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    Welcome to Sing and Sign baby signing classes in Hayling & Chichester

    Classes cover the Chichester area: Emsworth, Chichester, Fishbourne, Havant and Hayling.

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    Latest News *Last updated March 2022*


    Booking for Summer Term is now open!


    Our Sing and Sign Summer Term is due to start in the week beginning 2nd May 2022 and will run for 10 weeks, with a half term in w.b. 30.05.22. Please click the yellow link above to see all the sessions available and to book your space! 


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    Hi, I’m Florence and I run Sing and Sign Hayling and Chichester, teaching classes in the surrounding area.

    I first started attending Sing and Sign classes with my little girl, Dorothy, when she was 4 months old. We initially enjoyed the songs and sensory experiences in BABES and Jessie Cat quickly became a firm favourite. We began using the signs frequently at home, as a family, and at 8 months old, Dorothy signed her first sign, ‘milk’. It was so exciting to see Dorothy using the signs and her being able to communicate her wants and needs with us was so amazing! Her signing vocabulary grew to allow her to tell us when she wanted milk or a nappy change, was hungry, thirsty, tired or in pain and to talk to us about interesting things she saw, such as dogs, horses and boats!

    There’s been no stopping her since then and now, at 2 and a half years old, Dorothy is one of the chattiest toddlers around! She still uses some signs alongside speech, when she really wants us to understand her. I’m certain that signing avoided a lot of frustration for Dorothy and helped her to develop her communication skills at a young age. Signing certainly builds a strong foundation for learning to talk.



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    Having such a wonderful experience and seeing the benefits of Sing and Sign first hand, I was keen to teach baby signing and I am so privileged to help other families enjoy similar experiences. Before becoming a Sing and Sign teacher, I was a primary school teacher and leader, and have spent the past 9 years working in schools.

    It is so wonderful and rewarding to hear about a baby’s first sign and to share in a parent's excitement about their baby's development in communication.

    Please feel free to email me with your questions. I look forward to meeting you and your little one in a class soon.


    Happy signing!



    Sing and Sign classes are the FUN way to learn baby signing!

    Our award-winning classes are created with speech and language experts to help your baby to communicate before speech. The original, and longest running baby signing programme makes signing easy and fun to learn! 


    Classes are available in 3 Stages. Age ranges are very much an approximation, if you would like further advice on which class to choose then please get in touch.  

    *Babes* 0-6 Months


    *Stage 1* 6-14 Months


    *Stage 2* 14-24+ Months

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    About Our Classes

     Book classes now!


    Latest News *Last updated March 2022*


    Booking for Summer Term is now open!


    Our Sing and Sign Summer Term is due to start in the week beginning 2nd May 2022 and will run for 10 weeks, with a half term in w.b. 30.05.22. Please click the yellow link above to see all the sessions available and to book your space! 



    Our classes are open to babies from birth, as soon as you feel you would like to get out with your baby and enjoy some music together, while learning how to really make the most of early communication.


    There are three types of age appropriate classes:

    • Sing and Sign Babes 0-6 months non crawling babies 
    • Stage One 6-14 months
    • Stage Two 14- approx 24 months


    The classes provide a great opportunity for parents/carers to learn to sign in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

    This lovely video shows what goes on in a Sing and Sign class:

    and this one shows Sing & Sing babies signing away out of the class setting:


    Our classes are carefully designed to build babies communication through our three developmentally age appropriate groups from 0-24 months, all taught through music and fun:

      BABES for pre-crawlers up to 6 months can be started as soon as you feel ready to be out and about and taking part in activities. A lovely gentle sensory and music class to introduce signing, with the main focus on building the framework for good communication rather than signs. We encourage lots of eye contact and face to face time between baby and you using songs and games appropriate for our tiniest group of babies!

      From 5-6 months is a good time to start focusing on signs and STAGE 1 teaches all the core signs to enable the two way conversation between baby and you before speech. We don't just teach lots of signs as knowing signs alone is not enough to reap the benefits of baby signing. You receive guidance on how to use the signs effectively to ensure your baby signing journey with your precious little one is successful. The signs used are completely appropriate for baby's developmental age and they are built on gradually each week to make it manageable for you.

      Our more active STAGE 2 class from 13-14 months reinforces Stage 1 basics whilst introducing advanced signs and concepts to attempt to keep up with toddlers growing curiosity.

      Classes are for 1 hour and we Sing and Sign for approximately 45 minutes (30 minutes in BABES) followed by social and play time with refreshments and toys.

      BABES courses are 5 weeks and STAGE 1 & 2 courses are 10 weeks. If there is space you can join part way through the term and the fee is adjusted automatically on the booking system.

      You commit to the full term to promote consistency of learning and ensure success with baby signing, with weekly handouts to support you. We keep class sizes small (8 in babes and 12 for Stage 1&2) for quality of learning so spaces are limited and pre-booked. Visit the online booking system to reserve your baby's space now:



      Any questions? 

      Please click the "Make An Enquiry" button on the right hand side of this page. 

    • Venues

      We are delighted to be offering venue-based classes from April at the following venues.

      Tuesday mornings, Chichester

      Friday mornings, Emsworth

      @home, in your living room or on the go!

      Day Time Stage Location
      Tuesday AM Stage 1 CHICHESTER - Donnington Hall
      Tuesday AM Babes CHICHESTER - Donnington Hall
      Friday AM Babes EMSWORTH Community Centre
      Friday AM Stage 1 EMSWORTH Community Centre
    • Nurseries

      Join our Nursery Affiliation Programme

      If you run a nursery and are interested in using signs with the babies in your care then please click here for more information or get in touch to find out how to become a Sing and Sign affiliated signing nursery.  I cover the following postcodes which includes Chichester and surrounding areas from Hayling Island through to Arundel:

      PO9, PO10, PO11, PO18, PO19, PO20, PO21, PO22 & BN18

      If you are a Sing and Sign parent and would like your baby's nursery to become a signing nursery then please pass on my details to them and/or send me your nursery's details and I will be happy to get in touch with them.

      I look forward to hearing from you!


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