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    Sing and Sign is a wonderful program designed to allow you to communicate with your baby, bridging which can be an otherwise frustrating gap before speech develops. 

    So from as young as 6 months old, you could fully understand your baby’s needs and wants, diminishing any misunderstanding!

    I offer classes in Epping and Theydon Bois which combine music and fun along with teaching you the tools you need to effectively sign with your baby.


    I started my Sing & Sign journey with my son, he loved the songs, music, familiarity and repetition of the classes. At 10 months old his first word was “tractor” and beautifully pronounced.

    I enjoyed the ethos behind baby signing so much that I decided to make it my day job.
    I have been a Sing & Sign teacher for 18 months and I absolutely love my job! It is such an amazing journey to experience with each child and parent, from when they are tiny and attending Babes, right through to when they graduate from Stage 2. It’s overwhelmingly rewarding as a teacher to see the wonders of baby signing, giving parents the keys to unlock their own children’s little worlds.

    My daughter still attends classes at 2 years old and loves every second. She sings along to all of the songs at the top of her voice in class and then constantly at home. Her first word “teddy" was also at 10 months old and I am constantly complimented on how good her speech is for a toddler of her age.

    I have to accredit both of my children’s outstanding speech ability to Sing & Sign with this hugely rewarding class!

    You can contact me by phone on 07816 579354 or via email

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    Taster Sessions Now Available!

    Free taster sessions are available now!
    If you would like to come along to a taster session from September, then please contact me for more information.

    My Classes

    Sing and Sign is a programme that grows week-by-week with you and your child and is divided into 3 Stages:

    Sing and Sign BABES - This is a brand new multi-sensory music programme for babies from birth to 7 months. Our aim is to help you build the framework for good communication with your baby.  It is a 5 week term designed as a precursor to Stage 1 Sing and Sign.

    Stage 1 - It is recommended that you and your baby attend two terms of Stage 1 classes in order to consolidate and learn a total of 120 signs.  Babies learn through repetition so attending two terms helps you to establish good signing habits as well as letting you learn the lyrics of the songs written especially for theSing and Sign programme.  You will be given a 12 page guide to signing in your first class for Stage 1 and the choice to book a second term is entirely yours.

    Stage 2 –If you’ve enjoyed stage 1 and want to continue, you’ll be ready to join More Sing and Sign – Stage 2, offering a more mobile, physical class with another two curriculums of additional songs, signs and actions for older babies and toddlers, backed up by another 10 page guide to signing.  This stage includes teaching colours, letters of the alphabet, opposites, good manners and much more besides.

    All classes last roughly 30-40 minutes, are very relaxed and great fun!  Feel free to do whatever you feel comfortable with and don’t feel you have to keep your baby on your lap – let them roam if they want to.  If a venue allows, we will provide Tea/Coffee and the chance to socialise at the end of the teaching session so you may want to allow an hour out of your day.  If the room is not carpeted, we do have individual mats/rugs but please feel free to bring your own cushion to sit on if you’d prefer.  Nappy changing and breast or bottle feeding during the session is fine, or you can do it away from the group if you’d prefer.  Bring any drinks and small snacks your baby might need.  Be advised that baby changing facilities and kitchen facilities vary at each venue and are not always accessible if they’re adjacent to a room we’re not booked into. 

    Due to limited numbers per class you will need to book and pay prior to the term starting (early booking is recommended).

    Some Mum’s like to familiarise themselves and their babies with some of the music and signs before term starts.  Details of how to purchase our DVD and/or CD can be found on my booking form.

    To book please go to:

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    Sing and Sign baby classes in Epping & Theydon Bois

    Day Time Stage Location
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Epping Hall
    Wednesday AM Babes Epping Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Epping Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Theydon Bois Baptist Church
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