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    New Term from 6th July now open for booking

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    Trial classes available throughout June! please click on the relevant age group to book:

    5 months to 2 years

    1 month to 5 months

    Sing and Sign @ Home!!! 

    ‘Sing and Sign at Home’ for stage one and two is streamed class resource.  You can book your place for our next term for online classes at an amazing discounted price of just £40.

    The online content involves 30 mins each week, which you can enjoy with your baby as a ‘home class’ and will remain available all week to dip into again if you fancy. Each week a different theme is covered, just like our venue-based classes.


    Online lessons will be delivered by a variety of sunny smiling teachers, with all the anticipation of our blue board songs, props surprises from the bag and Jessie Cat will also of course play her games in her inimitable style! Unique fun content only available to Summer term families. While this is not the same as the actual class experience, we are proud to be carrying on regardless bringing smiles, music and learning to Sing and Sign babies.


    In addition to this I will be creating a WhatsApp group for all sign ups so that we can keep in touch and I will also be running live zoom sessions each week to complement the streamed content where I can answer questions and talk further about the signs of the week as well as sing some songs and bring Jessie Cat out to say hello.


    For our youngest customers we have our Babes classes which are delivered via live zoom sessions.  We have discovered that our Babes curriculum is ideal for learning from the safety and comfort of your home.You can place your device behind where you lay your baby making it easy for you glance up at your teacher whilst mostly focusing on your baby.

      • You and your baby are relaxed in a familiar environment
      • No distractions of other people for your baby
      • Easy for parents to watch the teacher on screen
      • Baby just looks at and focuses on you
      • Connect with other parents through a WhatsApp group
      • No disturbance from babies crying 

    To book any of our classes for the term starting 6th July just click on Book Now

    My Name is Kim Golson and I have been involved in baby signing for the past 12 years with my son and daughter and as the partner of another Sing and Sign Franchisee.

    I am passionate about baby signing and having the opportunity to share with you these early communication tools, which will make such a difference to you and your baby.

    Classes are aimed at teaching baby signing in an entertaining and illuminating way to families who are seriously interested in improving two-way communication between parent and child and who are committed to getting the most from our award-winning, enjoyable and stimulating course of classes.

    To maximise your baby's enjoyment and to consolidate your learning I have included additional items with your booking depending on which stage you book.  For Babes you will receive a Jessie Cat song book and for stage 1 and 2 you will get either Gold membership for a year or an upgrade to that membership (Premium) to include additional videos for you and your little one to enjoy together.

    See a short video clip of me talking to deaf umbrella here.  

    If you cannot find the answer to your question here...

    ... please look at the other pages. The More Info tab will cover many FAQs you may have, and the Venues tab will show where venues are and when classes are running. For full class details just click on the Book Now tab which will take you to the booking site where full details of current available classes to book can be viewed.

    As the saying goes ‘Keep calm and Sing and Sign'!

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Class Timetable

    Which Class Should I Attend?

    We have 3 different "stages" of Sing and Sign which have been developed  specifically for your baby's developmental stages.

    Sing and Sign Babes classes are for 2 to 5 month olds with their parent / carer. This gentle class explores themes such as eye contact, gesture and anticipation together with lots of cuddles, tickles and some simple signs; all building the framework for good communication and brought to you using our magic ingredient - music!

    Sing and Sign Stage 1 is ideal for babies from 6 months old up to around 14 months old and their parent / carer.  Themes include basic signs, nappies & bathtime, emotions & bedtime.  You'll learn over 100 signs related to your routines and the sort of things your baby may be interested in, such as animals and vehicles.

    It is quite a big step from Stage 1 to Stage 2, so many people come to Stage 1 fortwo terms before attending Stage 2. However, this is also dependent on your baby's age.

    Stage2 is great when your little one is 14+ months, moving about and probably starting to talk (although every baby is different, so there's no hard and fast rule!) as it is more active and interactive.  Themes include weather,opposites, colours and the phonetic alphabet, together with simple counting songs, turn taking, sharing and of course, lots of fun!

    How Long Do Classes Run For?

    Babes classes run for about 30 - 40 minutes.

    Stage1 and Stage 2 classes run for about 45 minutes (sometimes longer depending on the size of the group).  

    How Many People Attend Sing and Sign Classes?

    Class sizes are limited to 12 babies (fewer at some venues) with their parent/carer.I am happy for ad hoc visits from other adults but please check with me firstt o make sure we don't run out of space!

    I Have Twins / Triplets - How Many Places Do I Pay For?

    Twins/Triplets are welcome and only pay for one place for twins or  one and half places for triplets. If you are a childminder and have two babies from different families, then a place for each child must be booked and paid for.

    I Have an Older Child - Can They Come Too?

    Pre-school aged siblings are welcome at no extra cost (assuming one adult, as with twins). Older siblings always enjoy the singing and we involve them as much as possible, although we do ask parents / carers to be considerate of the fact that the classes are not aimed at the older child and that they arer esponsible for not allowing them to run about or dominate the group.  Please note, the attendance of older siblings is conditional on their behaviour as people have paid to come to classes and learn.  I reserve the right to ask that an older sibling not come to class if their behaviour becomes disruptive or dangerous to babies in the class.

    Please let me know when you book if you have siblings attending, as it can limit the number of places I have available.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Babesclasses cost £95 and include the Jessie Cat songbook with 2 free CDs

    Stage1 classes cost £110 including a year's Gold membership to Sing and Sign online

    Stage 2classes cost £105 including an upgrade to Premium membership to Sing and Sign online for existing members or a year's Gold membership for non-members.

    When you've filled in the booking formonline you will be asked to select a payment method; the only option is to pay by card online. On completion of your booking you'll be sent an automated confirmation so you know your booking has gone through. If you do not receive a confirmation email your booking has not been successful. Please book again.

    I Am onHoliday for A Couple of The Classes.  Do I Still Have to Pay the FullAmount?

    In a word, yes!  Sing and Sign classes operate as a course, not a drop-in and your place is guaranteed each week.  Many people miss one or two weeks because of illness / holidays etc. and they soon catch up as our classes are purposefully repetitive to help you remember the songs and the signs (and babies love routine too).  We also e-mail you handouts to complement the classes and where possible offer the opportunity to attend catch up classes atan alternative venue.

    Can I Attend a Taster?

    When there is time I run trial sessions. These are usually before and after term dates. You can book any available on the booking system by selecting"special events / tasters" from the drop down.  I am also happy to run these sessions at local baby groups - if you go to one of these and would like me to come along, please get in touch.

    If you have been unable to attend a trial session before the start of term, andwhere there are spaces, I will allow a drop-in taster and this is priced at £12.50. If you then decide to book for the remainder of the term I adjust the price to ensure that overall, you pay the same per class as other attendees. Please contact me if term has started and you would like to attend one of the classes before committing.

    How Do I Enrol?

    Details of all the classes available can be viewed by clicking on BOOK NOW. Just select the class you are interested in and book a place.

    Please read my Terms and Conditions before booking.


  • Venues

    Classes are available in the following areas

    ·         Clapham

    o    St Barnabas Clapham Common, Clapham Common Northside, London, SW4 9SW

    ·         Balham

    o    Balham Baptist Church, 21 Ramsden Road SW12 8QX

    ·         Streatham

    o    The Vestry, Holy Redeemer Church, Churchmore Road, London SW16 5UZ

    o    St Thomas’ Church, Telford Avenue, SW2 4XW

    ·         Vauxhall

    o    St Anne and All Saints, Miles Street, SW8 1RL

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Balham Baptist Church
    Monday AM Babes Balham Baptist Church
    Monday PM Stage 1 & 2 St Barnabas Clapham Common
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 & 2 Balham Baptist Church
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 & 2 St Anne and All Saints Church Vauxhall
    Wednesday PM Stage 1 St Thomas' Church, Telford Avenue
    Thursday PM Stage 1 St Barnabas Clapham Common
    Thursday PM Babes St Barnabas Clapham Common
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 Holy Redeemer Church Vestry
  • Nurseries

    Nurseries: how many parents have overlooked you because you don't sign with the children in your setting?

    Our Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation Programme is effective, efficient, good value for money and highly regarded by the nurseries that have completed the training.

    Baby signing is an invaluable tool to use with children, particularly in multilingual communities, and it offers many benefits and rewards, for children and staff alike.

    Please do contact me if you'd like to include your Nursery Setting in the Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation Programme. I will inspire your staff to become proficient signers - and you, your staff, your parents and most importantly, the children entrusted to you will reap the benefits the early pre-verbal communication brings.

    You can contact me through the Enquiry form below, or email me directly using the link on the right hand side of the page.

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