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    Hi, I’m Debbie

    I am a Mum of two signing children (Josh now 11 and Toby 7) and I wanted to become a Sing and Sign Teacher as I adored the early communication signing gave me with my children. Through signing I found I had a wonderful insight into their early personalities, likes and dislikes, which was priceless. Even now my children are older, we still sign to communicate over distances, such as in parks - the benefits of sing and sign are continuing for us! 

    My new co-teacher, Pip, also teaches in Aylesford each week.

    Hi, I'm Pip and have been through the Sing and Sign programme 3 times now with Edward (8), Lottie (6) and Theo (2). It is safe to say that signing is very much part of family life in our household! I used to be a secondary school English teacher, so although it's a big jump to now be teaching babies, teaching the art of a communication has always been my passion. Having seen the success of Sing and Sign first hand, I jumped at the opportunity to join Debbie and start teaching myself and have loved every minute of my first couple of terms!

    We are both really looking forward to meeting you and your babies and sharing the magic of signing with you! 


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    SingandSign Medway-Maidstone

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    Sing and Sign Medway and Maidstone

    The NEW Term Begins in April 2019. Each course lasts 10 weeks, with a break for half term. Courses cost £75, and include online supporting material. 

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    There are three stages to choose from in Sing and Sign:

    Babes - from birth up to 6 months

    Stage 1 - 6 to 14 Months

    Stage 2 - 14 to 24 Months


    Will signing stop my baby talking?

    This is a common misconception.  We do not encourage silent signing.  We insist you say the word when you sign so that it helps your baby understand.  What generally happens is the baby signs, then signs and says the word and then eventually when they get much bigger and they can talk really well the signs drop away.  My Mother was very dubious about the whole signing thing for this reason, but she is a true convert now she has seen the process for herself.


    Which Class is right for me and my baby?

    Stage 1 is ideal for babies from 6 months old upwards.  Themes include basic signs, nappies & bathtime, emotions & bedtime.  You'll learn over 100 signs related to your routines and also the sort of things your baby may be interested in, such as animals and vehicles.

    Stage 2 is for babies that have ideally done 2 terms of Stage 1 and are used to signing at home.  We would recommend your baby is approximately 14mths before progressing onto Stage 2. We cover different topics each week, from weather to opposites, colours and even the alphabet to help your little ones become familiar with the basic sounds that make up language. 

    I have twins how many places do I pay for?

    Twins/Triplets are welcome and only pay for one place if there is only one adult.  If you bring Dad/Granny or another adult helper each week you will need to book 2 places. 

    I Have An Older Child - Can They Come Too?

    Pre-school aged siblings are welcome at Stage 1 at no extra cost.  If you are bringing another adult each week to help, you will need to book 2 places.
    Please let me know when you book if you have siblings attending, as it limits the number of places I have available.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The Stage 1 course runs for 10 weeks and costs £75.00 this includes Online access for a year.

    The Stage 2 course runs for 10 weeks and costs £75.00. This includes online access for a year. 


    How Long Do Classes Run For?
    Each session lasts an hour and is made up of approximately 45 minutes of learning time, with a further 15 minutes of social time for parents and babies and time for a drink and biscuit. 

    Classes are run in line with school term times and include a half term break. 


    Please read my Terms and Conditions before booking.

  • Venues

    Venues & Classes



    St Mary’s Island Community Centre

    Stage 2           10.00

    Stage 1           11.00

    Clive Evenden Pavilion, Aylesford Football Club

    Stage 1            9:30


    Beechen Hall, Walderslade

    Stage 2            12.45

    Stage 1             9:30


    Holborough Lakes Village Hall, Holborough

    Stage 2              10.00 

    Stage 1              11.00 


    Day Time Stage Location
  • Nurseries

    Nursey Affliation Programmes Coming Soon .....

    I teach Sing and Sign classes in your area, the nationally recognised programme which teaches parents how to encourage their baby’s early communication by “baby signing”.

    Baby signing is a growing phenomenon. An increasing number of parents here in (area) are now using some simple signs with their babies to encourage early understanding and speech and language development. My own classes are full of parents who are interested in finding childcare where their baby is likely to be understood as well as he is at home! Sing and Sign are now offering baby signing workshops with unique resources and ongoing support to nurseries all over the country, and there seems to be particular interest here in (area).

    Baby signing offers many benefits in a childcare setting. While a baby is pre-verbal, or while speech is emerging but still unclear, nursery staff can only rely on intelligent guesswork for the grunting, pointing and grabbing that communication often consists of. In a childcare environment away from their parents, babies need to feel secure and understood. Signing helps to reinforce routines, reduce frustration (for babies and carers too!) and encourages staff to talk more to the babies and to enjoy doing so! Communication becomes more rewarding for all.

    Signing will be of benefit not only to those babies who pick up and use the signs quickly, it can help all babies recognise and respond to many words routinely used in the nursery as they have a visual cue to help them focus and remember. Signing draws attention to the speaker, babies who are used to seeing signs often pay better attention when spoken to as they often enjoy visual input too.

    The Sing and Sign approach is extremely popular with parents and professionals and highly regarded. Our songs have been used for ICAN’s Chatterbox Challenge each year since 2006, we have run classes in Mothercare and for numerous Sure Start services across the UK. Our signs are largely compatible with Makaton, Signalong and similar sign supporting systems based on the signs of BSL. Incorporating the Sing and Sign approach will also be of great benefit to any members of your staff currently using signs with children in your care who have special needs.

    To become a Sing and Sign Affiliated Nursery costs £250 and includes a wide range of ongoing benefits, offering the best way to introduce signing, inspire staff and give parents confidence in your nursery’s approach.


    Nursery Affiliation Programme includes :


    A Sing and Sign Workshop (1½hr) with a qualified Sing and Sign teacher

    • Inspiring and encouraging your staff, showing how very easy baby signing is to implement
    • Explaining the theory and principles of baby signing
    • Outlining the potential benefits for the babies (and for staff too!)
    • Offering guidelines (tailored to your own nursery’s needs) on the best way to begin, teaching an initial range of signs and devising a plan to follow for the future
    • Teaching staff some fun songs to reinforce the signs learned!


    Individual Action Plan

    A personalised plan for your nursery including a laminated sheet of initial signs chosen and suggestions for additional signs to fit your nursery’s routines.


    Certificate of Affiliation

    Certificate for display, including your nursery’s name and featuring the special Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation Logo. (We also supply individual workshop attendance certificates for staff.)


    Online Affiliate Membership

    As a Sing and Sign Affiliate Member you can use a password to gain access to an area of 200 printable signs on the Sing and Sign website for pinning on the wall, distributing to staff (and possibly parents). Permission to use this copyright material allows you to build your nursery’s own signing system. This is a resource unique to Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation.


    Sing and Sign Resources

    You will receive a complimentary copy of our Stage 1 Audio CD


    Promotion on your local page of the Sing and Sign website

    When parents view local Sing and Sign information on our website they will see that your nursery follows our approach.


    Follow-up workshop (1 hr)

    To review current progress and offer additional advice.


    For the duration of membership, your nursery will be permitted to :

    Print and copy Sing and Sign signs sheets
    • Sing copyright songs in the nursery
    • Play DVDs/CDs in the nursery
    • Use the Sing and Sign Affiliate Logo

    Additional Optional Extras

    • Evening or weekend workshop for parents
    • Sing and Sign course run for parents and babies
    • Additional sessions for staff
    • Affiliation can be renewed for £150 after the first year.

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