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    Sing and Sign Classes in Leamington, Southam, Warwick and Stratford Upon-Avon

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    Your first class is ALWAYS treated as a TASTER class with a guaranteed full refund if you feel it's not for you.* Full T&C's in the "more info" tab above.

    Classes available in Southam, Leamington Spa, Warwick & Stratford Upon-Avon.

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    My name is Julie and I run the Sing and Sign classes in South Warwickshire and teach classes in Leamington, Southam, Warwick, Stratford Upon-Avon. 

    I started Sing and Sign as a new Mum when my little boy Oscar was 6 months old - I did not look back. I loved the fun songs, he picked up the signs quickly and it really was amazing to be able to communicate way before he was ready to talk. His first signs were “no” and “friend”. Both very useful for different reasons! I loved the classes as much as Oscar. I made some wonderful friends and always felt at ease in class in what was, at times, a wonderful but very hard time in my life! I knew I one day wanted the opportunity to provide this for other parents. My second son, Fraser came along and I knew I was heading straight back to Sing and Sign classes again! His signing still amazes me now and what is even more wonderful is that, his older brother signs to him.

    I was a primary school teacher for 9 years but Sing and Sign inspired me so much I began teaching classes and found my passion. I truly believe that baby signing is one of the best things you can do for your little one, however far you choose to take it. It helped me understand my children’s needs and enabled me to communicate with them, which made me feel relaxed, confident and very proud of my boys! Perhaps it could do that for you too!

    Sing and Sign classes are the FUN way to learn baby signing!

    Our award-winning classes are created with speech and language experts to help your baby to communicate before speech. The original, and longest running baby signing programme makes signing easy and fun to learn! 

    Classes are available in 3 Stages. Age ranges are very much an approximation, if you would like further advice on which class to choose then please get in touch.

    *Babes*  0-5 Months

    *Stage 1* 6-14 Months

    *Stage 2* 14-24+ Months

    The classes are relaxed and you can be led by your baby. We always stop for a cuppa and a natter at the end too! 

    Now included in the price for Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes is Gold access to “The Jessie Cat Club”. A Sing and Sign online resource to support you as you sign with your baby at home! Unique resources, videos, singing & signing, games and more... You can even select and print out single or multiple sheets of your baby's own favourite signs to share with family and caregivers.

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    and for more details on classes & prices

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    About our classes/ Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

    What our parents say... 

    “ I cannot imagine life without signing with her. It helps us so much, not only for day to day things such as asking for food, sleep, nappy changes, etc. but also in play.... reading books, at the park, singing songs etc.“

    “We love our Sing and Sign Babes class. Julie is so lovely and enthusiastic, teaching us some everyday signs in a clear and memorable way which I’ve been able to incorporate into our daily routine such as ‘milk’ ‘more’ and ‘nappy change’. The class is very relaxed and friendly and we would highly recommend.”

    “We have just completed the 5 week course of the Babes class and we have loved every minute of it! We have learned so much & Julie is a brilliant class leader! She’s so lovely and enthusiastic that you can’t not enjoy yourselves. We’re now looking forward to starting Stage 1 and learning even more! Highly recommend Sing & Sign to help communicate with your baby and also have fun with other babies and Mums - it’s lovely to have a cup of tea and a mingle at the end of the class.”

    Me and my little Teddy have just completed the 5 week course of the Babes class and we have loved every minute of it! We have learned so much & Julie is a brilliant class leader! She’s so lovely and enthusiastic that you can’t not enjoy yourselves. We’re now looking forward to starting Stage 1 and learning even more! Highly recommend Sing & Sign to help communicate with your baby and also have fun with other babies and Mums - it’s lovely to have a cup of tea and a mingle at the end of the class.


    Sing and Sign Terms and Conditions 

    By booking your place with Sing and Sign you are agreeing to the terms and conditions highlighted in this document
    Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term.

    Booking system 
    To secure a place in a class, please choose your class and pay when prompted. Bank transfers are no longer accepted as a payment method. Your place cannot be guaranteed until payment has been made in full. Once payment has cleared, your place will be confirmed via email. 

    Taster Classes & Money Back offer
    The first class is treated as a "trial" for everyone. If you have booked a place on one of our courses and decide you no longer wish to continue, you may cancel your booking and your full-term fee will be returned. To qualify for this offer your booking must be cancelled, by emailing: BEFORE the second class of the term.
    If you have signed up to a Stage 1 or 2 class for the first time, you will automatically receive Gold access to the Online Jessie Cat Club. If you choose to not continue for the rest of the term and you request your money back by the second lesson, any membership to the Online Jessie Cat Club Online Membership CAN NOT be refunded. This is something that you will then be able to use for 1 year and is still a helpful resource regardless of class attendance. 

    Refer a Friend Offer - from summer bookings 2019 onwards...

    ·         The person making the referral receives a Jessie Cat lift the flap book. 

    ·         The book will be given when the referred friend completes their second week of class.

    ·         Offer applies to any class – Babes, Stage 1 or Stage 2 except: tasters, special events & parties.

    ·         Offer only valid on Sing & Sign classes in South Warwickshire.

    ·         No limit to how many friends you refer – there are 3 books to collect!

    ·         When making the booking please state the full name of the friend that made the referral to you in the section “Heard about us/Any other information”.

    ·         No cash alternative.

    Attendance/Missed Classes
    If you are unable to attend your booked class on a regular basis, please contact Julie as soon as you can to discuss the options available. We will always try and offer an alternative class that suits your needs better, although please be aware that due to class sizes this may not always be possible. 
    Refunds are not offered for classes that have been missed through no fault of Sing and Sign i.e. Doctors appointments, clash in baby's nap time, your personal work commitments etc. 

    Being Late

    I have two children of my own – I completely understand! Please do come in and join in, it’s not a  problem!

    Additional Family members & Siblings
    Family Members: We do welcome other family members as visitors in classes to see a one-off class, Grandparents, partners etc. Please ask BEFORE you bring family members with you.  It can easily become uncomfortably over-crowded if many parents decide to bring a family member with them.
    Older siblings: We will always make every effort to accept older siblings into classes. If you intend to bring an older sibling to your class, please inform us at the time of booking. In very rare circumstances we may have to decline this offer or limit numbers and this will only be because of health and safety concerns, where space is limited. (In the case of numbers being limited, sibling places will be accepted on a first come first served basis.) Please note that your children remain your responsibility at all times and parents must be alert to their children's behaviour and safety, especially in terms of the younger babies and that your teacher will approach you if she feels it is not working out.

    General Class Points 

    Health & Safety 

    Although we try our best to provide a safe environment, we do not assume liability for the health and safety of you or your family. You as the parent/care giver are responsible for overseeing the safety of your child while on the premises. Your child of under 3 years is likely to be attracted to some of our toys and props which may contain small parts. Please be aware that we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys or instruments into his/her mouth.

    Mobile Phones

    Whilst we understand that it's not feasible for everyone to turn off their phones fully during class time, we would kindly request that they are muted for the duration of the class. Answering a call or even a phone ringing is very distracting and will instantly ruin the momentum of a class. Please respect your fellow class mates and step out of the class room if your call is urgent.


    At any point during class you are very welcome to feed your baby milk or a drink. We kindly ask that during class times there be no food consumption. For the health and safety of all our children, please consider that allergies are common and can be very serious. In some venues used by Sing & Sign, food is not permitted in the rooms and this can make for difficulties with people Sing & Sign work hard to form good working relationships with. It can also be very distracting for the little ones! 

    We understand that children will get hungry, in which case we ask that snacks only be produced at the end of the lesson, during the coffee break. This clear guideline is aimed to help parents have a choice as to when their children are exposed to food/snacks. Please be courteous about which snacks you bring. If this is of a real concern to you (your baby is on a feeding regime for health reasons for example), please do get in touch so that we can make suitable arrangements. Whilst we don't wish to upset anyone regarding snacks/food, the safety of the children is always our top priority and as is everyone’s enjoyment of the class. 

    Medical Information
    We ask that all relevant medical information be provided at time of booking, this includes allergies and conditions that may cause concern during your lesson. 


    In the extreme case where the conduct of an adult caregiver (parent, grandparent, childminder etc) is felt to be threatening or in any way detrimental to the smooth running of the class, you may be removed from the class without notice or reimbursement. 
    The safety of the children and their carers is our top priority and we have a zero tolerance for aggravating behaviour. Incidents will be reported to the management of the venue which may restrict your future visits.

    Complaints procedure
    I really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. I am absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all your friends!
    However, sometimes things might go wrong and I would like to hear about it. Please do get in touch if you have a complaint or concern. I will always do my best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction. If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don't be too shy to ask! 

    Sing and Sign South Warwickshire is fully compliant with the new GDPR 

    Our full Privacy Policy is highlighted below:

    Sing and Sign South Warwickshire Privacy Policy

     (referred to in this document as SSSW)


    This policy describes how we collect, use and look after the information you provide us.  

    Our Privacy Policy only relates to personal data collected and stored by SSSW via:

    ·         The Sing and Sign website Enquiry Submission Form ( 

    ·         Information collected from promotional events – Eg. Trade Show, Taster Events etc. 

    ·         Book My Class Registration Process,

    ·         Emails (via Gmail account and Mailchimp)

    ·         Printed Class Registers

    ·         Phone Call

    ·         Social Communication including Facebook Messaging & WhatsApp

    ·         Printed GDPR Consent Forms for Summer Term 2018 participants

    The Data Protection Act 1998

    At SSSW we look after your details carefully. We adhere to the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and are compliant with the new GDPR policy which came into force on 25th May 2018.

    Use of Personal Information

    SSSW collects data under the Legal Basis of “Performance of a contract to which the data subject is party, or to take steps prior to the entering into a contract at the request of the data subject.” as well as “Consent” of the data subject. Personal information provided to SSSW via the website enquiries form, booking site, facebook pages, email, class register and telephone contact (including WhatsApp) will be used for the purposes outlined below.

    ·         Administering a space on one of our Sing and Sign courses

    ·         Communicating supporting resources for our Sing and Sign courses

    ·         Fulfilment of orders for Sing and Sign Resources requested by the data subject including Online Membership

    ·         Communication about forthcoming events and offers including Charitable fundraising

    ·         Communication pertaining to future Sing and Sign Resource Orders and future Sing and Sign course bookings which would be of direct interest to the data subject

    ·         Using social apps such as WhatsApp to enabling a social network between Sing and Sign attendees with the specific consent of each data subject

    ·         Processing personal data for the above purposes may entail sharing your information with employees and colleagues of SSSW within the Sing and Sign franchise. Agreements exist between SSSW and such parties that there must be no further disclosure of such personal data.

    Your Consent

    By providing your personal data to SSSW via any of the aforementioned routes, you consent to the processing of such data by SSSW as described in this Privacy Policy. From Autumn Term 2018 Consent will be gained through our online registration process. You can alter your preferences as described below.

    Use of Data and Opting - In

    During your time with Sing and Sign, SSSW will make contact with you via the means listed above in the following ways:

    We will send you communications relating to your Sing and Sign course as follows:

    ·         ‘Booking In’ Offer Emails and Payment Reminders 

    ·         Pre-Term Welcome Emails 

    ·         Weekly Handouts via email host ‘Mailchimp’ directly relating to the content of our signing curriculum

    ·         Invitations by email to join our Termly Class Order for Sing and Sign Resources and payment reminders where appropriate

    ·         Future Term Booking notice by email and payment reminders where appropriate

    ·         News, reminders, updates by WhatsApp if the data subject has opted in

    ·         Urgent changes to session times/parking issues/venues etc by WhatsApp if the data subject has opted in

    ·         Fundraising appeals once or twice a year to current class participants via email and WhatsApp where the data subject has opted in. 

    ·         Social stories/shared articles relating to our work via WhatsApp where data subjects have opted in

    Nb. Please note that we use three forms of email communication. Emails from SSSW will either be sent from account: (Gmail) as a direct message from our booking page host ( or via Mailchimp

    By ‘Opting In’ during your Class from summer 2018 you are agreeing to be contacted by SSSW for the reasons detailed above. If you do not ‘Opt In’ before May 25th 2018, your contact details may be removed from our system and you may miss out on valuable information pertaining to your Sing and Sign course. 

    We do not pass your details to third parties for marketing purposes.  Upon finishing your term/terms with SSSW correspondence from us will largely cease.  SSSW may contact you via email directly from our booking site once or twice a year to ask for support in local awards/competitions or to request a review of your previous classes.  SSSW will keep your data for up to 7 years unless it is specifically requested to be removed from our systems.  If at any time you want to alter your preferences or request that SSSW stop communication with you then you should contact us as described below.

    WhatsApp Disclaimer

    At your first class you may be asked if you would like to join a class whataspp group. You will not be added to this group without your consent. By consenting to join our Sing and Sign WhatsApp groups you are consenting to the Terms and Conditions provided by WhatsApp including the WhatsApp Privacy Policies and we take no responsibility nor liability for data stored and shared by the WhatsApp company. By requesting your telephone number to be stored on a phone belonging to any teacher of SSSW you understand that WhatsApp have access to that Contact Number regardless of whether you join a WhatsApp class group or not. Once your Sing and Sign course/s have been completed, staff will/may delete contact numbers from staff phones at any time during the data retention period specified above or at the request of the data subject as specified below.

    Mailchimp Disclaimer

    SSSW uses Mailchimp to send communications to all class participants. These include welcome emails with full details of the Booked Course, weekly class handouts, details of course materials and forthcoming courses run by SSSW that are directly linked to your current course, and special or charitable events run by SSSW. Mail Chimp is a secure mailing facility using contact lists uploaded by clients. Lists contain only email addresses, first names and course details. Mailchimp email includes an option to unsubscribe from the list, however this will result in the data subject no longer receiving important information about their course. SSSW believes Mailchimp to be a holder of a certified agreement to EU/US and Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks since 2007 and compliant with UK data protection laws including GPDR. SSSW takes no responsibility nor liability for data stored and shared by the Mailchimp company. Their privacy policy can be viewed at:

    Accessing your Personal Data held by SSSW

    You have the right to ask SSSW in writing, for a copy of all the personal data held about you. This is known as a 'data subject access request'. Upon request, we will collate the data requested and send it to you within the 30 day maximum period as stipulated by GDPR May 2018.

    Please apply in writing to:

    Julie Messer Sing and Sign

    5 Buckingham Close 

    Kings Sutton 


    OX17 3FT

    Verifying, updating and amending your personal information

    We aim to keep your records as up-to-date as possible. If, at any time, you want to verify, update or amend your personal data or preferences please contact us in writing at the above address or by email on

    You can also opt-out of future communications at any time by writing to at the above address or by email on

    Please allow up for 10 working days for us to amend your details.

    Photos in Class 
    You can opt in or out to photos of you and your child being used by Sing and Sign South Warwickshire. We allow parents to take photos of their own baby/ies enjoying class. We ask that parents only take photos/videos of
    their own baby/ies and if shared on social media, they should not include anyone else. 


    For more information on GDPR please visit:


  • Venues

    Booking Open - Be QUICK!


                               For full details on all classes and to book please CLICK HERE

    We are delighted to be offering classes in new venues across the county and we hope that you will find a class to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions with regards to any of the classes, please get in touch:


    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1
    Monday AM Stage 2
    Tuesday AM Stage 1
    Tuesday AM Babes
    Thursday AM Stage 1
    Thursday AM Babes
    Monday PM Stage 1
  • Nurseries

    Sing and Sign in Childcare


    Does your child attend a nursery?


    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products. 
    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us at the number/email above. 

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