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    Hello and a very warm welcome to Sing and Sign East Kent! Our award-winning, expert recommended baby and toddler baby signing and communication classes are held weekly in Broadstairs, Ramsgate & in Birchington.

    Hello, I am Gemma,

    I started teaching Sing & Sign in January 2018 after giving up my job teaching Maths for over 10 years & I LOVE it.  I was a Sing & Sign mummy from January 2014 until December 2017....without missing a single term!
    When I joined as a nervous mum in 2014 with my 6 month old daughter who was born 17 weeks early I just wanted to be a normal mummy doing normal mummy & baby things after a long spell in hospital with her. I thought Sing and Sign sounded like a lovely class BUT I had no idea of the huge impact it would have on my families life. I thought I might learn a few nice songs and a selection of useful signs, I had no idea of the amount of signs we would learn & how useful they would be.
    I am a huge advocate for Sing and Sign. Without Sing and Sign we would not have been able to communicate as effectively with our daughter and more importantly she would not have been able to communicate with us! She has suffered with a severe speech delay due to prematurity, however because of her HUGE signing vocabulary we were able to function knowing what she wanted to tell us, whether it was that she saw a Monkey at the Zoo, that she wanted some cheese to eat or that she had an Ouch! After having my second daughter in December 2015 we signed her up too. I credit her amazing understanding and speech development beyond her age to the fact we have signed with her since she was a new born. I am certainly not the type to be taken in by a gimmick..Sing & Sign is certainly not that, its incredible & so much fun too!

    Hope to meet you and your little one soon!!

    Gemma & Jessie Cat x

    Sing and Sign East Kent
    Covering Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Sandwich and Deal.

    Autumn term 2022
    Classes will resume again in September after the summer break. The first day of term will be Monday 12th September at our new venue Windchimes in Herne Bay, classes will be running again on Tuesdays at The Studio  in Margate, on Wednesdays at The Corner (Coffee House) Ramsgate and Fridays at Cramptons Hall Broadstairs.

    Spaces are filling up already with several classes sold out or coming close to, so please if you are hoping to join us for our Autumn term please do book in ASAP to avoid disappointment!

    Please take a look on my 'Book now' button to see summer specials and taster sessions over the summer break.


    Make an enquiry about classes here: Enquiry


    Are you blessed with Twins? - Second child goes FREE!

    Partners and other family members are very welcome to come along to class with prior agreement, we really encourage family members to participate in classes so your little one gets a fully enriched experience of baby signing that continues at home.
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    Hundreds of local families have already discovered the benefits of signing with their baby. We intentionally keep our classes small to encourage you and your baby to have fun and learn in a safe, intimate environment. Our multi award winning baby and toddler signing and communication classes are filled very quickly. Early booking is therefore essential in order to avoid disappointment. BOOK NOW!

    Watch a short VIDEO about our fun, multi award winning classes here:

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    As a part of typical development before speech is well established, babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them. For example they may point, shake their heads, clap their hands and wave "bye-bye". Now is a good time to introduce some extra gestures to help your baby communicate. It's easy to do and your baby will really enjoy it! Why not try milk, more, change nappy, or tired? Baby signing is wonderfully rewarding and fantastic fun. You will be amazed by what your baby is capable of telling you before being able to talk! 

    Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts and launched in January 2001, the "Sing and Sign" programme has since taught tens of thousands of parents across the UK how to sign with their babies and encourage amazing early communication.


    Our classes are open to babies from birth up to toddlers of around 30 months; as soon as you feel you would like to get out with your baby to meet some other local mummies and enjoy some music together, while learning how to really make the most of early communication. You only need to learn and use a few tips, tricks and signs to make a significant difference in how you are your baby communicate. We offer three types of group:
    Babes -  our curriculum for the youngest babies (under 7 months or before crawling)

    Our Babes class is a gentle, sensory class specifically designed to be suitable from birth. As well as further developing your existing bond with your baby, it helps build a strong framework for communication using familiar and new songs, lots of eye contact, tickles, facial expressions and some basic signing.

    Stage 1 - our core curriculum award winning class for 6 - 14 months.

    We learn about going to the park, meal times, bath times and bedtimes and other things to capture your child's imagination like animals and vehicles. These are the signs babies love to use!  We show over 150 during the 10 weeks! We recommend you do two terms of STAGE ONE.The first term is for the parents, to teach you the signs... but the second term is for the babies as they will be starting to sign and are really familiar with all the songs, they really enjoy it. The content is slightly different each term. It gives them such a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy the programme now that they can participate even more!

    Stage 2 - continue the fun with your toddler from 15 months up to around 24 months, as speech develops.
    With a similar format to Stage One, our Stage Two classes are designed to match your toddler's increased capacity to communicate and to move! We enjoy learning about the weather, being helpful, colours, basic counting and those all important phonics for early letter sound recognition. 

    I am SO passionate about the benefits of signing and communicating effectively with our babies right from birth; I absolutely adore my job. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few REVIEWS from local mummies:

    "This is the best class ever! Friendly, supportive, a great place to meet other parents and the songs and signs are a great way to interact with your little one. Well worth the money. Your find them learning lots of skills after just a few weeks even when a few months old. Kaleb started at 9 weeks old and has learnt lots already; he loves it.  If there's one thing you do in the week, I would recommend Sing and Sign: a great way to bond with your child.” Dawn and Kaleb

    "My daughter loves the songs. My husband even commented on how excited she gets when we sing them! He was surprised at how quickly she recognised the games and songs, and how favorably she reacted and now Daddy loves doing them too!” Ruth and Clara

    Gemma - 07968 040059,
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    Friday PM Babes @Home 'Lockdown'
  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign offers training to local nurseries through the Nursery Affiliation Programme or "NAP"!

    Take a NAP with a difference!


    We will train staff on your own premises at a time to suit you.  We teach staff a selection of signs, tailor-made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate in their day-to-day activities.

    Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and the licensing to use our copyrighted products.

    If your baby or toddler attends a nursery or if you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us via the number/email above right.

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