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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Farnham, Fleet, Godalming and Guildford!

    **SUMMER TERM 2022** April 25th - July 11th

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    Sing and Sign Babes – for babies up to 6-7 months (5-week course) 

    Stage 1 – for babies 6 - 12 months

    Stage 2 – for babies 12 – 24 months

    Classes cost £80 for the 10 week term and include extensive online resources, including access to the @Home online classes

     - Babes costs £50 for the 5-week course and includes our beautifully-illustrated Songbook plus online resources




    Farnham Daniel Hall                      

    Stage 2                   10am

    Stage 1                  11am

    Babes                     12.15pm - from 28th Feb


    Godalming Parish Church             

    Stage 1                   1pm

    Stage 2                  2pm



    Godalming Wilfrid Noyce Centre  

    Stage 2                9.30am

    Stage 1                 10.30am

    Babes                  11.30am - from 2nd March




    Guildford Emmanuel Church         

    Stage 2                 10am

    Stage 1                 11am

    Babes                   12pm - from 3rd March



    Fleet Church On The Heath          

    Stage 2                  9.30am

    Stage 1                  10.30am

    Babes                    11.30am - from March 4th                                   


    Sing and Sign @Home

    Not ready or able to return to face-to-face classes after Easter? You can still learn Baby Signing in the comfort of your home with our Award-Winning online classes!


    10 weekly online classes of 30 minutes to be enjoyed at home with your baby - and all the family!

    24 hour 7 day access - watch at your convenience as many times as you like for the week

    Support from our online resources area and WhatsApp groups to allow you to connect, chat and ask questions

    2 different age-appropriate classes -

    Stage 1 – for babies 6-13 months

    Stage 2 – for toddlers 13 months+                     

    Hello! I am Becky and I am the franchise owner for the Farnham, Fleet, Godalming and Guildford area. I have been teaching for twelve years, and I have been running the franchise since April 2014.
    I began coming to Sing and Sign classes with my younger daughter 12 years ago, having enjoyed the DVD with her big sister, and I immediately loved it! I asked my predecessor Kate if I could become a teacher after just two terms, and I have been having a ball sharing the Sing and Sign experience with Mums and babies in Guildford and Godalming ever since.
    My own daughters (now 15 and 13) still love Sing and Sign, and both have their own well-loved Jessie cats! Signing with them was such a rewarding experience, and I love seeing how signing makes a difference in the lives of the families that come to Sing and Sign classes. There is such pleasure to be had from seeing the babies have so much fun, and seeing how signing helps them communicate with the people who care for them. And it's clear how much it helps their speech development too.
    I have the pleasure of teaching the classes in Guildford and Godalming. I am very lucky to have two wonderful teachers on the team - Sarah teaches in Fleet, and Emma teaches in Fleet and Farnham. We are all Sing and Sign Mums who have enjoyed signing with our children and want to share our experiences with you, by being the best teachers we can. 
    Sing and Sign is a fantastic curriculum course, a great way to meet new people and learn to Baby Sign, the Farnham/Guildford Team would love for you to come along and join the fun.
    Click on the “More info” tab to find out term dates, fees, and a bit more about the classes.
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    Why should I do baby signing?

    Studies have shown that use of baby signing can lessen frustration in babies and toddlers, can help develop the language centres of the brain and stimulate learning and understanding in general.


    When should I start baby signing with my little one?

    The following are our general guidelines for classes, but we know that every child is an individual so if you want to discuss the best stage for your baby, then please do contact me or your teacher. 

    . Our Babes classes are suitable for babies from birth to crawling.

    This programme is a gentle introduction to the world of baby signing, though we only use a few signs at this stage. The classes focus more on how we can use our faces, bodies and voices to foster excellent communication with your baby. Of course we use the magic ingredient of music, as well as rhyme and gentle games. The course is booked in five-week blocks and is a great foundation for moving on to Stage 1.

    .  Our entry stage (level 1) is aimed at children from around 6-7 months, ie pre-speech. 

    Our award-winning Stage 1 classes gradually introduce you and your baby to the full range of signs appropriate to this age group. We talk about signs that can be used regularly as part of your daily routine (eat, drink, more, nappy change, bathtime etc) as well as signs that might be of particular interest to your baby (animals, vehicles, particular activities). All this is done with a healthy injection of fun, using songs, rhymes and games. Our use of music and rhythm, and plently of repetition, help you and your baby to learn an enormous amount over the course of the ten-week term. 

    .  Babies will usually complete 2 terms of level 1, before moving onto our stage 2 classes at around 12-14 months old

    It can be quite a big step (literally), from Stage 1 to stage 2, as these classes are aimed at little ones who are starting to find their feet and be a bit more mobile and active in the group. We introduce more active songs and games, as well as lots of props, and talk about signs geared specifically to the older baby e.g. colours, the alphabet, potty training, even good manners! This is why we encourage parents who have started with their children as early as they can to complete 2 terms of stage 1 before moving up.

    If your little one is a bit older there would be no problem with them coming straight to our Stage 2 group. The nature of Sing and Sign is learning through fun and repetition, so you will be able to quickly pick up the signs that you may have missed by not coming to our Stage 1 classes.  We wouldn’t expect a child to start signing back to you before they were 9-14 months old and in our stage 2 groups we have 2 year olds who are still enjoying our classes! So there is no fear that you will have "missed the boat". 


    Can I bring older siblings too?

    We love to meet older brothers and sisters, and it's great to know that they enjoy the classes as much as the little ones. They are encourages to be class "helpers" and often pick up the signs quicker than mummy or daddy so they can communicate with their younger siblings too. Just let us know about any extra children when you make your booking.

    * Autumn 2020 - unfortunately we cannot allow siblings in class for this term due to Covid-19 restrictions.


    I have twins is it double the price?

    No, not at Sing and Sign! We charge families just one fee for all of you. So there is no extra charge for twins or triplets, or for older siblings, (within reason, please contact me to discuss if you are planning on bringing your triplets and their 3 older siblings for example!)


    How much are the classes, can I pay as I go?

    The cost is just £80 for each 10 week term you attend.

    We keep our class sizes to a maximum of 12 babies so to ensure that you have your place we ask that you commit to 10 weeks at a time. Sing and Sign has been specially designed to help you build your signing vocabulary over the whole term, and our social time is also a good time to build friendships for both you and your little one.  


    When does the term start?

    We follow the same term pattern as schools so our Spring term starts in January, our Summer term in April and our Autumn term in September

    The next term dates are: 

    Spring Term 2022

    Starts Monday 10th January

    Ends Friday 1st April

    No Classes - Monday 14th - Friday 25th February (half term break)


    How do I join a class?

    Use the "Click here to book" link in the 'About me' section above! If you need any more information you can use the "email me" link or the make an enquiry option also in the contact me box.


    I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you and your little one soon. :)



  • Venues

    Excellent Classes need Excellent Venues

    Day Time Stage Location
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 & 2 The Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Fleet URC
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham
    Monday Stage 1 & 2 Farnham Baptist Church, The Hart, Farnham.
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 The Octagon, The Parish Church, Godalming
    Tuesday Stage 1 & 2
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Emmanuel Church, Guildford
    Friday Stage 1 & 2 Church on The Heath, Elvetham Heath, Fleet
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