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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Canterbury & Faversham!

    Our classes for babies to pre-school children are packed with brilliant catchy songs along with signs, allowing you and your child to develop a new skill and communicate with each other before they start to talk!

    Fun filled baby classes that will leave you astounded! When your child begins to sign back to you, expressing their understanding or making a request!!!

    Feel free to message me or use our online booking system to secure your place in a free taster session or to sign up for the term!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Carrie x

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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Canterbury & Faversham!

    My son and I joined our first Sing and Sign class back in 2014, when he was a tiny baby, he is now 5 and still signs regularly, especially when shy or poorly! 

    He recently had his tonsils removed and it was such a relief to be able to ensure his comfort and that all his needs were met without forcing him to talk. If we didn't have our wonderful signs, then I'm sure we would have all had a much more uncomfortable recovery process!

    I still attend Sing and Sign classes with my Daughter who has picked up the signs so fast, and though she cant talk herself yet, I always know what she wants and needs!

    Signing is integral to our family life, we often use them in crowded places such as the swimming pool or at parties.  

    Aside from the very useful aspect if signing, the classes are also so much fun! As well as singing catchy tunes and nursery rhymes, the grown up also learns the signs so both of you are engaged in the class and learning new skills, not just the child! I found this very refreshing and I hope you do too!

    Why not try a taster session and see for yourself!

    Carrie x

  • Venues

    Canterbury and Surrounds classes

    Wingham Village Hall - CT3 1BE - Monday Mornings

    Chartham Village Hall - CT4 7JA - Wednesday Mornings

    Faversham, Age UK - ME13 7AJ - Thursday Mornings

    Canterbury Gymnastics- CT1 3RB - Friday Morning

    @HOME Online classes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your families home!

    Day Time Stage Location
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Faversham - Age UK Building
    Thursday AM Babes Faversham - Age UK Building
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Faversham - Age UK Building
    Wednesday AM Babes Chartham Village Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Chartham Village Hall
    Friday AM Babes Canterbury Gymnastics Club
    Friday AM Stage 1 Canterbury Gymnastics Club
    Monday AM Babes Wingham Village Hall
    Monday AM Stage 1 Wingham Village Hall
    Monday AM Stage 2 Wingham Village Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 2 Chartham Village Hall
    Friday AM Stage 2 Canterbury Gymnastics Club
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