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Whats Sing and Sign all about?

Ever wondered what Sing and Sign is? Our fantastic new video, shows exactly what we are all about - please do share.

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BABES at Sing and Sign

Our specially designed Sing and Sign Babes (0-6 months) is ideal for babies 6 months and under as it focuses on building those skills ready for Stage 1.  Babies are already trying to communicate with you through gestures, facial expressions, sounds and eye contact so why not encourage that in a relaxed class where we will focus on all of these skills and encourage positive development. classes introduce you and your little one through gentle music and interactive play to some basic signs which will start you on your journey. 

Classes will run at Runamokka in Whitley Bay on Mondays at 2pm. Places can be booked via our online booking link, the course will run for 10 weeks and will cost £45.00

James signs for Milk

Have a look at James, who has completed just one term of sing and sign: his mum Helena said 

Thanks to Shannon's wonderful Sing & Sign lessons, James now asks for milk! And last night after nearly two hours of sleep, he woke up, shouted, "mama!" Then signed for 'eat'. Half a slice of bread and a bit of milk, and off he happily went to bed. Yay!

Birthday Parties

What could be a better surprise on your baby’s birthday than entertainment that you've seen them love and enjoy? 

Together we’ll devise a party plan featuring your little one’s favorite songs and music and you can share the joy of Sing and Sign with your friends and family.  They will see what you've been learning and pick up easy signs that they can use with your baby, and theirs, at home.


Laura said: “A great big thank you for the wonderful party entertainment you provided at Edwards’s picnic, everyone really enjoyed the session especially the birthday boy. I got lots of compliments about Sing and Sign afterwards, Martha was mesmerized, Mathew was very taken with it and talked about it for the rest of the day, Joseph was too cool to join in but he couldn't help himself when it came to the Grand old Duke of York!

And everyone thought Edwards excitement about Jesse was fantastic, particularly his Daddy.”

What we do:

*All your favourite Sing & Sign songs and rhymes

** Bring out the instruments

* ** And of course Jessie pops out of her box with a gift and card

For the birthday boy or girl!

For information about costings, please contact me at 

Just a few of the awards and honours Sing and Sign has received

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