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    The Original British Baby Signing Programme for Early Speech Development



     Our brand new term starts Monday 24th September 2018...


    Limited places available so please book early to avoid disappointment...

    For information for taster sessions (where available), please email and note that limited spaces are available currently.


    Hello J, I’m Anj, your Sing and Sing tutor for North London and I would be delighted to have you and your baby(ies) join us at our multiple award-winning baby signing classes.  Read on to find out more....

    Sing and Sign was the first baby class for me and my little precious Si and we were instantly mesmerised by our fabulous teacher.  I was pleased to discover happy, engaged babies, some signing and giggling away to the wonderful songs being explored covering a wide range of topics from playtime, mealtimes, nappy change, bath-time, bedtime and so so much more in Stage 1. Embracing Sing and Sign was one of the best decisions I could have ever made as a parent! The first time my baby signed ('duck' in Alley Pally near the lake!!) was sheer magic and proof in my efforts signing at home and attending classes.  I could go on and on about the awesome benefits of attending Sing and Sign, but here are a few of my favourites:

    • Paves the way forward for mutual communication and learning
    • Encourages first words, animal sounds, alphabet/phonics/numbers
    • Empowers READING through signing pictures and images in favourite books
    • Enhances musicality through songs, rhymes and a robust learning programme that WORKS!
    • Provides over 150 baby friendly signs to be explored at home and elsewhere
    • Provides a weekly opportunity to meet and make friends with wonderful parents and their babies
    • Excellent for creating universal language connectivity for multi-lingual families
    • Enhances baby play and social interaction with peers
    • Allows for better two-way communication during play, dinner, sleep, music, family time and so much more

    At 18 months, my little one was singing, clapping and even signing away...animal signs are her favourite alongside 'splish splash bathtime', 'hot', 'happy', 'more', 'enough', 'milk', 'eat', 'pain', 'clean', 'danger', 'stop' and ‘no’, and signing 'cheeky' back to me with her own tiny hands! Since then, Si has had a little baby brother who started signing eat at 9 weeks (for milk of course!!) whilst attending the gentle Sing and Sign BABES course.  Currently, we have a tidal wave of new sounds and vocabulary including colours, weather, nature, letters, phonics and not to forget the butterflies and dinosaurs! as Avi explores his very own fascinating journey of language with his big sister and our very own Sing and Sign Jessie Cat J

    What better gift to give our babies than the treasure of language, communication and creativity whilst forming robust foundations for literacy, numeracy, personal confidence and lifelong learning. 



    Classes are relaxed and fun with plenty of participation from parents, grandparents, nannies, carers and most importantly the babies. Emphasis is placed on word usage, signs and songs which interest babies and adults alike. Sing and Sign offers three fantastic learning programmes with language, music, expression, anticipation, creativity, instruments and props to encourage early speech and communication leading onto early and improved literacy, numeracy, confidence and life long learning. If you are looking for classes which are not available on your preferred day or time slot, GET IN TOUCH to be placed on a waiting list for new classes and available spaces. If you belong to a NCT, baby, weigh-in, breastfeeding, toddler or any other baby-mummy-daddy-carer group and would like information or brief introduction sessions at your regular group meetings, please email me on as I would be happy to come along to deliver a demo session if possible. I thoroughly look forward to meeting you and your baby and introducing the magical world of baby sign and singing to you both!

    Anj x

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    Sing and Sign Classes

    What to expect from Sing & Sign?

    "Sing and Sign" is an award-winning programme of songs and rhymes teaching gestures or baby signs (derived from sign language) which parents can use to enhance communication with their babies. It is suitable for babies from 6 months old. Between 9-18 months babies naturally go through a gestural stage. Sing and Sign will show you some extra and more specific gestures to make this natural form of communication even more rewarding and beneficial for your child. Baby signing really is very easy. You only need to learn a few signs to make a significant difference in your child's ability to communicate. You can lessen frustration, enrich language learning, encourage speech development and have a lot of fun with it too.

    What will happen at class?

    Your teacher will use many signs in action songs and rhymes using pictures, puppets and props to inspire your baby's attention and illustrate the signs. You will also sing songs relating to such daily routines as bath time, bedtime and mealtimes. Either before or after there will be some playtime and discussion time, an opportunity to ask your teacher any questions. You will be emailed handouts for each class. The course will cover over 100 signs relating to your baby's world. You won't be expected to instantly remember all the signs shown when you start, or to use them straightaway with your baby! You will receive plenty of advice from your teacher in class, but the number of signs you chose to use at home is up to you. Some parents decide on just a handful of signs, some adopt a wide range of gestures they feel will be useful. Consistency is the key to your baby learning the signs! Each week your teacher will highlight a group of signs, which she will recommend using at home. The course is designed to comfortably and gradually increase your gestural vocabulary so your baby can learn naturally by your example and begin using some signs when he or she is ready.

    Why do we teach the signs through the music?

    This has proved to be a great way to learn! Our action songs are a relaxing and un-pressured way for you to become familiar with a wide range of signs without needing to study sign language illustrations. Everyone knows that nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun but musical activities can also help stimulate your baby's language development, memory and attention skills. Sing and Sign classes combine the benefits of both music and baby signing. Although there is a strong educational element to the class, babies are not expected to sit still and concentrate. They can crawl and toddle around, enjoying the musical and social aspects of class exploring the props, instruments and other babies while you learn the signs.

  • Venues

    Classes in Finchley, Muswell Hill & Crouch End

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 2 Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PP
    Monday AM Stage 1 Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PP
    Monday AM Babes Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PP
    Monday AM Stage 1 Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PP
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Moravian Church, Priory Road, Crouch End N8 7HR
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Moravian Church, Priory Road, Crouch End N8 7HR
    Friday AM Stage 1 Trinity Church Centre 15 Nether Street London N12 7NN
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