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    Hello my name is Katherine. Welcome to the Sing and Sign Belfast homepage.

    NB During lockdown our classes have moved online. You can still learn the wonderful skill of baby signing with your baby in the comfort of your own home through our ten-week online courses! Our classes are pre-recorded with a new class released to you each week and you can view them with your little one as many times as you like, whenever you like, during the week. For more information please do get in contact with me or register for one of my free tasters. To see a bit more about our online courses please visit otherwise please read on to find out more about me, why I love Sing and Sign and why you will too! Katherine x

    I started Sing and Sign lessons myself with my youngest son, Oliver, when he was about 8 months old and we both found baby signing so rewarding and enjoyed the classes so much we carried on for nearly two years. At that point the opportunity came along for me to train to be a Sing and Sign teacher myself and ever since I have been in the privileged position of helping other families discover the joy of communication with their baby before speech. 

    In the classes as a young baby, Oliver loved the singing, musical instruments and watching other children. It was such an exciting moment when he used his first sign (aeroplane) and I saw the magic of him being able to communicate with me by spontaneously telling me what he could see and wanted me to know. As he got older I was impressed with the way Sing and Sign helped reinforce so many key words he was learning, both to say and to sign. Whilst the classes do include familiar nursery rhymes, I think it is brilliant the way they also use special Sing and Sign songs to introduce every day concepts to babies and toddlers - mealtimes, nappy changes, bathtime, getting dressed - all things that are happening in a baby's daily life and it is useful to be able to talk (and sing) to them about. Oliver is now an extremely talkative little boy with an impressive vocabulary (commented on by his school teachers!)  and I know that Sing and Sign helped greatly in his confidence to communicate with everyone he meets.

    The fantastic thing about baby signing is that it can help reduce the level of frustration and tears in your house. By starting off learning a few simple signs such as 'more', 'milk', 'eat' and 'all done' your baby can learn to tell you want they want and need without always needing to cry and I'm told time and again by the families I teach what a difference that makes! Once they discover that they can be understood your baby can use and enjoy a whole range of signs for different animals, emotions, foods, vehicles, colours - whatever your baby wants to communicate about!

    Our classes are divided into three age-appropriate levels. We have Babes, which is for the youngest babies under 6 months, and this class is a gentle music class focussing on early communication skills such as eye contact, shared looking and facial expressions. We then have Stage One, which is for babies aged 5-14 months, and this is the main course where we teach you all the basics of baby signing, all done in a way that is fun for your baby using songs, musical instruments and props. Stage Two is for toddlers aged 14-30 months and is a bit more of an active class and covers new signing topics such as colours, the weather and even early phonics.

    My classes are available on mornings throughout the week in Newtownbreda, Ormeau and Finaghy. Our classes are kept deliberately small so that I can get to know all your babies personally. All classes include time for tea, coffee and biscuits at the end, so that parents can chat whilst the babies play with the toys provided. 

    I hope you will come along to a class and see for yourself what Sing and Sign can do to help you and your baby understand each other, both before speech and beyond!


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    You can now book for classes starting in January 2020.


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    I currently run classes in Ormeau, Newtownbreda and Finaghy

    Monday 10am Stage 2 Tesco Newtownbreda, BT8 6PZ

    Monday 11.15am Stage 1 Tesco Newtownbreda, BT8 6PZ

    Thursday 11.45am Stage 1 Cooke Centenary Hall, Park Road, BT7 2FW, 

    Thursday 10.30am Stage 2 Cooke Centenary Hall, Park Road, BT7 2FW, 

    Friday 10am Stage 2 Finaghy Community Centre, BT10 0ER

    Friday 11.15am Stage 1 Finaghy Community Centre, BT10 0ER

    You can now book online for classes starting in May 2019


    Day Time Stage Location
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Cooke Centenary Hall
    Friday AM Stage 1 Finaghy Community Centre
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