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    Hi, I'm Katherine

    Sing and Sign teacher in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. I took my son, Alec, to classes when he was 10 months old, and we both loved them! Not only were they great fun, but at the end of them, my son was happily signing away to me. And he hasn't looked back since - he is a confident, sociable, chatty 12 year old now, and I certainly believe Sing And Sign played a role in helping him become the great communicator he is today.

    I then  enjoyed the whole signing process again with my daughter, Penny, who was a signing star.  Penny was talking confidently (and nonstop!) by the age of 2- she has such a joy for communication that I am sure signing has encouraged greatly! She is now in Year 3 at school - GULP!

    Having enjoyed Sing And Sign so much, I decided I would like to teach classes myself - so if you would be interested in coming to my classes, or if you have any questions about Sing And Sign then please don't hesitate to contact me.

    I know how difficult it is to find child care so you are more than welcome to bring older siblings along to the class (provided they are of course well behaved) at no extra cost.

    Twins pay only one enrolment fee

    To see some testimonials by some mums who have brought their little ones to my classes, go to the MORE INFO page.

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    "My daughter has been coming to Sing and Sign with Katherine since she was 5 months old and has gone from being unable to sit to running around the class!! She turns 2 this Easter and it is with much regret that this is her last term (her 5th) She started signing at 9 months demanding "more" and now she signs most of her colours, requests the potty, please and occasionally thank you and she is also able to tell me what she wants for a snack - cheese, cake or a chocolate biscuit usually!! She is a contented child and hardly ever has 'toddler moments' something I (either rightly or wrongly) attribute to the fact that through signing I can usually understand what the problem is which minimises her frustration. She adores the music and we have to have the CD's on in the car! although when either I or my husband sing along (even daddy know the words and signs)she signs (and says) NO! most emphatically. Whever we walk past Christ Church she starts signing "sing and sign" to the extent that on days we aren't coming to class I have to walk a different route!"   - Karen

    "I knew about the benefits of baby signing before we started coming to Sing and Sign with Katherine but I could never have imagined how invaluable learning to sign with my daughter would be. It’s wonderful to understand Amelia’s thoughts and feelings and to be able to communicate with her so effectively. Not only that but it’s great fun. Amelia gets so excited when she knows we’re coming to Sing and Sign and loves Katherine! The songs make the signs so easy to learn and the props are great. I recommend this course to everyone I know (and meet!)."  - Kate

    "I did 3 terms of Sing and Sign from when my son was 6 months old.  I found the classes really enjoyable as did he.  The songs are useful on a day to day basis and the classes are varied with lots of music and play as well as the signs to learn.  The signing really helped me to understand my son before he started talking – it helped minimise the frustration for both of us that not understanding can cause.  The key is to keep doing the signs even when it seems that they aren’t taking them in – I persevered and it really worked!  We still sing a lot of the songs and use a lot of the games now that he is over 2 and I am looking forward to using signing with my new baby too." - Anita

    "We loved Sing and Sign ... Katherine and Jessie Cat are brilliant teachers and we still sing some of the songs esp the bathtime song. 

    More specifically it helped us teach William that if he doesn't know the word he can do signs to let us know what he wants ... definitely helped develop pleases and thank yous ... plus we made some wonderful friends along the way." - Jane

    "I began Sing&Sign with Katherine when my daughter was around 8 months old, and she is still enjoying the classes at 20 months old. At first she just enjoyed the singing, music and interaction but as time has gone on she has begun to sign and this has been invaluable at helping her to communicate her needs. She has around 25 signs now and the ones she uses most are; eat, drink, finished, more and nappy change, which is really useful as she was able to communicate these and many more before she learned to speak, reducing her frustration. Now that she is older she really enjoys Jessie cats role in the classes and has a great imagination and use of role play, with her very own Jessie cat whom she is inseperable from! Katherine and Jessie make a great team and my daughter is very comfortable at the classes, she is learning, having fun and loves every minute! (Addendum -Should have also added that people often comment on how clear and good Leilas speech is for her age and I put a lot of this down to her gaining confidence through signing.) " - Sarah

    "I started Sing and Sign when my son Christopher was 4.5 months old. He enjoyed the songs and as the course progressed, he began responding to the signs when I used them at home. Signing is a really useful way of communicating, especially before Christopher learns to speak. The classes are really good fun and the babies get so excited when Jessie Cat comes out to say hello!' - Caroline

    "Sing and Sign was amazing.  My son and I both enjoyed it immensely, and Oliver really did get so much out of it, whether it was simply telling us what animals he could see out of the car window to more helpful signs like "Help please", "thank you", or "I have an ow on my foot".  Katherine was great and ran a genuinely warm and friendly class that was by far the best baby/toddler group we have done.  If I could only recommend one class/playgroup, Sing and Sign  with Katherine would be it." - Ryan

  • Venues

    Lingfield Venue:

    Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre,

    High Street,


    RH7 6AB.


    East Grinstead Venue:

    Jubilee Community Centre,

    Charlwoods Road,

    East Grinstead,

    RH19 2HL


    Tonbridge Venue:

    Angel Centre,

    Angel Lane,


    TN9 1SF


    Tunbridge Wells Venue:

    Christ Church Centre,

    High Street,

    Tunbridge Wells,

    TN1 1UT

    Day Time Stage Location
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Angel Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Jubilee Community Centre
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Christ Church Centre
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre
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