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    Sing and Sign in Medway

    Hello & Welcome to Sing and Sign Medway

    I'm Maxine and I am so excited to be part of the Sing and Sign family.

    My journey began in 2014 when I took my then 4 month-old daughter, Ava, to a taster class. We loved it straight away, Ava loved the songs and meeting Jessie Cat (don't worry you'll find out more about her in the classes), but most of all as a parent it was great for me to learn a way that Ava and I could communicate with each other. It eased our frustrations and it was a lot of fun seeing Ava sign if she wanted "more" dinner or a "drink" or even, yes even that her "nappy" needed changing. Ava even remembers many of those first signs to this date and has enjoyed getting the DVD's back out to relive the classes and help Mummy so I'm thrilled to be back 5 years later and running the classes in Medway. 

    *Sing and Sign @ HOME  NEW SUMMER TERM*

    Sing and Sign @ HOME is returning again for an additional SUMMER TERM!

    The new term begins on Monday 6th July.

    Are you going to join us? 

    Our Sing and Sign @ HOME programme is 10 structured, 30 minute age appropriate classes to enjoy over a 10 week period. Each covering a theme and gradually building upon your signing knowledge.

    S&S @ HOME is not a "live" class. Meaning you can stream the class any time of the day and as many times as you like for a whole week. 

    It's something for you to DO with your baby - not just a film to watch on screen but to get down on the living room floor and enjoy together. This is also a great opportunity to get other family members involved too. 

    The programme features Sing and Sign teachers from across the country and you will be support by me via a weekly theme email and I'm available for any questions either via email or Facebook Messenger. 

    PLUS because this programme is online we have no break for Half Term - the content will run for 10 weeks straight. 

    You will be able to access this through the Sing and Sign website and can view on your phone, tablet or cast to a smart TV. 

    Nothing is going to stop us bringing the magic of our award winning Sing and Sign classes to you. 

    Click here to BOOK YOUR SUMMER PLACE

    For my in-person classes I currently only run Stage One so I am also excited to announce that for the Summer 2020 Term and Online content only I have the Stage Two* programme available.

    *Please note if and when in-person classes do resume Stage Two will not be available - it is for this term and online only.

    We also have a Facebook page so it would be lovely to see you on there too, come and say hello -

    I can't wait to get to know you all and welcome you to a Sing and Sign class.

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    What is Sing and Sign?

    Our classes are filled with fun and learning. While your little ones enjoy the musical and social aspects of being at a class, you are learning how to communicate using baby signing. We combine fun nursery rhymes and songs with baby signing - a unique combination. 

    In the classes you and your baby will learn signs to help you both understand and communicate with each other.

    There are lots of benefits to baby signing:

    • Helping to understand your baby's needs, thoughts and ideas
    • Reducing frustration (for baby and parent!)
    • Enhancing early vocabulary and understanding
    • Encouraging the development of speech
    • Enriching your baby's relationships
    • Building confidence and self-esteem
    • Stimulating your baby's intellectual and emotional development

    The Class Stages

    Sing and Sign is a programme that grows week-by-week with you and your baby and is divided into 3 Stages:-

    BABES (2 months until 5/6 months)

    You can start interacting with your babies using signs from as young as 2 months old. The Babes class is perfect for this and is a great introduction to Sing and Sign. 

    STAGE 1 (5/6 months - 14 months)

    Our Stage 1 class is great for babies aged between 6 months and 16 months. We learn a vast collection of first signs to help babies communicate. We cover every day routines from meal time, bath rime, going out and more. Babies love seeing things that they recognise and are part of their routine and that's what makes this term so special. 

    It is recommended that you and your baby attend at least two terms of stage 1 classes because the first term is for you to learn the signs and get familiar with the songs plus building good baby signing habits. The second terms is for the babies as this is when you start to see them be familiar with the signs and songs. Babies love repetition and watching them recognise the signs, music and songs is really special. 

    STAGE 2 (15 months - 24 months)

    Stage Two is designed for babies who have completed two terms of Stage One OR are between 14 months and 2 years of age.

    This is where we begin to introduce some more advanced signing to support their ever increasing vocabulary and continue their love of learning. There are few things nicer that watching two toddlers saying 'please' and 'thank you' and 'share' whilst playing! In this stage we include colours and phonics to help them explore sounds and learn more words. There's lots of interaction in Stage 2 with props and songs to keep busy little toddlers happy, entertained and learning. 

  • Venues

    Classes & Venues

    Here are our Sing and Sign venues in Medway

    Our in-person class venues are:

    Beechen Hall, Walderslade
    Miers Court Learning Centre, Rainham

    Summer Term 2020 - Sing and Sign @ HOME

    A brand new Summer Term of Sing and Sign @ HOME begins!!!

    I am pleased to announce Sing and Sign @ HOME, our fantastic online programme is starting again for an additional Summer Term on Monday 6th July.

    - It will run for 10 weeks in the comfort of your home. 
    - It's not a "live" class which means you can stream it at any time of the day and as many times as you like for a whole week.
    - It is 10 structured, 30 minute, age appropriate classes to enjoy. Each covering a theme and gradually building on your signing knowledge.
    - It's filmed by Sing and Sign teachers across the country.
    - You will be supported by me via a weekly theme email and I'm available for any questions via email or Facebook Messenger.
    - PLUS because this is online there is no half term break and the programme will run for 10 weeks with no break.

    Please see below the booking options:

    Sing and Sign @ HOME - STAGE ONE - BOOKING OPEN

    The course starts Monday 6th July.

    Sing and Sign @ HOME - STAGE TWO - BOOKING OPEN

    The course starts Monday 6th July.

    **Please note the Stage Two programme is only available for this term only and through the online programme. If and when in-person classes do resume Stage Two will not be available**

    In person classes 

    I am currently only running Stage 1 classes at the moment.

    Our Stage 1 classes are ideally for babies 6 months old until 14 months , however, if your baby is around 4/5 months old we do sometimes have mums that choose to join when their babies are this age because it works with their maternity leave or they wish to join with friends, for example. Just be prepared that baby may nap or feed slightly more than the other babies and your hands won’t be quite as free at the beginning! However, as we are essentially teaching you, the parents, rather than the babies in the first term it’s not usually a problem and you’d be more than welcome to join us. Just please be aware that if there are other babies on the class age 6 months+ they will be more mobile and possibly more vocal in the class. 

    If you are wondering if Stage 1 would be right for your little one, please do not hesitate to contact me here or email

    If you are interested in Stage 2 or a Babes class please contact me via email to register your interest. 

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 Your Home for Sing and Sign @ HOME
    Monday AM Stage 2 Your Home for Sing and Sign @ HOME
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