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    Classes in Chepstow, Caldicot, Langstone & Lydney

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    Until we can get back to our face to face classes, we have our wonderful Sing and Sign @HOME streamed sessions and weekly live zoom catch up sessions. The content is the same as our regular class, so you and your baby needn’t miss out on learning baby signing the fun way! Here's a sneak peek.

    We have 3 age appropriate classes to choose from - 

    Babes - Newborn to 6 months

    Stage 1- 6 months - 14 months

    Stage 2- 14 months - 2yrs

    A little bit about me...

    Hello! My name is Beccy Durman and I am thrilled to be bringing Sing and Sign classes to the families of Chepstow, Caldicot, Lydney and East Newport. After taking a break from my career as a Primary School teacher, I decided not to return but to channel my teaching skills and experience in to my passion - baby signing!

    I first discovered Sing and Sign in 2007 when my eldest son and I attended classes in Bristol. We immediately fell in love with this wonderful new way of communicating with each other and the classes soon became a weekly highlight. The CDs were listened to over and over on long car journeys and the DVDs were invaluable, keeping him occupied and reinforcing the signs at the same time. Two more children later and we were completely hooked! My two older sons even loved signing with my daughter and revisiting all the songs. It was a lovely way for them all to bond.  I found that signing with my children really helped to reduce their frustrations too. All of the guess work of trying to understand their needs was taken away as they could easily tell me what they needed or how they were feeling.

    I would love to take you and your little ones on this amazing journey and look forward to meeting you all soon!

    If you are not able to attend class, please don't miss out on the joys of signing with your baby! Most parents who attend our classes like to also get our DVDs or Online Membership Subscription. This is an ideal way to learn our approach and enjoy the songs and main content of class before a place comes free. Please email me for further details.

    Tel: 07815 122719

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    From what age is Sing and Sign most suitable?

    Babes - From newborn - around 6 (at the start of term)

    A lovely gentle music class with a strong emphasis on communication. The course introduces the basics of the Sing and Sign approach for those keen to sign with their babies. We also show you lovely adaptations of familiar songs to enjoy with your baby while face to face, during nappy change, bath time, bedtime and gentle play.  This is usually a shorter course and classes last approximately 30 minutes with some social time at the end of the session.

    Stage 1 - From around 6 months - around 16 months

    Babies usually start Stage 1 from around 6 months old but there is flexibility in this - I am more than happy for younger babies to join if parents are keen, (although no younger than 4 months). Signs such as “milk”, “eat”, “more” and “all gone” are introduced alongside signs to do with routine such as bedtime, bath time, nappy changing and going ‘out’.  We also cover signs to do with babies' interests such as animals and vehicles.  There are over 100 signs covered during this course.  It is therefore recommended that you complete 2 terms of Stage 1 before moving on to Stage 2.  Some families have even come back for a 3rd term of Stage 1 before moving on.

    Stage 2 - From around 14 months + 

    Please note you do not have to have completed Stage 1 classes in order to join us in Stage 2.  Please email me to discuss.

    These classes are great for toddlers aged 14 months+.  By now your child will probably have completed two terms of Stage 1 ( some exceptions will apply) and may be starting to toddle or even run about.  You both know the routine of the classes and many signs. Well, now the fun really begins!  Not only do we cover new concepts and signs relevant to their increasing interests and awareness but also they have the opportunity to move around with the music and become an active participant in class.  All taught through our fun songs, the curriculum includes colours, the weather, simple counting and we even have a great song for potty training!  We will also be learning the phonetic alphabet, which is a big help when your child is ready for school.  Your baby is learning at a fast pace, so again, we recommend attending 2 terms of Stage 2 to practise all of these new and slightly more challenging concepts.

    If your baby is too young yet to join us, please email me at to join the interest list for the following term.


    What can I expect from Stage 1 & 2  Sing and Sign classes?

    - Key signs which are taught through lively, fun and interactive songs and rhymes.

    - Signs of the Week to practise at home.

    - Stimulating props, including our beloved mascot, Jessie Cat.

    - Percussion time to develop your child’s listening skills.

    - Small class sizes (no more than 11-12) in a relaxed atmosphere.

    - Babies are free to move about enjoying the music and interacting with the props while you learn the signs.

    - Classes last approximately 40-45 mins.


    How much does it cost?

    The cost varies depending on term length.  Please email me to find out the cost of this term.

    In order to guarantee your space, payment is required before the course commences.


    Find out what my families think of the classes by clicking here.

  • Venues

    Try a taster session!

    I hold  introductory Sing and Sign taster sessions and workshops at various times throughout the year so you can try us out before your term begins. Please contact me (by email or by using the enquiry form below) to find out when these are next being held. To see current class availability or to be added to the waiting list please CLICK HERE

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday PM Stage 1 Caldicot Guide Hut, Longfellow Road, NP26 4EX
    Monday PM Babes Caldicot Guide Hut, Longfellow Road, NP26 4EX
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Lydney Community Centre, 2 Naas Lane, Lydney GL15 5UB
    Tuesday PM Babes Lydney Community Centre, 2 Naas Lane, Lydney GL15 5UB
    Tuesday PM Stage 2 Lydney Community Centre, 2 Naas Lane, Lydney GL15 5UB
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Langstone Village Hall, Old Chepstow Road, Langstone, NP18 2ND
    Wednesday AM Babes Langstone Village Hall, Old Chepstow Road, Langstone, NP18 2ND
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Mathern Village Hall, 7 Parklands Cl, Mathern, Chepstow NP16 6JL
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Mathern Village Hall, 7 Parklands Cl, Mathern, Chepstow NP16 6JL
    Thursday PM Babes Mathern Village Hall, 7 Parklands Cl, Mathern, Chepstow NP16 6JL
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