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    Summer bookings now open...

    Our 10 week Summer Sing and Sign course is open for bookings. Our Summer term runs from Monday 29th April until Monday 15th July. No classes on Monday 6th May or during half term, 27th - 31st May 2019. Babes start times vary.  

    - If you miss a class you can often make it up another day (subject to spaces).

    - If you would like to trial the class first please contact me. We have some availability for paid trials.

    - Twins only pay for one child.

    - We have some places available for older siblings to attend for free, please let me know when you are booking if you will bring an older sibling.

    We run "Stages" for 3 different ages...

    You can join at any stage and you do not have to have completed an earlier stage.

    Babes, 0-6 months - our Babes course is a gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on baby communication

    Stage 1, 6-14 months - our core curriculum award winning course 

    Stage 2, 15-30 months  - continue the fun with your toddler as speech develops

    Summer timetable

    For the latest availability, venues, dates, times and prices or to book your place please visit our booking site.

    Why I love to teach...

    Baby signing is a great way to help your baby communicate. The joy of seeing both my boys’ excitement when they realised I understood what they were signing is unforgettable.

    I started with Peter in the baby class at 4months old and it has been wonderful watching him using the signs and interacting with us. Now his younger brother Philip has been to Sing and Sign classes Peter will sign to him too. Along with general interactions signing has been great when it comes to communicating what they need and want.

    One night, around 15m, we didn't know why Peter was so upset. Then he gave the sign for 'rabbit' which was missing from his cot! Even when Peter could say quite a lot, around 3 years, he was really upset at his Grannie's. I asked him to sign what was wrong and he signed 'home'. So signing has been great for both interacting and communicating with us.

    As well as going to sing and sign classes we also sign along to the DVD at home. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sing and Sign classes as it's a great mix of singing, signing, playing musical instruments, I haven't hesitated to recommend Sing and Sign when people ask for classes to take their babies and toddlers too. I am excited to have taken onthe management of the local franchise from Fiona and delighted that she is continuing to teach alongside Roxi and myself.

    Sing and Sign is a structured course, but very relaxed, easy to learn and great fun. The groups are kept small to encourage a safe intimate environment, there are props and pictures to help illustrate the signs and the songs are great. 

    If you attend a baby and toddler group, or you and your friends would like to find out more about the joys of baby signing, I would love to come and chat to your group.

    I look forward to meeting you and your baby soon.




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    Class Notes

    Which class?  How old is your baby?

    Sing and Sign Babes (up to approx 7 months)

    A lovely gentle and sensory music course with a strong emphasis on communication.  These classes introduce the basics of the Sing and Sign approach for those keen to sign with their babies.  We also show you lovely adaptations to familiar songs to enjoy with your baby while face to face, during nappy time, bathtime, bedtime and gentle play.

    Stage 1 (for babies 6/7 months plus)

    Your baby will be ready for Stage 1 from around 6/7 months or older at the start of term.  This is because he/she will be sitting up, becoming more aware and ready to enjoy the music, the toys and props, and social aspects of this course.

    If you have already completed one term of Stage 1 S&S then we recommend coming back for a second Term! In terms of the learning process, the first term is for you, the second term is for your baby. Did you know there are well over 100 signs covered in our Stage 1 course? If your baby is younger than 13/14 months then we definitely recommend repeating this Stage 1 curriculum.  Coming to class for a second term enables you to see the usefulness of some of our course ideas in action at home, as your baby will be growing developmentally ready to respond more and more! I can speak for all our teachers when I say they love to see their existing babies stay on and that they hope to see you there!

    Toddling on to Stage 2 (for babies from 14mths - 2.5 yrs)

    If your baby is a little older, you may feel ready for a course with a little more action and activity! Even if you have never done Sign and Sign before, in our Stage 2 class we still include the basic advice on how to sign with your baby and have some lovely songs to enjoy, covering concepts such as the weather, colours, being helpful, simple counting, opposites, and even beginning phonetic awareness all enjoyed through our magic ingredient - music! There are also opportunities to move about more, and plenty of toys and props to keep your baby amused.

    • Classes will run for about an hour and includes social time. 
    • Classes will be very relaxed and good fun. I know that babies don’t like to stay still so I don’t expect them to! The babies are welcome to roam around the room if they want to – they will still be learning (you would be surprised how much they can pick up whilst wandering!). Once Jessie Cat or the instruments appear they will soon come back!


    Caroline says:

    Of all the classes we have tried over the years, Sing and Sign is our favourite by far. The classes are pitched at just the right level, in a welcoming and easygoing environment where I have never felt self-conscious.  I have learned a lot about early communication and can say that one or two frustration related tantrums (but by no means all) have been averted in the early years with signing. Amazing. The DVDs and CDs supplement the classes really well and have kept everyone happy in the car / while I'm cooking dinner!

    The girls adore Jessie cat and for their birthdays recently took them along for lunch in Brighton. When people kept walking past the table saying "Yes, that's Jessie Cat!" to their little ones, my husband remembered that we were in "the home of Sing and Sign"! (He had watched Sasha's DVDs too!)

    Sarah says:

    Sing and Sign classes are brilliant! I have been taking my daughter for over a year now and she loves them! (I love my weekly sing-a-long time too!).  The teachers are so enthusiastic and the children enjoy the familiar format of singing, playing the instruments and having a cuddle with Jessie cat. I am amazed by how much my daughter has learnt, not just her language and communication but she happily tidies up, doesn't moan when things are taken away and is even learning to share!

    I would highly recommend these classes to anyone, it's like a music class with so much more - and how fantastic to be able to communicate with your child when they see something that interests them, are hungry, tired or hurt...brilliant!

    Gemma says:

    I took my daughter to sing and sign classes from when she was about 9 months-she was interested and stimulated by the signs and songs which helped her understand and form links in her mind before she could talk. Her first sign was duck and her favourite was motorbike! signs are a great way of communicating with your baby- especially when they are hungry, tired and in pain for example because they do understand from an early age. I stopped taking my girl when she dropped her signs and started talking- I firmly believe that sing and sign was very educational and helped her development so much-its fantastic!

  • Venues

    Spring 2018 Term Information

    Bookings are now being for Autumn 2018



    *Hurst Green and Holland Children's Centre, Wolfs Wood, Hurst Green, RH8 0HJ

    Babes Class - Monday @ 11:30am

    Stage 1 Class - Monday @ 10:30am

    Stage 2 - Monday @ 9:30am

    *Please contact the centre, in confidence, if you are within the Children's Centre's catchment and experiencing financial difficulties as concessions are available.

    Salfords Village Hall, 13 Honeycrock Ln, Salfords, Redhill RH1 5DG

    Babes classes - Thursday @ 11:45am

    Stage 1 classes - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @ 10:30am

    Stage 2 classes - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @ 9:30am

    Gatwick Tesco Extra, Reigate Rd, Hookwood, Horley, RH6 0AT

    Babes class - Wednesday @ 11:10

    Stage 1 classes - Thursday 10:00

    Please contact me for more information and 
    availability as classes are filling up fast.  

    If a class you are interested in is full please do still contact me as I may be able to offer you a discretionary place.

    Please register your interest for classes and if you have any questions please contact me 07971 663268, or emailing

    Day Time Stage Location
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Tesco Extra Community Room Hookwood
    Tuesday AM Babes Salfords Village Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Salfords Village Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 Salfords Village Hall
    Monday AM Stage 1 Salfords Village Hall
    Monday AM Stage 2 Salfords Village Hall
    Monday AM Babes Hurst Green & Holland Children's Centre
    Monday AM Stage 1 Hurst Green & Holland Children's Centre
    Monday AM Stage 2 Hurst Green & Holland Children's Centre
    Wednesday AM Babes Tesco Extra Community Room Hookwood
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Salfords Village Hall
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Salfords Village Hall
    Thursday AM Babes Salfords Village Hall
    Friday AM Stage 2 Salfords Village Hall
    Friday AM Stage 1 Salfords Village Hall
  • Nurseries


    Does your child attend a nursery?

    Sing and Sign now has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products. 
    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us at the number/email above.

    Sing and Sign Affiliated Nurseries in this area

      Kiddi Caru Redhill 

      1 The Kilns, Redhill RH1 2NX

      01737 762013

    Displaying our logo.png  First Steps Nursery

      18 Albury Road, Redhill RH1 3LS

      01737 215136

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