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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Nuneaton and Atherstone covering CV9. CV10, CV11 and CV13

    A little bit about me....

    My name is Luan and I absolutely love teaching Sing and Sign in the Nuneaton,and Atherstone areas. Covering postcodes CV9, CV10, CV11 and CV13.

    When I had my son Archie I was recommended Sing and Sign in Coventry by a friend.  I went to a taster session and enrolled for a term and can honestly say that it was the best class that we had been to.  We completed 2 terms of Stage 1 and 2 terms of Stage 2 and loved every minute.  My son enjoyed the classes and loved the music and Jessie Cat. He wasn't the first in his group to start signing (the babies all learn to sign at different rates).  So it was really exciting when he signed his first word "more", needless to say he used this sign quite a lot - especially around meal times! 

    By constantly using a few simple gestures with speech at home, me and my partner were able to communicate so much better with our baby.  This meant that Archie got less frustrated as we were able to quickly understand when he wanted, for example when he wanted something to "eat" or "drink" or if he had "finished".   Not long after Archie had got the hang of signing he started saying some words at the same time as signing.  As a 4 year old now he has an amazing vocabulary and so I've seen first hand how Sing and Sign encourages communication  and builds a strong foundation for learning to talk.

    Sing and Sign is unique in that its a fun way of learning a structured curriculum which has been put together by speech and language experts.  The babies love to explore during classes (babies aren't meant to stay still), and the parents /carers get to learn at the same time as socialising with other grown ups. 

    Whatever mood I entered Sing and Sign classes in, I always used to leave them with a big smile on my face....who doesn't feel happy after a good sing song?!

    I've been recommending Sing and Sign classes to anyone who has had a baby since attending them myself and its brilliant to be a teacher of them myself now. To find out more please click the "Make An Enquiry" button on the right hand side of this page.  Alternatively you can email:

    Or click the Book now button to get your place.

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    Sing and Sign classes for Nuneaton, Atherstone

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    Sing and Sign classes Nuneaton.   Classes covering areas CV9, CV10, CV11 and CV13

    There are three types of age appropriate classes:

    • Sing and Sign Babes 0-7 months non crawling babies 
    • Stage One 6-14 months
    • Stage Two 14- approx 24 months

    The classes will be a great opportunity for parents/carers to learn to sign in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

    Class size will be kept small so the babies won't feel overwhelmed by lots of people,  also its a great way for the grown ups to form friendships,

    Allow for 55 minutes for your class time which includes approx content for Stage One and Two and approximately 30 minutes content for Babes.

    We have adapted our classes to make them as safe as possible in the current climate and will continue to follow government guidelines.

    If you are more comfortable enjoying a class at home I am delighted that we are also offering SIng and Sign @Home so that you enjoy our Sing and Sign classes whilst in your own environment.  These fabulous online course allows you to watch prerecorded classes whenever you want and however many times you want to during each sessions week.  We're proud to bring our Sing and Sign classes right into your homes

    Any questions? 

    Please click the "Make An Enquiry" button on the right hand side of this page.  Alternatively you contact me on 07957388160, email: .

    To book click the link:

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    Sing and Sign Classes in Nuneaton and Atherstone - CV9, CV10, CV11 and CV13

    My venue is St. Peters Church Hall, Galley Common, CV10 9NG.

    This is a good size hall and its location means that its not far for people who live in Atherstone to attend aswell.

    My classes are as follows:

    Sing and Sign Babes -  0-6 months

    Stage One - 6-14 months

    Stage Two - 14-24 months 

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 St Peters Church Hall, Galley Common, Nuneaton, CV10 9NG
    Monday AM Babes
    Monday AM Stage 2
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