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    Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury

    Welcome to Sing and Sign Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury. BOOK NOW  or keep reading for more info! 

    Sing and Sign Babes (0-6 months) starts 16th May. Get your baby's signing journey started! 
    Summer Term offers:
    Please note: Buy one get one free offer limited to the following classes:

    Malvern - Monday 9.45 Stage 2
    Malvern - Monday 10.45 Stage 1
    Rushwick - Monday 2pm Stage 1
    Ledbury - Tuesday 10.45 Stage 1

    Scroll down for prices and more information about which class would be appropriate for you and your baby - we've something for all babies up to 2 and a half!
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    Our classes are open to babies from birth, as soon as you feel you would like to get out with your baby and enjoy some music together whilst learning how to really make the most of early communication. We offer three types of class:

    Babes - our curriculum for the youngest babies (under 6 months) is a gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on communication and basic signs. £60 for 8 weeks which includes a copy of our beautifully illustrated Jessie Cat Songbook with CD, and membership of the Jessie Cat Club giving online support for your classes. Please note the summer term will start on 16th May. Please join the waiting list.

    Stage 1 - our core curriculum award-winning class for 6 - 14 months. £75 for 10 weeks (Autumn term £82 for 11 weeks) including one year's Gold membership of the Jessie Cat Club giving online support for your classes. 

    Stage 2 - come for the first time or continue the fun with your toddler, 14 months plus, as speech continues to develop. £75 for 10 weeks (Autumn term £82 for 11 
    weeks). We usually expect babies to have done at lease one term of Stage 1 before progressing to Stage 2, but flexibility is available depending on the age of the child and I am happy to chat about this if you are unsure!

    Please note: Each class is part of a cumulative termly course and once you are booked onto a course, a place is held for you in your class for the duration of that term.

    I appreciate that committing to a whole term of classes can be a daunting prospect financially so I am happy to offer a full refund to anyone who, after their first class finds that Sing and Sign is not for them.

    If you're still not sure what class is suitable for you feel free to email me

    About me:

    My name is Emilia and I teach Sing and Sign in the Malvern, Ledbury and Worcester area.

    I first discovered baby signing with my son when he was 6 months old. He took to the classes immediately, and within a few weeks was trying out a few gestures which we took to be his versions of the signs. His favourites were “more” for obvious reasons and also “where” which we used a lot to play hiding games and he would even initiate he own games with us using totally inappropriate props like car keys! It was so much fun to see him grow in confidence in his communication as he realised we could understand what he was trying to say and we had very few of the frustrations that come with the pre-verbal months.

    As well as the extra layer of communication the signing gave him (he by no means stopped signing when he was able to talk), he loved all the aspects of the classes - particularly the shakers and the peekaboo games with Jessie Cat.

    To top it all off the musical element made the songs and signs so memorable to me that it was easy to continue them together at home, and to teach them to his Dad which made it feel like our own secret language!

    Sing and Sign classes are so much fun and I can’t wait to see the babies grow in confidence each week and to find out what they have been telling their families.

    You can contact me by using the enquiry form, or if you are ready to book your place or would like to check availability click here: BOOK NOW, I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

    Love, Emilia and Jessie Cat

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    About the classes:

    Classes are very relaxed and good fun! We keep class sizes small (around 12 per class) so you and your baby can enjoy the social aspect of class.

    Please Note: Owing to the uncertainty over the Government’s Unlocking Roadmap I am currently only able to offer a few confirmed places in each class per venue (as many as are allowed under current social distancing rules) but I will be running a comprehensive first-come-first-served waiting list system and any places which are “unlocked” as government restrictions ease will be allocated fairly on this basis.

    How long is each class?

    Classes run for an hour - we sing and sign for approximately 40 mins, with time at the end for me to answer any questions and for you to enjoy a chat over a free tea or coffee (venue facilities permitting). 

    During the Class

    We learn all the signs through our easy-to-learn action-songs, we team these with pictures, props and instruments to keep your baby engaged throughout. Don't worry if you think you can't sing... you don't have to, you're probably better than you think you are, and your baby thinks you're the best singer in the world anyway!

    We know babies don't like to stay still so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they pick up whilst wandering!). When Jessie Cat, instruments or the toy bag appear they soon come back!

    Which class is right for me? 

    As a general rule,

    Sing and Sign Babes is suitable for babies up to 6 months who aren't on the move yet.
    Stage 1 classes are great for babies aged from 6/7 months upwards.
    Stage 2 classes are most appropriate for babies who will be around 14 months+ at the start of term (exceptions apply, please contact me if you are unsure!).

    I have twins - do I have to pay twice?

    If you have more than one baby you do not have to pay twice. I can also accommodate childminders. Please contact me for more details.

    What is the cost?

    Babes - £70 for 10 weeks (Autumn term £75 for 11 weeks incl. Christmas Party!)

    Stage 1 and 2 - £75 for 10 weeks (Autumn term £82 for 11 weeks incl. Christmas Party!)

    My classes fill up very quickly so booking well before the start of term is essential to get a place in the class that you prefer. Payment is taken at the time of booking with a bank card via 'Stripe'.

    What if I can't make it to every session?

    We know family life can be unpredictable so we're really excited to be able to offer our @home classes to all live-class members so you can log in anytime, anywhere and catch up on the lesson you've missed.

  • Venues

    St Andrew's Poolbrook, Malvern - Monday Mornings

    Rushwick Village Hall - Monday Afternoons

    Ledbury Children's Centre - Tuesday Afternoons

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Ledbury Children's Centre, Long Acres, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2BE
    Tuesday AM Babes Ledbury Children's Centre, Long Acres, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2BE
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 St Andrew's Church Centre, Churchdown Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 3JX
    Monday AM Babes St Andrew's Church Centre, Churchdown Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 3JX
    Monday PM Stage 1 Rushwick Village Hall, Bransford Road, Rushwick, Worcs. WR2 5TA
    Monday PM Babes Rushwick Village Hall, Bransford Road, Rushwick, Worcs. WR2 5TA
  • Nurseries

    Nurseries who have taken part in our Nursery Affiliation Programme

    Little Growbags Children's Nursery, Hunters Moon, Bransford, Worcester, Tel : 01886 833379

    Playhouse Nursery, 24 Abbey Road, Malvern, Tel : 01684 563379

    Little Oaks Day Nursery, Maple Rd, Enigma Business Park, Malvern tel : 01684 771080

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