Thank you Sing and Sign

Thank you Sing and Sign!

Here are some quotes from 2 of our Sing and Sign families: -

Quote from James Walsh in Exeter....."I didn't really see how a baby could learn how to sign and communicate with us at such an early stage, however, my wife, Kerri carried on taking our 6 month old Julienna to the classes and after several months seeing their bond stregthening, and Julienna signing various signs, I was feeling left out, finally taking some time off, Kerri made me go to a class! All I can say is WOW, since going and learning some signs, I feel like my bond with Julienna is so much stronger and I can actually communicate with her and making the connection between the video to the class I now see the benefits and what a difference it has made to our lives and knowing what Julienna wants and needs!!  I can't believe how many signs she is learning every day, plus the stress free moments we now have because I finally feel like I too can respond to her needs and have a new found connection with my baby girl!"  
Karri Walsh of Exeter....."I am a strong believer in baby signing as watching and seeing my own baby girl picking up so many signs so quickly and now putting 2 or more signs together to communicate with us more and more is amazing!!  She LOVES the video's at home as much as going to the classes and quite often my husband and I find ourselves studying the DVD's as she has picked up signs we haven't seen yet!!  We're so lucky to have Sarah in our lives as she is the main reason our littlun is turning into such a bright little star and we don't have as many stressful moments trying to figure out what she needs or wants as she can just sign it and we know right away!!"

From Claire Jeffery of Lyme Regis...."Leo has just turned 3 and has a speech delay, sing and sign has been key in giving leo the ability to communicate his needs, each week he picks up new words to sign. Beverley has been amazing at giving Leo confidence and the ability to join in, which is usually very hard for Leo to do. He would be a very frustrated little boy if it wasn't for sing and sign and whats great is that the speech is now coming with the actions. Sing and sign is not only a really lovely friendly class but ultimately gives our children the ability to talk to us when they cant, i would recommend it to anyone!"

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