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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Oxford!



     * Exciting news! *

                                       Come and join me for Sing and Sign Babes @ Home. 

    Sing and Sign Babes is designed for babies under 6 months old, who simply LOVE to watch and play with their carers. I will teach you some simple songs, games and rhymes, along with a few age-appropriate signs, while you sing them to your baby as they lie on the floor, on your lap, or in a chair, watching you, just as we recommend in our face-to-face classes.

    There is no need for your baby to watch the screen for this course - in fact, it's better if they don't. 

    The course also includes a copy of The Jessie Cat Song Book (our exclusive book and CD pack*, which accompanies the course). This will help you to continue the fun at home between sessions and learn the songs with your baby. With eye-catching illustrations and lyrics for traditional songs as well as songs from the course, it's a great resource to help continue the fun at home. After booking, I will email you for your address and then post the book to you, using prepaid postage labels (so I don't have to go to the Post Office!)

    The main aim for the Sing and Sign Babes classes is for them to be fun, engaging and sociable for you and your baby. Expect to learn a few signs that will be useful at home with your baby, but in our Babes courses, our main focus will be highlighting many of the things you will probably be doing instinctively to help develop your baby’s pre-verbal communication. We use simple songs and rhymes as tools to help develop these skills.
    These valuable tools can open up a wonderful way to communicate before your baby can speak and you will gain a lovely repertoire of songs and rhymes to use at home.

    For those with older babies and toddlers, it's not too late to join us for Sing and Sign Stage 1 or 2 @ Home:

    With the current social distancing measures in place we have launched Sing and Sign @ Home for you to enjoy with your baby or toddler instead. 

    We have put together a whole term of classes for you to enjoy with your little one in your own home. We offer two courses, depending on the age of your baby: Stage 1 is great for babies from around 6 - 14 months old and is a brilliant introduction if your baby is a little older and you're new to baby signing. Stage 2 is perfect for those who've completed Stage 1, are on the move and ready for some more challenging signs as they explore the world around them.

    The online sessions will feel much like our much-loved classes:

    • discover how baby signing can help you and your baby or toddler communicate more effectively. Learn over 100 simple signs the easy way - through action songs and explanations from experienced teachers who've all used baby signing with their own families.
    • 10 interactive sessions, each with a theme and a new class each week, with each class remaining online for the whole week, when you like, as many times as you like; pause, rewind and re-watch! 
    • a host of lovely Sing and Sign teachers introducing each week's theme and key signs, sharing pictures and songs; playing peekaboo with our friend Jessie Cat; encouraging you and your little one to join in playing instruments and some surprises from the props bag to help us with some nursery rhyme songs.
    • the chance to join the WhatsApp group for the local class you would have attended, where I will add a little weekly video too, be there to answer any questions and for you to get to know the other families. I'll also let you know in advance what props are in the bag, so you can gather some at home if you like, to make it more interactive for your little one.
    • access to the Jessie Cat Club, with more info about each week of the course, plus a weekly email from me, to help you continue at home

    You can see a preview of our fantastic Sing and Sign @ Home classes here.

    Please note that this course is online only and you will not have a place in a class in any venue. 

    The next course will start on Monday 6th July and last 10 weeks, with no half term break. The course will be £40 - just £4 a week with unlimited access to each lesson within that week. You can book here in the usual way, or use the link below.

    I understand that many of you may be trying to limit screen time with your little ones, as I will be too with my own children. These videos are designed be be interactive and something to enjoy together, rather than to be passive viewing. It is also worth remembering that while our live and streamed classes are great fun for little ones, our core aim at Sing and Sign is to teach those who look after your little one the principles behind baby signing and the useful signs to use. You can always watch them without your little one (with a glass of something cold, or mug of something warm!) to learn the songs and signs, then stream from a phone through a speaker and just listen to the class with your baby, perhaps just choosing one or two sections to watch together, for example, Jessie playing peekaboo. It's a great time to get other family members involved too.


    About me

    I started my Sing and Sing journey 5 years ago, when my daughter was 6 months old and I joined a class along with my lovely NCT group. The babies adored the fun, interactive classes and we loved watching their excitement when Jessie Cat played peek-a-boo each week! By the end of our first term, my little girl (also Jessie!) was signing a few words. It was so exciting to see her joy as she realised we understood what she meant. As the following term progressed, we realised what a lot she could tell us about her world: that she’d seen a plane; had heard a bird or wanted a snack.
    Both of our children (now 5 and 4) have a lot to say and I believe that signing opened up a window in the early days, as they experienced the joy of us understanding what they meant, which encouraged them to communicate. They still use the occasional sign for things that are harder to express with words, like ‘sorry’, ‘I’m worried’, or when they really want to share something! 
    Now that my babies are no longer babies, I am loving being a part of other families’ experiences. It’s wonderful when a parent excitedly tells me that their child has learnt a new sign and a real privilege to witness little ones signing in class, and the older ones even starting to join in the singing too!


    Soon, she was chattering away, but we all carried on signing, as our little boy had arrived. He also loved the classes, although I had to learn a whole new set of signs to keep up with his obsession with vehicles! He used signing even more than his sister, which definitely alleviated his frustrations before he could speak.

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    What should I expect from the classes?

    Classes are very relaxed and good fun!

    We keep class sizes small (maximum 12 per class) so you and your baby can enjoy an intimate environment and the social aspect of class.

    Classes are 40-45 minutes long and then you are welcome to stay for 5-10 minutes of play and chat at the end. This is also a great time to ask your teacher any questions not answered during singing and signing time.

    We know babies don't like to stay still so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they can still absorb whilst wandering!) When Jessie Cat, instruments or the props bag appear they soon come back! 

    We learn all the signs through our easy to learn action-songs. Don't worry if you can't sing ... you don't have to!

    Which Class Should I Attend?

    We have 3 courses, with each tailored specifically to your baby's stage of development:

    Sing and Sign Babes is our brand NEW programme, suitable for babies from birth to 6 months. The aim of these classes is to build the exceptionally important framework for good communication through our magic ingredient... music! The classes incorporate sensory stimulation along with our Sing and Sign staple ingredients - repetition, anticipation, praise and - of course - Jessie Cat. We also include some basic signing. This format has been specifically designed for younger babies who are pre-Stage 1. It is only suitable for babies who are not yet crawling (rolling over or sitting up is fine). 

    Sing and Sign Stage 1 is ideal for babies from approximately 6 months to around 14 months old. In general babies need to be sitting unaided for this class, as this is predominantly a signing class. There’s plenty to keep the little ones entertained with pictures, songs, music, props and more, and we have weekly topics relevant to your baby’s age and development. 

    It is quite a big step from Stage 1 to Stage 2, so most people come to Stage 1 for two terms before attending Stage 2. There are so many benefits to coming back for another Stage 1 course:

    • * there's a lot to take in during your first term and you'll see around 150 signs used in classes! Parents often find that the second time, they pick up lots of new signs that they'd not noticed, or that are only now useful as their baby's interests are emerging.
    • * during your first Stage 1 term, there was a lot for your baby to take in, too. Second time around, they tend to engage much more with the pictures, props and routines of class, as they know what to expect.
    • * as adults, we tend to want variety in our lives, but babies thrive on repetition and familiarity. The course is designed with speech and language therapists who carefully considered the repetition within each session and each term.
    • * younger babies will be benefiting hugely from you signing at home, as it helps them to understand more of what you say. As you continue to add to the signs you use, you are furthering their understanding, helping them to take in more of what's happening in class, too. As babies start to sign, they often pick up new signs quickly and those in the Stage 1 curriculum are most relevant to younger toddlers.

    Sing and Sign Stage 2 classes are for the walking toddler - from approximately 14 months to speaking (2-3 years). The classes involve lots more signs, lots more movement and topics to related to the developing toddler's world such as colours, weather, being helpful and phonics. 

    The age ranges are to be used as guides and each baby is different.

    Please contact me if you are unsure which class would be best for you and your little one. 

    To view classes in action and to find out from parents what you can expect at each of the three stages of Sing and Sign click here. 

    How Much Does It Cost? 

    Our 10-week Stage 1 and 2 classes are £72.50. Stage 1 classes include access to the Jessie Cat Club, which gives 12 months' membership to weekly pages to support the course, plus video clips to help you rememeber the signs covered in class. You can upgrade your membership when booking to add the brilliant videos, games, and signing dictionary to support your signing at home, There's lots more information here.

    The Babes class runs as a 5 week term. The cost for the 5 week Babes course is £35. Each session includes hot and cold drinks and biscuits as well as music, songs and lots of fun.

    Due to limited numbers per class you will need to book and pay prior to term starting. (Early booking is advisable). Payment is by credit/debit card at time of booking.  

    Book my class now!


    I Have twins/triplets - How Many Places Do I Pay For?

    Twins and multiples go FREE! (The classes are booked per family so only the first child pays)

    I Have An Older Child - Can They Come Too?

    Siblings aged 3 and older are welcome at Sing and Sign Stages 1 and 2 at no extra cost. Older brothers and sisters often love signing too and it's a great way to get the whole family involved. Please just let me know when you book if you will be bringing a sibling along. It is important that they understand the need to take care around the younger babies.

    Because of the way that the Sing and Sign Babes classes are designed, we are not able to invite older siblings along.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07795 005832

    To book your place, please click on the link. Book my class now!

    Free taster sessions are also offered – follow my Facebook page to find out where and when.

    We hope you can join us!


  • Venues
    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday PM Babes Cutteslowe Community Centre, Wren Road
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Glyme Hall, Chipping Norton
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Finstock Village Hall
    Thursday PM Babes Kidlington Baptist Church, Kidlington
    Friday PM Babes High Street Methodist Church, Witney
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Eynsham Scout Hall
    Tuesday PM Babes Eynsham Scout Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Botley Dean Court Community Centre
    Tuesday PM Babes Botley Dean Court Community Centre
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Kidlington Baptist Church, Kidlington
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 High Street Methodist Church, Witney
  • Nurseries

    Local Nurseries with Sing and Sign Affiliation

    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme, which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate.

    It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at Oxford Brookes Nursery, who have recently all been trained to use the Sing and Sign approach with the babies and children in their care.

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