you have any questions about booking procedures or terms, please don't hesitate to get in touch - please email or find me on Facebook at Sing and Sign Wellington or give me a call/text on 020 474 9474.

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    Paraparaumu Memorial Hall
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    Friday AM Babes Kapiti Impact Hub Paraparaumu
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