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    Hello From Trinidad and Tobago!

    My name is Ciara, better known as Aunty Ara! Just before the full severity of the pandemic started to affect everyone globally, I came to the United Kingdom, on an extended holiday, to spend time with my sister, brother in law and my nephews. It was then that I was able to participate in Sing and Sign, with my nephews, both in person and online with Kim Golson as their instructor. I was blown away by how quickly they began to use the signs to let us know what they wanted. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to share with parents and their children, not just in Trinidad and Tobago (where I reside) but also in the Caribbean.


    As an educator I know the importance of really understanding material, being able to communicate efficiently and having a solid foundation in language that assists with all aspects of life. I love that Sing and Sign “provides a way for families who are interested in improving two-way communication between parent and child to do so in an entertaining, stimulating and enjoyable manner through its course.”

    Click on "More Info" for this term's class schedule. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, via email to, if you have any further questions and/or are interested in registering for a class.

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    Sing & Sign- Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be offered as a streamed class resource, from Monday 4th January, 2021. Both packages will include the following:

    • Ten (10) weeks of award winning lesson content, available online so you and your baby needn't miss out on the wonderful experience of baby signing and learning the fun way!
    • A new 30-minute video that will be uploaded at the beginning of each week and available all week long for parents to enjoy with their babies/toddlers, whenever they wish, as a “home class”
    • A different theme each week, just like venue-based classes
    • Complementary as well as multiple 30 minute Zoom classes available each week with Aunty Ara and Jessie Cat (see schedule below)
    • Gold membership to with supporting lessons, games, tips and clips

    In 2021, Sing & Sign Babes will be added to our course offering and will also be available online. For more information, or to register, please visit  Please note that the timezone for the Zoom Schedule is GMT-4.


    Thursday- 10:00am and/or 4:00pm

    Sunday- 3:00pm


    Wednesday- 10:00am and/or 5:30pm

    Sunday- 4:00pm

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