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    New Solihull Sing and Sign leader

    I have recently taken over the Sing and sign classes for Solihull having previously attended with both my Daughters. We all love Jessie cat and still listen to our sing and sign CD regularly in the car! 

    For me Sing and Sign was a great way to get out and meet other new mums in the area. The friendships we made through the classes have lasted even after finishing lessons. My Eldest daughter who is now 4 still remembers the signs she learnt and uses them with her baby sister who’s understanding of what we are doing is clearly enhanced when supported by signs and songs.

    As well as having attending Sing and Sign classes as a mum, I have also studied BSL level one and used sign language to support Deafblind children and adults as a volunteer.

    I’m really looking forward to sharing my love of Sing and sign with a new generation.

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    The Sing and sign curriculum is available for babies aged 3 months to 2 years and covers 3 levels.

    At present we are unable to offer face to face classes however we do have the Sing and sign @ home programme available for stage 1 and 2 for a 10 week course this is £40 and available via a secure area on the website.


    For 3-6 months, these classes build a foundation for communication through music and sensory activities. It is also a fun activity for careers and babies which will support the development of the bond between them. 

    In addition to helping you communicate with your little one classes are also a fantastic opportunity to meet other new parents and to share your joys and concerns.

    Stage one

    For babies 6 -14 months. These classes deliver Baby signing in a fun interactive way covering signs for all the needs of your child, with over 100 signs over 10 weekly sessions we cover basic daily routines such as wanting milk, changing nappies and bath time. As well as signs for things that will interest your babies curiosity as they explore the world around them, animals, vehicles, toys etc

    Babies will soon become familiar with the structure of the class and anticipate the next activity. I strongly encourage replicating these activities at home with your little ones between classes as consistency of using the signs is key.

    Stage 2

    For 14 months to 2 years. I am not currently running this level however please contact me if you are interested in finding out more.

    The best thing about sing and sign classes is the time you get to spend with your child having fun together.


    All Classes are paid for on a term basis £75 for a block of 10

    However free taster sessions are available please contact me for more details.

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    Sing and sign @home

    Stage 1 and 2 classes are currently available for you to book on and access at home via a secure login online.

    These sessions will follow the same structure and content as a normal class but will give you a way to engage with your child and maintain that one communication development at home whilst face to face classes are unavailable.

    This is not recommended as an activity to entrain children alone you will need to get involved with the activities just as you would in class.

    The 10 week programme is £40 for the term and should we be able to resume face to face classes we will pick up where the online programme has reached, for a small additional fee.

    In addition to the classes you will be a membership of the Jessie Cat club and all the basic level resources, and a weekly zoom chat session.

    For more information or to book onto Sing and Sign @home please contact me, term will start on 20th April.

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