Please note, the terms and conditions shown at supercede any others for the Cambridge area franchise.

Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term unless in special and pre-agreed circumstances. Term dates are on the Cambridge page of the Sing and Sign website (click on "Near You").

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please pay within 7 days, or if term starts in less than a week please pay within 48 hours. Your place is not guaranteed until payment has been received. Once the place is secured, you will receive a payment confirmation email. 

Please note, payments for products ordered along with class or party bookings may not show on the automated confirmation but will have been noted if these purchases have been agreed with you.  If you are joining a Waiting List, please do not pay until you are offered a place. 

Siblings over 6 months attending with the same parent are charged at a heavily reduced rate of £25 per 10 week term. 

The current term's participants are offered fourteen days exclusive right to renew for the next term of classes. After this, places are offered to new joiners with a pre-reserved space, and then to all new bookings. If you are joining a Waiting List, you are highly likely to get a confirmed booking once I have given priority to current attendees rebooking.  We will confirm pre-reserved places at least 4 weeks before classes start. 

We do not normally offer a Pay As You Go option unless under special circumstances (please enquire).  PAYG can be disruptive to the parents who have committed to the full term of classes and attending as much of a term as possible will greatly increase the benefits you gain from the signs that you learn. 


CREDIT/DEBIT CARD:  When you complete your booking online, there is an option to pay via credit or debit card online

BANK TRANSFER (BACs): If you have chosen Bank Transfer as your payment method, then please pay by BACs into the following Bank Account -

Account Name : Sing and Sign Cambridge   Bank: Metro Bank   Sort Code: 23-05-80    Account Number: 29234701

Please be sure to quote either your name or your Booking Reference ID!

CASH: If you'd like to pay by cash, please pay in class or contact us to arrange delivery in person.  Please do not post cash.

If you have any problems with payment, please contact us at or on 07732 380191 as soon as possible. 


Refunds are available if you withdraw from class only if you are unable to attend due to medical reasons, as proven by a doctor's certificate.  Please be aware refunds are not normally given for other reasons (such as a change of work or childcare plan, or because you have decided to do something different) and I am unable to refund the Membership fee once membership has been set-up (however, you will still have access to our online resources for the full year so you can sign with your little one at home). Free tasters and trials are available throughout the year so that you can "try before you buy".  Classes are carefully planned in advance of each term to enable us to run classes with confirmed venues and confirmed teachers who have their own childcare to arrange.  Spaces taken for classes are offered on a first come first served basis and may well mean that other interested parties were not able to book for the term and we often cannot fill the spaces with parents / carers who have then made other plans.  In some cases a class is confirmed as viable for us to run given numbers at the start of term.  We hope you appreciate that refunds are therefore only given under special circumstances (usually medical).  

If for any reason your usual teacher is unable to run the class (e.g. because of illness) then another qualified Sing and Sign teacher will run the class. If for any reason this is impossible and a class has to be re-scheduled, an additional class will be added at half term or the end of term, or you can opt to attend an extra class at an alternative venue.  If none of these are possible, you will be offered an alternative credit. 


There is adequate repetition from week to week as well as handouts, so if you miss a week for any reason, you'll soon be able to catch up. However, if you are unable to attend your booked class on a regular basis, or miss class(es) due to holiday or sickness, please contact us if you'd like to arrange a catch up class at an alternative venue. Sing and Sign has strict limits on the numbers allowed in classes so please arrange your catch up class with us before attending. 

We are not duty bound to offer catch up classes but in the Cambridge area, we do offer these whenever we can as we would like you to get the most out of your booking. You can attend up to two catch up classes per term and these should be taken reasonably soon after you have missed your regular session. If you need to make special arrangements in advance, for example if you are moving house, please get in touch.

We will respond to requests as soon as we can, but please be aware that we can't always respond to last minute messages if we are not at our desks taking care of admin at the time - but we will always do our best.   

We don't offer credits to be carried over to a subsequent term except under exceptional circumstances and at our discretion. 


If you or your child are unwell with anything that may be contagious, please stay at home and get well before coming back to class. We always recap so you will catch up. It really isn't worth bringing a poorly baby to class; it may worry other mums and if your baby is feeling rough they are unlikely to enjoy the stimulation. Sniffles are fine if you are careful with blowing noses and hygiene, using wipes and antibacterial gel where appropriate.  However full blown colds are unfortunately not welcome - of course you probably wouldn't want to be near to a baby or grown up in class yourself who clearly isn't well. Please be mindful that due to the nature of the class, germs and infections may be easily passed to other babies, some with lowered immune systems, and potentially pregnant mummies that we aren't even aware of.


Free Tasters and Trials are totally optional.  For those attending, spaces should be pre-booked whenever possible, and in-class trials must be pre-arranged.  Please do not bring un-booked friends along to class unannounced. We may be able to welcome your friend and their baby to trial a class, but we have to consider the space available and ensure everyone is comfortable. 

It is wonderful if your partner or a grandparent for example can join the class with you from time to time  However please do check with us before you bring them with you so that we can ensure there is sufficient space in class (there nearly always is).  

Older siblings may well be able attend with you and if this is going to be on a regular basis, there is a nominal extra fee.  Please check in advance so that we can confirm there is sufficient space in your chosen class. Please note that, as with your baby, any additional sibling remains your responsibility at all times and parents must be alert to the behaviour and safety of all of their attending children.  

If you are regularly bringing someone else's baby as well as your own or are a childminder bringing more than one child then you will need to pay for each place.


We hope your baby / toddler will enjoy class and we are very happy for mobile babies to crawl or toddle about and interact; they are not required to sit still as long as they are safe. 

Babies cry to communicate and this is totally acceptable. However if your baby's crying is persistent, please take a few calm moments in the foyer if you can before rejoining the group. Also, please take any tantrums that last longer than a minute or so into the foyer to diffuse away from distractions before rejoining the group.

Problems with behaviour are very rare, but of course can happen occasionally. If a baby / toddler hits, bites or throws toys the parent should remove their child from the class circle for a few moments before reintroducing the child to the activity. Babies and toddlers attending Sing and Sign are generally not old enough to intend anything untoward, so moving to a quiet spot and showing clearly saying "no" and showing the "no" sign is recommended ("gentle" is also a great sign), before moving on and encouraging them to enjoy themselves again. Persistent disruptive behaviour is rare but for the safety of all, a refund may be offered for the remainder of term at the teacher's discretion. 


For Health and Safety purposes we are required to inform you of the following: 

By bringing your child to a Sing and Sign class, you are agreeing to assume responsibility for overseeing the safety of your child at class.  Although we try our best to provide a safe environment, we do not assume liability for the health and safety of you or your family.  Your child of under 3 years is likely to be attracted to some of our toys and props which may contain small parts. Please be aware that we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys or instruments into his/her mouth.

All Sing and Sign Cambridge area classes are covered by public liability insurance.


The full class etiquette advisory can be seen here and is shared with all attendees to enable everyone to get the most out of classes.


We really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. We are absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all of your friends! 

However, sometimes things might go wrong and we would like to hear about it. Please do talk to your teacher or get in touch with us via email at or phone 07732 380191 if you have a complaint or concern (or a compliment!). We will always do our best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction. If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don't be too shy to ask! Sasha Felix and her team at the Sing and Sign Head Office are also there to listen if you are not satisfied with our response.  


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