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    Sing and Sign across Chelmsford, Brentwod, Witham, Maldon, Braintree and Dunmow

    Come and see why we were voted WINNERS 2017 by ESSEX MUMS 

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    FREE TASTER SESSIONS. CONTACT US for more information.

    Our classes are open to babies from birth, as soon as you feel you would like to get out with your baby and enjoy some music together while learning how to really make the most of early communication. We will offer a free trial session, availability permitting. Our Summer term is OPENING SOON! CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to book a place. Or you can  EMAIL US  for more info. We offer three types of class :

    Babes -  our pre-Stage 1 curriculum for the youngest babies (under 7 months) is a gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on communication and building the foundations of great communication

    Stage 1 - our core curriculum award winning class for 6 - 18 months

    Stage 2 - continue the fun with your toddler 14 months plus, as speech develops 

    Signing with your baby is the most rewarding, awe-inspiring and quite incredible adventure.  I am so lucky to be experiencing it first-hand with my second baby boy having already reaped so many rewards from signing with my eldest.

    The music is catchy, the words nice and simple; before long you will be singing in your sleep!  We have a song for your every day routines so that baby can associate a given tune with a given action such as changing a nappy, going to bed or having a bath.  It makes life that much easier.

    My eldest rewarded with me with signs from around 9 months and soon followed with beautiful speech.  I wholeheartedly attributed his wonderful pronunciation to signing, as you learn to speak clearer, define key words and annunciate.  His vocabulary was also incredibly vast from a very young age which made "conversation" so interesting whether that was spoken or signed!  The Stage 2 curriculum set him in good stead for school too even though it was a couple of years away - we returned to the alphabet and phonics which brought his reading along leaps and bounds.  I believe that signing eliminated the frustration of being misunderstood as we could always communicate with one another and more importantly shared a language that we both understood.

    Babies are so clever - they can hear the sound, see your hands AND see your mouth moving too. My baby boy is rewarding me daily with signs and sounds showing a fabulous understanding of his world around him whilst letting me in to his world too.  It really is so much fun but useful too!  You just need to remember the importance of repetition and consistency at home, then enjoy reaping the rewards of your efforts.

    My experienced team of teachers - Katy, Alix, Clare, Lucy, Kelly, Vix and I offer Sing and Sign classes in venues across Chelmsford, South Woodham Ferrers, Brentwood, Witham, Maldon, Cressing, Braintree and Gt Dunmow.  We offer classes on every day of the week but places go fast as many parents have already discovered the benefits of signing with their baby and are joining our Babes courses to get them started nice and early! (Please note for twins - one child goes FREE!) 

    You can contact us by phone (07739 832059) or FOR A QUICKER RESPONSE, BY EMAIL

    Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon!

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    My Classes

    Sing and Sign is a programme that grows week-by-week with you and your child and is divided into 3 Stages:

    Sing and Sign BABES - This is a multi-sensory music programme for babies from birth to 7 months. Our aim is to help you build the framework for good communication with your baby.  Whilst we follow a 10 week curriculum, the course is bookable in 5 week blocks and is designed as a precursor to Stage 1 Sing and Sign.

    Stage 1 - It is recommended that you and your baby attend two terms of Stage 1 classes in order to consolidate and learn a total of 120 signs.  Babies learn through repetition so attending two terms helps you to establish good signing habits as well as letting you learn the lyrics of the songs written especially for theSing and Sign programme.  You will be given a 12 page guide to signing in your first class for Stage 1 and the choice to book a second term is entirely yours.

    Stage 2 –If you’ve enjoyed stage 1 and want to continue, you’ll be ready to join More Sing and Sign – Stage 2, offering a more mobile, physical class with another two curriculums of additional songs, signs and actions for older babies and toddlers, backed up by another 10 page guide to signing.  This stage includes teaching colours, letters of the alphabet, opposites, good manners and much more besides.

    All classes last roughly 30-40 minutes, are very relaxed and great fun!  Feel free to do whatever you feel comfortable with and don’t feel you have to keep your baby on your lap – let them roam if they want to.  If a venue allows, we will provide Tea/Coffee and the chance to socialise at the end of the teaching session so you may want to allow an hour out of your day.  If the room is not carpeted, we do have individual mats/rugs but please feel free to bring your own cushion to sit on if you’d prefer.  Nappy changing and breast or bottle feeding during the session is fine, or you can do it away from the group if you’d prefer.  Bring any drinks and small snacks your baby might need.  Be advised that baby changing facilities and kitchen facilities vary at each venue and are not always accessible if they’re adjacent to a room we’re not booked into. 

    Due to limited numbers per class you will need to book and pay prior to the term starting (early booking is recommended).

    Some Mum’s like to familiarise themselves and their babies with some of the music and signs before term starts.  Details of how to purchase our DVD and/or CD can be found on my booking form.

    To book please go to:







  • Venues

    Day Time Stage Location
    Friday PM Babes Beaulieu Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 Hutton Community Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Hutton Community Centre
    Monday AM Stage 1 Broomfield Village Hall, Chelmsford
    Monday AM Babes Broomfield Village Hall, Chelmsford
    Monday AM Stage 2 Broomfield Village Hall, Chelmsford
    Thursday AM Stage 2 South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Friday AM Stage 1 North Springfield Parish Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 St Nicolas Church Hall Witham
    Friday AM Babes Cheeky Monkeez South Woodham Ferrers
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Spring Nursery Seesaw, BRAINTREE
    Wednesday AM Babes Spring Nursery Seesaw, BRAINTREE
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 WMCC Maldon
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 St Nicolas Church Hall Witham
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Hannakins Farm
    Thursday AM Babes South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Thursday AM Stage 1 South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Monday AM Stage 2 St.Barnabas Church Hall
    Monday AM Stage 1 St.Barnabas Church Hall
    Monday AM Stage 2 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Monday AM Stage 1 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Monday AM Babes Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Monday AM Stage 1 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Tuesday AM Stage 2 South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Tuesday AM Babes South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall - Small Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 2 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Keene Hall, Galleywood
    Wednesday PM Stage 1
    Friday AM Stage 1 North Springfield Parish Centre
    Friday AM Stage 2 North Springfield Parish Centre
  • Nurseries

    Does your child attend a nursery?


    Does your child attend a nursery?

    Sing and Sign now has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all.

    We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate.

    Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimenatary package of products.

    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, please do pass our details on, or contact us at the number/email above.

    Local Nurseries which have enjoyed Sing and Sign Affiliation include :

    KIDDI CARU WRITTLE, CM1 3SS Tel: 01245 421341

    KIDDI CARU CHELMSFORD, CM1 1GP Tel: 01245 505 323


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