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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Ealing, Northfields and Acton


    Our Spring to Summer terms begins on 15 April 2024

    Baby signing is a wonderful parenting skill that can greatly enhance your baby's ability to communicate before speech. Our baby and toddler courses are a fun and interactive way to learn this skill and enjoy time with your baby. We offer 3 age appropriate courses suitable from newborn, to baby, to toddler.

    How do we teach?
    Why, through music of course! Babies love music and your baby will love to hear your voice! 

    Why do we teach?
    Baby signing is an amazing tool to use in building your child's language development. We teach keyword signing to encourage your little one to speak. Whilst your baby is learning to speak, they are also learning to sign and can use signs before speech. Imagine your baby being able to tell you that they want some milk or would like their nappy changed? These are just some of the key signs you and your baby will learn.

    But, isn't baby signing just for deaf children?  
    Nope. Baby signing has a very powerful application for hearing babies. The word and the sign are performed together giving your baby two prompts - spoken and action - to learn the word and the sign.

    Will baby signing delay my baby's speech?
    Baby signing will not delay your baby's speech. Baby signing is not taught in silence. We always say the word as we sign it. Baby signing is often used as part of Speech and Language therapies to assist communication in conjunction with other therapies. 

    What happens if I need to miss a class?
    I offer free make up sessions if you are enrolled on our courses. If you cannot make your class that week, drop me a message and I will offer you an alternative date and time.

    My daughter "has learnt so much in your class. We use the songs and signs all the time and it really helps us to interact and play with her better" - Sophie's mum.

    Start your Sing and Sign adventure today.