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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Marlborough and Chippenham areas.

    Baby and Toddler Sing and Sign Music Classes in Melksham, Corsham, Chippenham and Marlborough

    Welcome to Sing and Sign! I'm Ceri and I bring award-winning online and live classes to families in Chippenham, Marlborough and everywhere in between! 

    Check back later this week to book your place for the new term! 

    I run online streamed courses for those who are working, or alternatively come and join one of our face to face courses currently in Corsham, Marlborough, Chippenham; Centrally at the Football club, Kington Langley and Melksham. All courses include on-demand streamed classes for families to enjoy together at home plus access to online membership resources.
    I welcome new families with no experience and have courses suitable for families with babies from 1 month to two year olds! 


    • Sing and Sign @Home is an Award Winning online course. We have put together a whole term of good quality classes for you to enjoy with your little one in your own home.  Do get in touch if you are interested in starting with us mid-term. It may be possible. The classes can be watched as much as you like and whenever you like each week and with online membership you can also access fabulous online resources to support your journey.

    • ABOUT ME
    • My name is Ceri. Before my role at Sing and Sign I was a Primary School Teacher for fourteen years. During my time as a teacher I also worked with children with varying additional needs including speech and language delays or disorders.  I became an English leader across the school where I shared my love of books and language.  In my teaching role I used Makaton to aid communication and understanding. Following this I worked in a nursery setting where I studied to become an Early years Teacher and then a childminder working from home when I had my second daughter.

    • I have two wonderful daughters called Isabelle and Seren.  I first became aware of Sing and Sign when I took my first daughter to Stage 1 class many years ago!  We bought the DVD and this was played non-stop!  I also took Seren to classes and she absolutely loved it.  Jessie Cat is an addition to our family!

    • I have seen first hand how fantastic signing can be to aid communication. To see my young baby signing 'milk' was so amazing!  For a while she signed 'milk' for everything and then gradually she used 'all gone', 'more' and 'cat' as her next signs.  Through Sing and Sign she learnt to recognise all her colours including brown, black, silver and gold!. Using the visual sign alongside the word has definitely helped her to remember new words and to learn to sing songs.

    • I love to be part of the Sing and Sign team where I daily witness similar experiences with lots of different families.  It is the perfect course to learn a valuable skill together while you have fun playing and singing. It is perfect for the babies needs at that age and the class is aimed at their level.  You will learn catchy songs or rhymes to sign for all the activities in your babies day, which gives a context to the signs. This makes it easier to remember them and helps you easily incorporate signing into your day. When your little one tells you something that you didn't know, by signing, it's just amazing!   I do hope you also enjoy your own Sing and Sign journey.  

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    Which class is for us?

    Sing and Sign Babes 

    From a few weeks old, build the framework for good communication with your little one through song, music and sign! Babes is a gentle, pre-stage 1 music class with sensory stimulation for little ones up to 5 or 6 months of age; with weekly themes, music genres, instruments and an introduction to baby signing relevant to your little ones age and development. Lots of ideas for you to take home too, so you can really make the most of those early days together :)

    Babes is more flexible to reflect the young age of the babies. You can start mid-term, please just get in touch!  We have an hour slot for the class but 30 - 35 minutes of class content and time to chat, make friends and ask questions. The Jessie Cat Songbook is a lovely accompaniment to Babes and comes with a CD. Babes Online Membership that is part of your course helps you to re-create and practice the sessions at home for extra practice! 

    Stage 1 is generally for babies from 6 - 14 months and covers the basic needs and routines for a baby at that age, such as meal time, bath time, nappy changing and bed time. It also offers signs to support babies possible interests, such as animals, transport and toys etc. There are over 100 signs covered during the weeks of the baby class. We usually recommend that you attend two terms of this stage before moving on to stage 2; stage 1 and stage 1 advanced. Even if you are only able to do one term, that is enough for it to work and set you well on your way to communicating with your baby. You may choose to do 2 or 3 terms of Stage One before moving to Stage 2.  All stage 1 classes include ten weeks of on-demand streamed classes to enjoy the learning at home with family, plus fantastic Gold level online supporting resources.

    Stage 2 is generally for toddlers aged 14+ months and covers more complex signs and concepts such as feelings, colours, the weather, simple counting and the alphabet. By now, you will probably have done two terms of stage 1 (exceptions apply) and your little one may be starting to toddle (if not run!). You both know the routine and plenty of signs and your little one may be attempting their own conversations with a few words. Well, now the fun really begins! Not only do we have new concepts and signs relevant to their increasing interests and awareness, but this is their opportunity to move around with the music and become an extremely active participant in class. Jessie Cat even has a great song to help with potty training! All stage 2 classes include ten weeks of on-demand streamed classes to enjoy the learning at home with family, plus fantastic Premium level online supporting resources.

    If your little one is stage 2 age but has never done any signing or if they have communication needs, please do still get in touch - it's not too late! There are still lots of benefits to teaching signing before they are ready to speak or speak more clearly and it can greatly help lessen frustration during the 'tricky twos' if they can at least express some of their needs / feelings. Emily is noticeably calmer than her non-signing peers because there is already not much that she can't make us understand.

    You may have a little one over 30 months and our @ home classes are accessible to you to. I'm sure your preschooler would love it :-)

    How Much?

    Please see here to find out more about the classes, your options and the fees for each course. I hope you start your Sing and Sign journey with us. It really is magical!

  • Venues

    Classes are held across North Wiltshire:

    Current Venues 

    Melksham Community Campus

    Our new venue with great parking, a library and social area just outside our room. We’re downstairs and in a perfect room beyond the cafe. 

    These classes are Mondays 

    Corsham 'Church House'

    Sessions in Corsham are popular with people living in Corsham, Neston, Box, Lacock, Melksham, Chippenham and Bradford on Avon.

    These classes are Tuesdays.

    Chippenham Football Club

    Our newest venue. A central class, perfect for those who want to walk or use public transport. Parking is free for those who wish to drive 

    These sessions are Wednesdays

    Marlborough:  Marlborough Rugby and Football Club

    These classes are popular with those living in Calne, Devizes and surrounding villages, Marlborough, Pewsey and villages to the East of Marlborough too.

    Marlborough classes are Thursdays

    Kington Langley/Chippenham Kington Langley Village Hall

    Our smallest, yet popular venue due to it's location is easily accessible as off the A350. It is popular with those living in Chippenham, Lyneham, Melksham, Corsham, Calne and surrounding villages.

    Sessions here are Fridays

    Going Forward

    I hope to be able to return to Devizes in future terms.  

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