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    Welcome to Sing and Sign's long-running classes in Harrow, Bushey, Ricky, Hatch End and Watford!

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     Sing and Sign is now coming to your home.

    Booking now open for our amazing @home courses

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    Sing and Sign @home; as recommended in the Independent's

    "13 best Baby and Toddler online classes 2020"

    Next Stage 1 and Stage 2 Online courses start Monday 29th June 2020

    In a nutshell, here is what you get when you sign up for Sing and Sign @home Stage 1 or stage 2 online courses:

    • 10 weekly online lessons prerecorded so you can watch them as often as you like, whenever you like for a whole week. That's right, no limitations or restrictions, just stream that week's class any time of day (or night) as much as you would like to for a full 7 days!
    • A year’s online access to our Gold membership (actually worth its weight in gold for all the time that you aren’t at one of your classes) if you choose that option when booking (full details at booking)
    • Weekly online zoom session with me, Shell Harris, I'm your local Sing and Sign teacher of the past 6 years! These weekly zoom sessions are not essential to attend, more an added bonus!
    • An experience that rewards YOUR brain as much as it entertains your baby (and let’s face it, happy parent = happy baby!)
    • It is easy to continue the fun and reinforce what you learn in classes, because all you need is YOU and your baby, not loads of equipment.
    • Stage specific private Facebook groups for sharing your questions, triumphs and ideas for babysigning.
    • You will learn a skill for life that carries over into your child’s later education and that you can use with other people for whom signing is their means of communication.
    • At Sing and Sign, we don’t just teach you the signs; we put them into parenting context. This course is so much more than just learning a bunch of signs and songs every week!