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    Hi, My name is Juliete

    Hi my name is Juliete. I have a wee boy called Charlie who is now 6 years old and Anabelle who is 4. Charlie and Anabelle both joined Sing and sign at the age of 3 months. I really enjoy singing, reading and doing actions to stories that we read together. Ever since Charlie was born i had always wanted to do something fun and useful with him and had heard of baby sign language, and so went in search of classes. I had my first amazing class with Claire in Belfast and even though Charlie was only three months at the time i could see he was really engaged in all the actions and singing within the class. 

    As Charlie got a bit older i noticed him firstly responding to some of the signs i was doing and would respond with either a smile or a frown. This meant the world that i was able to communicate with my baby at such a young age, even though he was unable to do the signs at the time it was clear i was understanding and communicating to his needs.

    Since the first class i have been hooked, i have enjoyed every single session and always was excited for the next weeks activity. Then i realised i had found something that i really love doing and wanted to make this into a career. 

    As Charlie turned 11 months he used his first sign asking for his milk and since then he now points at things that interest him and does signs for the sounds of certain animals. This is a truely magical thing to experience and to see the delight on his face when i can respond as i understand what he is trying to tell me, this makes for a happy baby and happy mum.

    Charlie's first few signs which included finished, duck, bird, bed, hungry, milk, dog, more, where and his favourite train.

    Now Charlie has a varied vocabulary including animals, vehicles, colours. When he turned 3 he was still signing frequently to help little sister but also to help me with any words that aren't quite clear in his spoken vocabulary, and is extremely helpful with learning his colours and alphabet. 

    Anabelle started signing at 6 months she started with milk, change nappy, more and please. Then moved onto animals, open, where and is able to put signs together to create signing sentences meaning at a young age i was able to understand her and she was able to have a conversation with me from an early age.  

    The lessons are relaxed and fun and i want to help other babies and parents/guardians to be able to communicate together.

    Look for forward to you joining me on this magical journey.

    Hope to hear from you.




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    To Keep up to date with Sing and Sign Ashford for NEW TERM dates and information,


    BABES 6 WEEK TERM £50*

    STAGE ONE 11 WEEKS £90*

    STAGE TWO 11 WEEKS £90*

    TO BOOK click on the link below:

    Or to click here to make an enquiry

    *(price includes supporting material)


    There are three stages to chose from in Sing and Sign:

    Babes - From birth up to 6 months

    Stage 1 - 7 to 14 months

    Stage 2 - 15 to 30 months 

    How long is each class?

    Classes run for approx 40 mins each and have time for a chat and a cuppa/ coffee for the parents while there is playtime for the kids.

    When do the classes run?

    Classes run term times.

    How long is each term?

    Terms run for either 10 weeks

    How many children will there be each class?

    Up to 12 children per class.

    How much are the classes and how do i pay?

    A 10 week term costs £85. For this £85 payment you will receive a 10 week course in baby signing & supporting resources to continue signing at home. The resources will either be in the form of a dvd (stage one or two) or yearly online membership which includes streaming of the dvd. Payment can be made by bank transfer, account detials will be sent when completed the online booking form. Payments can also be made by cash cheque or bacs via the website booking form above.

    How much would i pay for twins/ triplets? 

    Sing and sign book per family so no extra charge for multiple babies.

    Can i bring an older sibling?

    Older siblings are welcome at Stage one and two classes at no extra cost, please inform before completing the booking process.

    Please contact me for anymore information.

  • Venues

    Sing and Sign Ashford

    Babes (0-6 months) 

    Stage 1 (7-14 months) 

    Stage 2 (14-30 months) 


    On Mondays & Thursdays

    The sessions last 40 mins. 


    Free Taster sessions available.

    Please contact for more information.

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday PM Babes Adams Drive
    Monday AM Stage 1 Adams Drive
    Monday AM Stage 2 Adams Drive
    Thursday PM Stage 1 Repton Connect
    Thursday PM Stage 2 Repton Connect
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