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    Hi my name is Anna and i run classes in the area, I live locally with my husband, daughter and son. I absolutely love teaching Sing and Sign and find it extremely rewarding passing on the huge benefits and enjoyment to others that we experienced when attending classes ourselves with my eldest. 

    Sing and Sign @ HOME

    A brand new online version of the award winning Sing and Sign course
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    contact me for more information

    Due to the severity of Coronavirus and the guidelines to avoid unnecessary social contact, we're proud to be able to offer our 10-week courses online for just £40! That's £4 per week!
    (If there is any way a physical class can be put on, we'll pick up from where we've got to with the @Home course and you'll be able to join face-to-face classes at a greatly reduced price, whilst continuing to enjoy the @Home sessions as well!)

    The online courses follow our familiar format of music, rhythm, rhyme, props and of course our very special friend Jessie Cat. They can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have WIFI and may offer you some welcome structure to what might be very long days ahead.

    How does it work?
    There are TWO online courses: Stage One (recommended for babies up to 14 months) and Stage Two (recommended for babies 14 months and beyond).
    The next term will begin on Monday July 6th when the first session will be made available via an exclusive login.
    The sessions will then be available for a whole 7 days, giving you and your family the flexibility to enjoy the sessions as and when it is convenient, pause, rewind and watch as many times as you like! A new class will be added every week and the old become unavailable so it is run as close to a real live term as possible. The content is prerecorded and filmed by teachers from across the country, but you will be supported by me via a private class whats app group regular zoom sessions so you can ask any signing questions and keep in touch with me and other families.

    So, you don't have to log in on a specific day or at a specific time!

    This is open to past, current and new families so please do spread the word among your friends. Even if your baby is now older than 30 months, you can still enjoy Sing and Sign @ HOME.

    I hope you will join me and my Sing and Sign colleagues online this summer. 

    Signing is a great way to communicate with your baby well before they can speak. You'll be amazed at how much they have to say too! Once they can they'll be able to ask for milk, nappy changes and 'talk' about the sounds they hear or animals they see, and the best bit.... you'll be able to understand! Improving communication like this really helps reduce frustration for you both and also gives so much enjoyment.

    At our classes you'll both learn signs through music, some familiar and some new but all fun and catchy. You don't need any experience or prior knowledge of sign language to join our course - and you don't need to be able to sing! Classes are small and relaxed, so it's very friendly and supportive.

    Alternatively please go to my booking page where you can also register your interest in the Autumn term.

    Please also like our facebook page for the latest events and updates!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    About me
    I first started my signing journey with my daughter, when we attended another local Sing and Sign teachers class. She was an absolutely fantastic teacher, so informative, engaging and inspiring and we loved our classes. I only wished we'd started sooner! My daughter started signing all the time at home, first with 'Where' and usually followed by saying 'Cat', and it become part of our daily life. She is quite an emotional character shall we say... and signing really helped by reducing a lot of her frustrations and preventing so many potential tantrums by being able to ask for a 'drink' or 'milk', even requesting nappy changes, but more than that, it gave the whole family so much joy. We could 'talk' about what she'd done with her Grandparents that day, she'd point out a 'dog' on our walks in the town, or the helicopter going past. I was stunned when she even started telling us about the holiday we'd been on several weeks ago, going on a 'plane', her 'swimming' in the sea with 'Grandpa' and that she didn't like playing in the 'sand'! It really was giving us a very special glimpse into her world. If you are slightly apprehensive or sceptical please don't worry i think i was a little too at the start if i'm honest. I knew it would be a brilliant class full of singing, music and instrument playing but i completely underestimated how much our little ones could take on board and how well they could communicate. It's made me even more keen to share just how amazing baby signing can be and the benefits of it.
    I've now been able to start signing with our youngest from when he was a newborn and i'm excited to see the difference in starting earlier. His sister is loving showing him the signs too so it's a whole family experience now. 

    If you'd like to get in touch or ask any questions about Sing and Sign Caterham and Coulsdon, then please contact me I'd love to hear from you!

    Parent testimonials of classes in Caterham and Coulsdon

    "Me and my daughter adore this class. We started a little later (her first class of stage 1 was when she was nearly 13 months) but she picked it up straight away! The songs are catchy and it makes it super easy to practice at home and within 3 weeks she was already regularly signing, please, thank you, duck, all gone, food and more. Not even at the end of stage 1 and the communication we have gained as a result of this is amazing! Can't wait to start stage 2 in Jan!"

    "My daughter and I love Sing & Sign! We’ve just finished our first term. My 8 month old has loved the classes, bouncing along to all the songs and it’s fun to practice at home too. She definitely recognises a lot of the signs now and has just started clapping and waving so I’m on the lookout for her first sign. It’s a lovely friendly class, Anna makes sure all the children get individual attention and is genuinely interested in their personalities and development. Can’t wait for the January term!"

    "I would highly recommend sing and sign. My little girl has been signing when tried when she wants to go to sleep also signs to eat and wants her milk. Her favourite sign has to be slide, when we sign park to her she says yes, and then signs slide. Very very happy mummy and so proud of her."

    "We love coming every Tuesday, fantastic class and wonderful teaching. Anna is so kind and friendly. Makes you very very welcomed and relaxed."

    Please go to my booking page to book on to the 2020 Caterham Sing and Sign course

    I look forward to signing together soon!

    Anna and Jessie Cat x

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    Term Dates

    Summer Term Dates announced

    Next term of Sing and Sign @ home (online) 

    Monday 6th July 2020

    Live classes are 45 minutes except for Babes which is a 30-35 minute session. Please do join the waiting list if any classes are full or contact me and i will be in touch if a place becomes available. If there is enough interest i may add an additional class.


    £80 per course run as a 10 week term

    £75 per Babes course run as a 10 week term (shorter lesson)

    How old is your baby?

    How old is your baby?
    SING AND SIGN BABES (up to approx.6/7 mths)
     A lovely gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on communication. The course introduces the basics of the Sing and Sign approach for those keen to sign with their babies. We also show you lovely adaptations of familiar songs to enjoy with your baby while face to face, during nappy change, bathtime, bedtime and gentle play.

    STAGE 1 (for babies from 6 mnths+)
    Your baby will be ready for Stage 1 from around 7 months or older at the start of term. This is because he/she will be sitting up, becoming more aware and ready to enjoy the music, the toys and props and social aspects of this class.

    If you have already completed one course of Stage 1 S&S then we recommend coming back for a 2nd Term! In terms of the learning process, the first term is for you, the second term is for your baby. Did you know there are well over 100 signs covered in our Stage 1 course?  If your baby is younger than 13/14 months then we definitely recommend repeating this Stage 1 curriculum. Coming to class for a second term enables you to see the usefulness of some of our course ideas in action at home, as your baby will be growing developmentally ready to respond more and more! I can speak for all our teachers when I say they love to see their existing babies stay on and that they hope to see you there!

    (for babies from 14mths-2/2.5yrs)

    If your baby is a little older, you may feel ready for a class with a little more action and activity! Even if you have never done Sing and Sign before, in our Stage 2 class we still include the basic advice on how to sign with your baby and have some lovely songs to enjoy, covering concepts such as the weather, colours, being helpful, simple counting, opposites and even beginning phonetic awareness all enjoyed through our magic ingredient – music! There are also opportunities to move about more, and plenty of toys and props to keep your baby amused.

  • Venues

    Sing and Sign sessions in Caterham take place at the Caterham URC, in Caterham Valley. There is free parking onsite and additional free parking nearby at Morrisons which is just a few minutes walk away.

    Caterham has a good network of public transport links with Caterham train station being a 5 minute walk to the URC Church and various bus routes stopping close by. We are using Room 2 which is on the ground floor.

    Sing and Sign sessions in Coulsdon take place in the small hall at the Coulsdon Methodist Church. There is free parking onsite, is a five minute walk from Coulsdon Town train station and also on several bus routes. It's located very close to restaurants and cafes for refreshments before or after class.


    Mondays had been added to the timetable for the Summer term pre Covid-19, and those classes were to be held in the beautiful events room at the Whytleafe Park Pavilion, Warlingham. There is free parking onsite (please display a ticket), the Pavilion cafe and ofcourse the large recreation ground with playground. It's a 5 minute walk from Upper Warlingham train station, 7 minutes from Whytleafe station and close to several bus stops. 

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 Caterham United Reformed Church
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Caterham United Reformed Church
    Tuesday PM Babes Caterham United Reformed Church
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 Caterham United Reformed Church
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Coulsdon Methodist Church
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Coulsdon Methodist Church
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Coulsdon Methodist Church
    Friday AM Stage 2 Caterham United Reformed Church
    Friday AM Stage 1 Caterham United Reformed Church
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