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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Banbury, Bicester, Brackley and Buckingham!

    Time to sing and time to sign

    Hello! I’m Jo and I’d love to welcome you and your baby to one of my Sing and Sign courses! I’m mum to two girls: Connie (age 5) and Edie (age 2). Connie and I started going to Sing and Sign classes when she was 4 months old and we both loved them. I was a sleep-deprived first-time mum, still shell-shocked having given birth and becoming responsible for a little person who hadn’t read all the parenting books I had! I loved the Babes course – it was a gentle introduction to baby signing and, despite my lack of sleep, I learned many songs and signs to use with Connie in our daily routine.

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    Why do a Sing and Sign course?

    Baby signing can greatly enhance communication between you and your baby before your baby is able to speak. Our baby and toddler courses are a fantastic way to learn this wonderful skill, enjoy quality time with your little one, and make great friends.

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    A little bit more about me

    As Connie got older and we moved into the Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes, we enjoyed Sing and Sign even more. In fact, when Edie was born, Sing and Sign classes were the only classes I signed up for. The majority of Edie’s Sing and Sign journey was at home during lockdown but Sing and Sign was still the highlight of our week and both girls loved watching the classes – sometimes every day!

    Connie didn’t sign much at all whereas Edie was a signing pro, but being able to communicate with both girls before they could speak was amazing. Both started talking very early and haven’t stopped since!!

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    About our classes

    I offer three different courses:

    Babes (birth to 6 months)

    This is a gentle music and sensory course whose focus is on your interaction with your baby and building a strong foundation for communication. I will teach you some simple but memorable songs and rhymes to enjoy with your baby, and some age-appropriate signs, such as 'milk' in a relaxed and fun environment.

    Stage 1 (6-14 months)

    From 6 months, your baby is likely to be sitting up and more interested in their surroundings. Stage 1 is our core curriculum and introduces the key principles of baby signing and up to 100 age-appropriate signs in a fun and engaging music class.

    Stage 2 (14 months+)

    From 14 months, your little one is more and more engaged in the world around them and we teach you signs to help them engage with it, including colours, weather, opposites, and much, much more, all through our wonderful songs!

    This short video takes you through the three different Sing and Sign classes:

    Please contact me if you are unsure which class would be best for you and your little one.

  • Venues

    Come and Join in the Fun!

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 2 Banbury, Hanwell Fields Community Centre
    Monday AM Stage 1 Banbury, Hanwell Fields Community Centre
    Monday AM Babes Banbury, Hanwell Fields Community Centre
    Monday PM Stage 1 Banbury, Hanwell Fields Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 Bicester, Kingsmere Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Bicester, Kingsmere Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Babes Bicester, Kingsmere Community Centre
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 Bicester, Langford Village Community Centre
    Wednesday AM Stage 2 Brackley, Egerton Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Brackley, Egerton Hall
    Wednesday AM Babes Brackley, Egerton Hall
    Wednesday PM Stage 1 Brackley, Egerton Hall
  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign in Childcare Settings

    Baby signing in a childcare setting has all the advantages of signing at home plus it helps babies feel more relaxed and confident at nursery. 

    I'm thrilled to welcome the following wonderful nurseries to the Sing and Sign family!

    I met the lovely Field House team back in May. Their enthusiasm for signing with the children was so great to see! Find out more about Field House here:

    I was lucky to meet the Cedars team in June. They already used some signs with the children and couldn't wait to start using more... as well as our fantastic songs! Find out more about Cedars here:

    What a brilliant and welcoming team at Willows. They were really enthusiastic about signing with the children, and picked up our songs so quickly! Find out more about Willows here:

    The team at Kiddi Caru in Leighton Buzzard are so enthusiastic. Some of the team are really experienced baby signers and some are new to it, but all of them are really passionate about communicating with the children, and using key word signing to help with this. Find out more about Kiddi Caru Leighton Buzzard here:

    If your baby attends nursery or you work in a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please contact me: or 07771 550335.

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    Here's some of the things we get up to in class!

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