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    Welcome to Sing and Sign Colchester

    Hello Colchester mums and dads, the lovely Cheryl is moving on to exciting new challenges and that means we are looking for a new teacher for the Colchester area. Could that be you? If you'd like to hear about the opportunity please drop me a line at I would love to hear from you!

    Thank you Cheryl and all her lovely work for us, we will be sad to see her go!

    Sasha x

    A very happy “Hello!” from Sing and Sign Colchester
    Firstly let me introduce myself - my name is Cheryl and I have been teaching Sing and Sign for 2 years now. I began as a teacher and in November 2018 I bought the Colchester Franchise.

    Taking the big step to buy a Franchise is one of the scariest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done - coming second to giving birth to my son!
    Working with the babies always brings a smile to my face and I feel a great sense of pride when I see them signing back. 

    I often have messages from parents who have filmed their little ones signing at home and the job satisfaction is second to none I’ve experienced before.

    How did I discover Sing and Sign?

    I went to Sing and Sign classes with my son, James.
    He is almost 5 years old now and is my only child. It is thanks to him that I am writing this.
    When James was born it was a very traumatic birth and it caused me to suffer from Post Natal Depression as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - both of these made it extremely difficult to bond with him and I really struggled.

    I booked onto Sing and Sign classes as I had studied performing arts, particularly singing when I was at college and I felt I would enjoy the music - I was absolutely right! Singing to my son made everything feel better.
     I remember an occasion when I was at my mum’s house and she was telling me to talk to him and I thought “what do I say to a baby?” - I no longer had to worry because I sang to him instead, then I began to
    sign to him too and soon it was all coming naturally.
    When he started signing back to me - “More” being one he used a lot, especially when eating - I was absolutely amazed that it had worked.
    Even now when I know that it works I still get so excited when I see a baby’s first signing attempts - They really are so very clever!
    Without Sing and Sign I fear that bonding with my son would have been an even longer process and I’m so glad that I went when I did.

    I’ve had such a fantastic 2 years in Colchester, getting to know lots of babies, mums, dads, nans, nannies etc - the best part is watching them grow!
    I’m now at the stage where the babies that I taught in my first term are sending along their younger siblings and I’m honestly always so excited to meet lots of new families.