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    My Sing and Sign Journey

    Hello!  My name is Sarah, and I'd love to meet you in a Sing and Sign class.

    I attended Sing and Sign classes with my 2 boys (now aged 11 and 7). We absolutely loved it! Both of the boys enjoyed the singing, instrument playing, and of course seeing Jessie Cat. But we also found it really useful as we learned our signs together. Dylan and Ryan were both able to express themselves and let us know what they needed and wanted long before they could talk. It was great to see Dylan recalling all of his signs once his brother started to sign,  so that the 2 of them could communicate easily before Ryan could talk.

    So, when the opportunity arose for me to become a Sing and Sign teacher, I jumped at the chance! I started teaching in September 2016, and I love it. It's fabulous to see all the little faces so excited when Jessie Cat pops out of the box. And when they find their hands and begin to sign, it's such a proud moment for everyone.

    So, if you'd like to find out more about baby signing classes and the Sing and Sign approach, there's lots of information on this and the next few pages. Or you can fill in the form below to contact me.

    SUMMER 2022 TERM

    Join me (and Jessie Cat) for live classes in venues across the county!

    Stage 1 Classes are available in Islip, Pytchley, Barton Seagrave and Rushden

    Stage 2 Classes are available in Pytchley

    Sing and Sign Babes Classes to be announced soon!

    For the Summer 2022 term, you can also learn from home with our award-winning Sing and Sign @ Home programme for Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes. Here are some details:

    • 10 structured, 30 minute, age appropriate classes to enjoy over a 10 week period starting Monday 17th January. Each week covering a theme and gradually building your signing knowledge
    • Sing and Sign @ Home is not 'live'. Meaning you can stream the class any time of the day, as many times as you like for a whole week
    • Sing and Sign @ Home is something for you to DO with your child - not just a film to watch on screen. Get down on the living room floor and ENJOY quality time, music and fun together!
    • You will be supported by my weekly newsletter on the theme and signs of the week, and also be invited to join live Zoom classes each Saturday morning where you can ask questions, get advice from me and connect with other parents
    • Access will be through the Sing and Sign Website. You can watch on phone, laptop or tablet and cast to your Smart TV
  • More Info

    Summer 2022 - Venue classes and Sing and Sign @ Home available!

    Here's a little taster of our Sing and Sing @ Home programme:

    You can join Sing and Sign @ Home for our award-winning Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes!

    Sing and Sign @ Home is INCLUDED with all Stage 1 and Stage 2 venue classes with me and Jessie Cat :)

    You can enjoy a new pre-recorded class each week, that you can watch as many times as you like, and whenever you like! And you can join our weekly live Zoom class on Saturday mornings.

    Join me! There are venue based Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes across the county where you can come and sing with me. Each week there's a fun-packed class with a new theme. We cover mealtimes, bath and bed time, nappy changing, asking for help, colours, the weather, phonics and lots more throughout the 10 weeks of classes.

    Or (for babies 6 months and under) choose from one of our venue-based Sing and Sign Babes classes! A lovely gentle relaxed class, where we learn some important early signs, and cover the foundational elements of face-to-face communication.

    Our Summer 2022 term starts on Monday 25th April. Book now using the button, or get in touch if you have any questions.

  • Venues


    Babes - for pre-crawling babies, approximately 6 weeks to 6 months
    Stage 1 - for babies and toddlers, approximately 6 months to 16 months
    Stage 2 - for children approximately 16 months and older

    These age ranges mentioned are for guidance only! All children develop at their own rate.

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 Islip Village Hall, 2 Old Farm Lane, Islip
    Monday AM Babes Islip Village Hall, 2 Old Farm Lane, Islip
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Sing and Sign @ Home
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Barton Seagrave Village Hall
    Wednesday AM Babes Barton Seagrave Village Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Pytchley Village Hall, Church Road, Pytchley, NN14 1EL
    Tuesday AM Babes Pytchley Village Hall, Church Road, Pytchley, NN14 1EL
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 Highfield Baptist Church, Highfield Road, Rushden
    Friday AM Babes Highfield Baptist Church, Highfield Road, Rushden
  • Nurseries

    Nurseries that are using the Sing and Sign approach

    Sing and Sign offers a fantastic Nursery Affiliation Programme (NAP). Nurseries that have been given training in the Sing and Sign approach are listed below.

    Kiddi Caru Wellingborough, 22-24 Farm Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 4U

    Kiddi Caru Walnut Tree, Fyfield Barrow, Milton Keynes, MK7 7AN

    Kiddi Caru Caldecotte, 1A Felsted, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, MK7 8FD

    Kiddi Caru Rushden, 77 Park Road, Rushden, NN10 0LH

     Kiddi Caru Facebook page

    If you would like your Nursery to take part in the Sing and Sign NAP, or have further training, please contact me on 07585 557664 or e-mail or via my Facebook page.

    Or, for further information please see link to the Sing and Sign nursery web page.

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