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    Greenwich & Lewisham INFORMATION

    Welcome to Sing and Sign classes in Greenwich & Lewisham

    Classes are running! Via zoom and returning to venues ASAP!

    January term date 11th Jan to 26th March 2021

    half term is 15th till 19th February (so no classes that week)

    Due to the new government lockdown unfortunately we cannot start our face to face venued classes next week as scheduled. 
    However we will be going back into venues as soon as we are allowed but we are probably looking at doing all of our classes via zoom for the first half of the term up to 13th Feb, which is all set up and ready to go and then continuing the second half of the term in venues that will be available before the next half of term. 

    As you are considering Sing and Sign as an activity to do with your baby means that as a family you are keen to start learning early communication skills using baby signing and we at Sing and Sign have provided, even in lockdown, the use of zoom and our fantastic @HOME online resource for you to start your baby signing journey. So I really hope you can adapt your learning for a short while and consider the following options.

    First option:   You sign up to this current term but as follows. We start next week as scheduled and for the first 5 weeks you classes will be via weekly zoom either with me on Mondays or Victoria on Tuesday and Fridays. If you wish to have the option to attend venued classes after half term it is best to choose Victorias classes as she will be the teacher running them at Mycenae House, Lochaber Hall and Abbotshall centre. I will keep you updated on any changes as we go along.  

    Running alongside the whole course is our @HOME programme which once you become a member of the Jessie Cat Club  (included in the fees) you will have access to this:

    Sing&Sign@HOME online
    • 10 structured 30 minute, age appropriate classes to enjoy over a 10 week period starting Monday 11th Jan 2021  
    • Each week covering a theme and gradually building your signing knowledge. Sing & Sign @ Home is not 'live', meaning you can stream the class any time of the day, as many times as you like for a whole week.
    • It is something for you to DO with your child - not just a film to watch on screen. Get down on the living room floor and ENJOY quality time, music and fun together. 
    So for your money you get your live zoom class with Victoria supported by an online course which you can watch at any time of day or night!  When we return to venued classes after the half term - the @HOME online facility will still be available till the end of the course.

    Cost - Because you will not be attending venues for the whole of the course I feel that I can't charge for that overhead. The new cost for 5 weeks live zoom, 5 weeks in venued (hopefully if the government plans don't change, as we will return as soon as all the schools do) PLUS the 10 online @Home course which will support your learning for the whole term and including Gold membership (you will need this to access all of the above) - £85  

    Once you have done this I can then add you to the membership or Jessie Cat club and pass your details over to Victoria and she will send you zoom links for your classes probably the day before the class and you are ready to go!

    If you would like to book with Victoria starting next week Tuesday 12th Jan (5 weeks zoom then 5 week in venues)

    Second option:  You book onto the Sing&Sign@HOME course from Monday which is the online course as explained above PLUS a weekly zoom with me Rebecca on Mondays - Stage 1 is at 11.30.  This would be just the 10 week online course with no option to jump to venued classes after half term - cost £50 (includes membership for access). 

    If you wish to book the Sing and Sign@Home online course PLUS weekly live zoom with Rebecca click below


    There are three stages.

    Sing and Sign Babes CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING TILL AFTER HALF TERM is devoted to babies from 0 - 4 months at the beginning of the term.  It is a gentle, multisensory introduction to communication with your baby, including some useful basic signs. The main emphasis is on your relationship and interaction with your baby.  Classes run for about 30 mins 

    Stage 1 is for babies of 6 - 13 months at the beginning of the term. This, our most popular stage, focuses on babies' day to day routines - eating, sleeping, nappy changing, bedtime, going out, etc..  It also has a number of signs and songs covering animals and vehicles - just the sort of thing that your baby may wish to tell you about - as well as the more directly useful ones for parents relating to routine activities! Classes run for about 40 to 50min - 
    Also available as a zoom class option- see details below

    Stage 2 - this stage is for toddlers of 14 months up to around 30 months.  Conceptually it is more demanding than Stage 1 - tackling specific food signs, colours, the weather, opposites, manners, being helpful, simple counting and even phonics!  It is an active class. Classes run for about 40 to 50 mins - also available as a zoom option - see details below

    If your baby will be 5 months at the beginning of the term, then it is better to sign up for Stage 1 than Babes, unless your little one is easily overwhelmed, in which case you should book Babes instead.

    To book for ALL courses click link below
    Sing&Sign January 2021 

    Sing and Sign Online Subscription/membership
    As part of your first term requirement, for Stage 1, you will be signed up for the Sing and Sign Online GOLD subscription which give you  access to our fabulous online area - it includes entertaining videos for learning the most important signs and songs, an online video signing dictionary, the facility to print out signs for your own reference or for people caring for your baby and some online games to entertain your baby. The subscription requires you to have access to internet data in order to play it - the videos do not download - they are streaming files. It also now give you access to the @home support films that run just like a weekly class and are available 24/7 so if you miss a live class you will also have this to full back on for your learning.

    Watching the Sing and Sign videos at home with your baby HUGELY ACCELERATES your baby's understanding of the signs.  It is akin to practicing the piano at home, instead of just playing at your weekly lesson - it makes an enormous difference to the speed of learning and acquiring the signs and songs!


    "Sing and Sign is fantastic. It has helped me communicate so much with my daughter and her with me and my husband. Even people that are initially sceptical have been really surprised and intrigued to see how well we can communicate as a family. Rachel has a great temperament anyway, but I am pretty sure that through Sing and Sign we have cut out a lot of frustration and tears by her being able to ask for what she wants and tell us how she feels and for us to ask her questions. She has been able to tell me she has a sore throat, ask for drinks, ask for food or to play, all the songs have helped enormously on car journeys and Rachel is very keen on the game "tidy up".... how could anyone object to any of that!?!!  I highly recommend the DVDs which have been a really good support to the classes and a happy way to while away half an hour together on a rainy afternoon. Rachel loves them and it's really helped reinforce the signs for both of us! Most of all Sing and Sign is fun. Now Rachel has started talking more, she is signing less, but the signing has been such a great stepping stone which have encouraged us to "talk" since she was such a small baby that I don't think twice about having a conversation with her. We just carry on with our signing and enjoy it, but I know at least two friends who are now wanting to take it up with their babies because they have seen it in action and think it's so amazing  - so I think that speaks for itself !"

    "When Blake was around 6 months old he was fascinated by my younger deaf sister and I signing to each other. I could see him trying to copy some of the signs himself so it was a very natural decision to take him to sing and sign classes at around 8 months. He loved stage 1 and by the end was signing 'milk', 'bird', 'eat' and 'drink'. We didn't start stage 2 until he was 20 months and a lot of my friends thought I was mad taking him along as he was already talking very well but I wanted him to learn sign language to mainly communicate with my sister but also with other people who might not exactly understand everything he says. We did stage 2 with Rebecca and both loved it. Not only does she have a wonderful voice but she is so passionate about teaching sign language.  Her classes are always well structured and she makes every child in the class feel special with her constant encouragement and endless enthusiasm. Thank you!"

    Imagine that every time you try something new, all the people around you explode with excitement, wonder and joy, how would that make you feel? Do you think you would try that 'new thing' again? ..... umm yes, I think you would and what if every time you did that 'new thing', those same people, supported, encouraged and brimmed with pride, again, how would you feel?

    This is what I witness when my families see their babies signing. Not only is it early communication through baby signing, but in the process and from a very early age a deep family bond of understanding is forming and I see a baby's confidence bloom and a real deep trusting connection made.

    It gives you an experience of your babies world that you would never have known.


  • More Info

    What can I expect from Greenwich, Lewisham, classes


    Our classes are open to a maximum of 11/12 babies per class, at our discretion.  Classes are approximately 45 minutes long, although you need to allow for it to be up to an hour for a relaxing  (but prompt!) start and finish to the class. We don't chuck you out immediately!   Terms last for 10/11 classes and start in January, April/May and September.  


    The cost for the term for both stage 1 & 2 will be £105 this includes 'gold' membership.  The cost for twins is first child full price, second child half and only one membership is required so cost for twins would be £145 . If you already have membership then the cost is £90 for a 10 week term. You sign up and pay in advance for the whole term of classes and we do our best to offer you catch up classes if, for example, you miss a class because of a doctor’s appointment/illness. We don’t offer refunds for missed classes or for going on holiday half way through the term.


    Our classes follow the same structure every week, which is something that the babies soon learn to recognise and respond to very positively. It helps them enormously to know/anticipate what's going to happen next.  We introduce new signs each week and we then "spiral learn", so that signs and songs are repeated throughout the term so that you have a fair crack at learning all the songs and signs you wish to.  Our classes include an Introductory Song, A Warm Up session, Signs of the Week, a puppet (from Week 3 onwards), instruments, More Signs (including a recap of previous signs learnt) and a Toy Bag, closing with our "Time to go home" song.  Babies (and sometimes parents and carers!) usually take 2-3 weeks to become familiar with the class structure and the teacher, after which they become increasingly confident and interactive as they learn what to expect. We don't accept new enrolments after week 3 of the term, because the groups have settled and found their unique vibe and the new families often feel like they've missed too many classes and always feel like the "new girls". It's really great fun and we spend time each week individually with you and your baby and making absolutely sure that every baby is involved in the class. 


    All of our teachers are passionate about baby signing and are very experienced babysigning mummies. We are also passionate about getting to know the families who choose to attend our classes. We all feel it's a privilege for us to get to know so many lovely babies and toddlers (without having to be their mums!).  That's why we have such a high return/renewal rate 


    Yes!  If you have a friend/s with a baby, who may be interested in attending our classes, please ask them to book direct.  Places are only available only by booking in advance, not just turning up on the day. 

  • Venues

    Classes in Blackheath, Brockley, Catford, Greenwich & Lee

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Mycenae House Community Centre SE3 7SE
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 Lochabar Hall - Manor Lane Terrance
    Tuesday PM Babes Lochabar Hall - Manor Lane Terrance
    Friday AM Stage 1 Abbotshall Healthy lifestyle centre
    Friday AM Babes Abbotshall Healthy lifestyle centre
  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign working within a Nursery

    We currently are working with Smartinees Nursery in Greenwich.

    As a project the staff wished that we taught regular classes on a fortnightly basic within their baby room.

    The age range is from 8 months to around 17/18 months which is quite a range but we have been able to adapt our curriculum to suit the group.

    The benefits have been enormous as the staff are now using the signs to help mainly with babies with English as a second language with their routine and settlement into the nursery as well as having fun with the songs.

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