Sing and Sign Cambridge Terms and Conditions* (updated November 22)

Please read the following carefully before making your booking, especially the section on our cancellation/refund policy to avoid confusion in the event of disruption. When making a Sing and Sign booking, we promise you a course of learning via our established curriculum. This will be in a venue if possible, or online if live class delivery is disrupted.
Please be aware that you need Internet access and broadband for the online delivery of the course. Please let us know in advance of booking if you will not be able to watch online in this event, or have an objection to doing so.

Booking system
Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term. I do not accept bookings for part of a term because I guarantee you your place in the class every week and Sing and Sign operates strict limits on the number of attendees in the venue.
Places are offered on a first come, first served basis so to secure a place in a class, please place your booking online and make payment. 
I cannot guarantee your place until payment has been received. 
Once the place is secured you will receive an email confirmation.

Refunds policy
  • All refunds are subject to a £5 admin fee.
  • If you withdraw from classes at least 14 days before the term has started, I will refund you in full minus a £5 admin fee. 
  • If you withdraw from class with less than 14 days’ notice, you may be charged for the first week in addition to the £5 admin fee.
  • If you inform me by e-mail to up to 48 hours after your first class I will offer a refund for the remainder of term, minus the class you have attended plus a £5 admin fee. 
  • Cancellations after week 2 are not eligible for a refund.
  • If you are unable to attend due to illness (including suspected Covid-19, or being asked to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace) you will not be refunded for your missed classes in your venue.
  • If your class is cancelled due to local lockdown (or similar situation beyond our control) and up to 2 classes are missed then everyone watches S&S@Home instead. No refund is applicable.
  • If there is a longer lockdown or further disruption to the course and it becomes necessary to cancel more than two classes of the course, your teacher will launch face to face classes over Zoom.
Your teacher will make all efforts to run this Zoom class on your usual class day, although in some circumstances this may not be possible and flexibility might be needed. If your teacher is unable to run the Zoom sessions, she will endeavour to arrange them through another Sing and Sign teacher wherever possible. Flexibility is expected in this situation.
  • If no Zoom class provision can be made, your booking will be converted to an @Home booking and a refund will be offered for the live class portion of your course fee for any sessions missed above and beyond the two classes described in the previous bullet points.
  • Refunds will not be given if class is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Every effort will be made to reschedule the class however this may not always be possible.
Additional Items
If you choose to purchase additional items when booking, please note that items will be delivered to your teacher's home address and passed to you as soon as possible in person or via post (we will contact you to request payment for postage). You may choose to order directly from the Sing and Sign online store instead where each order is subject to £3.50 p&p. 

Attending face-to-face classes
  • If for any reason your usual teacher is unable to run the class (e.g. because of illness; child care issues etc) then another Sing and Sign teacher will run the class either in person or on Zoom. If for any reason this is impossible and a class has to be re-scheduled, a class will be added at half term or at the end of term.
  • In the event of a disruption to your in-class schedule due to the current concerns over coronavirus (Covid-19), we wish to ensure your baby doesn't miss out. Consequently, Sing and Sign @Home, an on-demand resource will be made available to all Stage One and Stage Two attendees, so you can book your place on the course in the knowledge that any unwelcome disruption to the schedule will not disadvantage and deprive your baby of their fun and their learning.
Coronavirus and infectious diseases

During the Covid-19 pandemic we must all do our part to mitigate any risk of infection.
* Mats will be cleaned at the end of the day and hand sanitiser made available.
* Masks are now optional.
* Social distancing is no longer required so it is highly recommended that each adult performs a lateral flow test before coming to class.

*  We will continue to have windows open for ventilation.

Parents are to observe Government guidelines on infectious diseases such as coronavirus, flu, Ebola, etc. As of February 21st we ask the following:
  • If you have travelled abroad you are required to observe the quarantine procedures without exception.
  • You confirm you won’t come to class if you or your baby have any of the Covid-19 signs or symptoms listed on the Government website.
  • You confirm you won’t attend if you have been contacted by NHS test and trace and told to isolate.
  • Parents will provide up to date contact details so they can be contacted by NHS Test and Trace services, if needed.
We will update our guidance according to the most recent government guidance.

Sign and Sign @Home
  • If you have booked our Sing and Sign @Home option, refunds will NOT be available once the course starts. This is because access to the members website and @Home password will already have been issued. Please ensure you have watched the Preview video to be clear.  
  • Each lesson will be uploaded weekly to the Jessie Cat Club membership website early on the Monday and will remain available until the Sunday evening. The lessons can be accessed via Class@Home. 
  • You cannot view a previous week's lesson once it has been removed.
  • If you have booked after the course start date, just like a face-to-face course, you will not be able to view the previous missed weeks' sessions.
  • The @Home password is valid for the duration of the course and must not be shared with anyone outside of your household. 
  • Sing and Sign reserves the right to change this password and revoke access to the website if you share your password with people outside of your household.
  • Our videos are hosted by global platform Vimeo. In the unusual event of technical difficulties or outage experienced by our server or by Vimeo, no refund will be applicable for any hours of access missed.
Zoom sessions
  • Zoom sessions are not recorded by your teacher and we ask you not to record them either.
  • Zoom session times may differ to your usual in-person class and may be led by a different teacher.
  • Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult. 
  • Your camera MUST be on so all attendees can see each other. 
  • The baby and the adult's first name must be provided and visible. 
  • Please wear appropriate clothing. 
  • Any behaviour deemed inappropriate will result in the participant(s) being removed from the meeting.
  • If any of the requirements are not met, the moderator has the obligation to remove you from the session and no refund will be given. 
WhatsApp Chats
Your teacher might set up WhatsApp group chats to disseminate rapid changes to the schedule during these unpredictable times and it is recommended that you join these groups. 

Can I carry over money from missed classes to the next term? 
Sorry, you can’t do this. There is a lot of repetition from week to week, so if you miss a week for any reason, you’ll soon be able to catch up. 
Can I bring a friend and their baby to class as a trial? 
You cannot give your space to a friend whilst you are on holiday - we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 12 families at all times, for everyone’s enjoyment.

However, if there is space in class, it may be possible to bring a friend along one week for an in-class trial. Please speak to me in advance to arrange this.

Can I bring older siblings along to class? 
This may be possible depending on capacity of the room. Please ask in advance.

Can I bring an additional family member to a venue-based class?
Your booking is for one adult and one child/twins - I can usually accommodate both parents but please check as venue sizes do vary.

Visiting family members (e.g. grandparents) are welcome on occasion but again, please check to ensure we don't have too many in any one week.

Children’s behaviour in class 
It is no longer necessary to socially distance babies and toddlers - they are welcome to explore the room and approach each other. We do not expect them to sit still once they can move.

With Covid-19 restrictions relaxing it is your personal choice whether you share your belongings (toys etc). Please do as you feel comfortable.

Hitting and biting is extremely rare but can of course happen occasionally. We do expect parents to intervene if their child does try to do this. 

If a child is distressed for any reason and crying at length, we suggest stepping away from the teaching area until they have re-settled to avoid additional pressure on yourself and disruption to the wider class. Don't worry - we've all been there!

If you are unable to follow these guidelines you may be asked to remove yourselves from the group and/or asked not to return to class for the rest of the term. In these circumstances a refund for the remainder of term will be at your teacher’s discretion. 

Adult’s behaviour in class 
Your baby will learn from you so please join in with the class and avoid talking when your teacher is talking. There is social time at the end of class as well as opportunities for brief chats during class during natural breaks (e.g. when the instruments are being taken round).

Please don’t take a phone call during class. You are welcome to take photos (please do share them with me, I love seeing them!) but please don’t post pictures of other families online without permission.

Drinks & snacks
We ask that snacks and food are not eaten during the session. Aside from being a prime distraction to other children, we cannot risk food contaminating our space or kit which other children with allergies come into direct contact with.  Milk feeds and drinks of water are of course fine!

It is highly likely especially if your baby attends nursery that they will pick up illnesses.

The common cold is unavoidable and easily managed but if your child has chicken pox, Hand, Foot and Mouth, head lice, impetigo or any other highly contagious illness, please do not to bring them to class. If in doubt, please ask.  

Regarding Covid-19 please refer to the latest government guidance regarding testing and self-isolation. 

Health & Safety
For Health and Safety purposes we are required to inform you of the following:
  • Although we try our best to provide a safe environment, we do not assume liability for the health and safety of you or your family
  • Whilst we do clean them between classes, please be aware that we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys or instruments into his/her mouth as we cannot guarantee that they are sterile
Photograph Consent
On occasion, we may take photographs of our sessions for promotional use on our website and Facebook pages.  In the interest of safeguarding, we never use names alongside photographs of children, but you will have an opportunity to opt out during the registration process.  

Data Protection / emails
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to receive emails, WhatsApp messages, and text messages from Sing and Sign relating to your booking during the time you are attending the classes.
I may email you after this from time to time if you have opted in to receive communication. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please then opt out by asking to unsubscribe. I will not give out your contact details to anyone or any other body UNLESS NHS Test and Trace requires it
Payment card data is not held or processed by me - it is securely handled by Stripe Payments.  I have no record of, nor access to your card details. 

Complaints procedure 
I really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. I am absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all of your friends! 

However, sometimes things might go wrong and if so, I would like to hear about it.

Please do get in touch if you have a complaint or concern (or compliment!). I will always do my best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible and to everyone’s satisfaction.

If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don’t be shy to ask! 

Contact me: Katharine Oldak:; 07732 380191

*These terms & conditions are subject to change in order to abide by the latest government guidelines related to Covid-19. By booking you agree to any adaptations made should social distancing and / or self-isolation guidelines change. 

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