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    Sing and Sign Bromley & Sevenoaks!

    Classes in Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Sevenoaks

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    Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, all classes are postponed until further notice.  We will resume once we are allowed to.

    I decided to run Sing and Sign classes in this area after attending classes with my eldest daughter and getting completely hooked, so I wanted to share this with everyone.  My professional background was as a Senior Manager in the NHS with a Specialist Community Practitioner and Neonatal Intensive Care background. I had therefore seen in my professional life the enormous benefits of signing with your baby, so was keen to do the same with my daughter.


    We absolutely loved class, it was the highlight our week and it was fantastic to be doing a class with her that we actually learned an invaluable skill at the same time.  My daughter Jessica loved signing and communicating her needs to us through signs, and once her speech came, the signs simply dropped away, leaving her with an amazing vocabulary.  We avoided much of the frustration toddlers experience, as she was able to express her thoughts, emotions and needs and the confidence she gained from being understood at such an early age has remained with her now she is at school. My youngest daughter Hannah had an equally wonderful and fulfilling signing journey and is now at school to, how time flies!

    Tash and I offer Sing and Sign classes in Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Sevenoaks. We run 12 classes per week  - Monday to Saturday. Class price £85 for 10 classes, which includes our basic level online membership, with comprehensive support material and weekly information .  Twins only pay once.

    To enrol please email

    To get the most out of a Sing and Sign class, we suggest your baby be between 6 months to 30 months, however it's never too young to learn about the benefits of baby signing and how to get started, so our introductory sessions are open to babies from birth.  If you would like to be sent information on when these free taster sessions will next be held, please contact me on  Please note that twins only pay once. 

    Sing and Sign classes are run across the UK and we have won many awards including

    What's On 4 Little Ones Awards:
    2016  Finalist for  "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2015  Finalist for  "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2015  Finalist for  "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity
    2014  Finalist for  "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity
    2013  Finalist for  "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2012  Finalist "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2011  Finalist "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2010 Finalist "Best Baby and Toddler Development activity"
    2009 Winner "Best Toddler Development Class"
    2009 Runner-up "Best Baby Development Class"
    2008 Winner "Best Baby Signing Classes"
    2007 Winner "Best Nationwide Activity for Under 2s"


    To enrol please email

    Enrolling now for our  - Spring term 21st April - 4th July - (Half term w/c 25th May)

                Please note that to be fair to all, a place cannot be secured without payment.

    ************ Free  dedicated  taster session*************

    • Tuesday 31st March 10.30-11.30, St Augustines Church, Southborough Lane, near Petts Wood, BR2 8AT.   
    • Thursday 2nd April 10.45-11.45, The Vine Baptist Church, Park Lane, Sevenoaks, TN13  3UP

    Please email '' to join session as places are limited.

    If your baby is too young at the moment or the class you wanted is full, please drop me an email and I will add you to the interest list. You will then receive an email about our forth coming taster sessions, term dates, classes and when enrolment opens.  


    If you are not able to attend next term, please don't miss out on the joys of signing with your baby! Lots of parents who attend our classes like to purchase a DVD for home use and this is an ideal way to learn our approach and enjoy the songs and main content of class before a place comes free. Please use the link in the menu on the left to visit our on-line shop for details on how to order.   DVD's, CD's, online memberships and books can  be purchased in class from your teacher and are a great way to get the extended family involved.


    Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Please note as a busy Mummy of two young girls I may on occasion take  several days to respond, but please be assured I will get to your e-mail. If you do not hear from me, please email again as messages do sometimes go missing or hit the spam box. Thank you x.


  • More Info

    Autumn term starts 17th Sept - 7th Dec 2019 (Half term w/c 21st & 28th Oct)... enrolling now!

    Classes are very relaxed and good fun and you are welcome to feed or change your baby at any point. We keep class sizes small (around 12 per class) so you and your baby can enjoy the social aspect of class, whilst learning the signs.  Classes run for between 45-60 mins.

    As a general rule, Stage 1 classes are great for babies aged from 6 months upwards. Stage 2 classes are babies around 13 months to 2.5 years of age who ideally have attended at least one term of stage 1.

    We know babies don't like to stay still, so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they can learn whilst wandering!) When Jessie Cat, instruments or the prop bag appear they soon come back! At the end of our music session the toys come out! Your teacher is available to answer any questions that may not have already been answered in class.

    We learn all the signs through our easy to learn action-songs. Don't worry if you can't sing ... you don't have to be able to and the babies don't mind!

    The cost for the term is £85.00. Due to limited numbers per class you will need to book and pay prior to term starting. (Early booking is advisable).  Payment is by cash, BACS or cheque with your completed enrolment form (contact me for the details). 

    If you cannot attend your own class for any reason, you are welcome to attend any of the other classes of the same stage that week, as they all do the same topic.  You do not need to let me know, just introduce yourself to the teacher, so they can welcome you.


    Feedback from our Parents Evaluation forms and online survey.

    Very well run class, lots of fun for both parent and baby. (Dec 2019)

    Great class, my daughter has absolutely loved it and loves all the songs.  We will miss you. (Dec 2019)

    Tash was fantastic, very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend. (Dec 2019)

    Amazing teacher, my daughter loves coming to class. (Dec 2019)

    Such, such, such an amazing class!  We both have enjoyed it so much and learnt so much! Thank you. (July 2019)

    Thank you!  Sing and Sign is the highlight of our week! (July 2019)

    Tash has been FANTASTIC!!  Wonderful class, sad it is over now.  The benefits have been huge. Thank you (July 2019)

    Being able to interact with my daughter and for her to be able to express herself, even before learning to talk, has been an incredible experience for the whole family to share in. I strongly believe her language and speech has also benefitted as a result. (July 2019)

    Karen is a wonderful teacher and every class is fun and inclusive for both parent and child. I would not hesitate to recommend Sing and Sign classes to anyone. (July 2019)

    A great programme, helping babies to communicate.  Great progression in classes, which has been clearly thought out. (July 2019)

    Also wanted to take the opportunity to say just how fantastic Sing and Sign is, and how much we benefitted as a family. People comment constantly on how amazed they are at J’s clear communication through signing! She is babbling away and gaining spoken words at a huge rate now, but it feels as though it is now that the signing is coming into its own even more as she signs as she speaks ensuring we can actually understand what she’s saying! 
    We’ve also had significant breakthrough in challenging behaviour when J has learnt particularly helpful signs such as “pain” and “sorry” etc - you can tell it makes such a difference to her to feel like she’s been able to say how she feels.
    The online resource has also been of HUGE benefit too - although it’s Christmas every day here as that’s the current favourite video clip...! (July 2019)

    In no other class (and we have been to a LOT!) has my son been appreciated for being truly himself and so that is why I think he has learned so much. The welcoming, caring, kind atmosphere created by both teachers has made sure we both have such fun and enjoy every class immensely. The energy and enthusiasm of the Karen and Tash and their outstanding lessons captivates my son every time! Sing and Sign Bromley is the class we have repeatedly booked on to from six months until my son is going to preschool and every week we look forward to it. As Primary Teachers ourselves, my husband and really I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of the wonderful teachers and the amazing skill they have in teaching such little children. Hopefully we will have another baby so we can go back to Sing and Sign!  (April 2019)

    We have really enjoyed these classes for a number of years and the teacher Karen is a wonderful teacher (Dec 2018)

    Love, love, love these classes!  Invaluable! (Dec 2018)

    Absolutely love these classes and have already signed up for next term (Dec 2018)

    Excellent!  Brilliant class for encouraging early communication and avoiding toddler frustration. (April 2018)

    I have LOVED these classes!  Thank you.  (April 2018)

    I wish we had started sooner, so I could have fitted in another term before I go back to work. Thank you .x  (April 2018)

    Found the course extremely useful and teacher fully engaging and friendly, would definitely recommend.  (April 2018)

    Tash is BRILLIANT, she is fun, loud and enthusiastic, we all loved her.  (April 2018)

    We have thoroughly enjoyed Sing and Sign and are so sad to be finishing.  It has made such a big difference in my sons ability to communicate through signs and talking.  He can even sign, say and recognise the letter of the alphabet now!  Thank you so much Karen. (Dec 2017)

    I think Karen is a really fantastic teacher with lots of enthusiasm and patience! My daughter loves her classes.

    8/12/2016 3:03 PM

    Very good at remembering names very enthusiastic

    7/10/2016 6:32 PM

    This was our final term of s&s after doing 4 terms with my eldest and 4 with my youngest. I was hugely sad to say bye to Tasha as she is one of the main reasons both my boys are so confident and especially my eldest is a wonderful speaker. She is an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher! Thank you so much! X

    7/7/2016 1:49 PM

    This was our second term of Stage 2 with Tash. We had a fantastic time learning to sign, we are sad that it has come to an end!

    7/6/2016 2:24 PM

    My daughter and I thoroughly enjoy the class with Karen. The class size is perfect for my daughter as its not so overwhelming and she has got used to the setup and of course Karens lovely singing and signing. We love sing and sign

    7/6/2016 5:33 AM

    We love our classes and are seeing lots of signing progress with our baby already

    7/5/2016 8:40 PM

    We are so sad to have completed our sing and sign journey - 6 terms, we will miss it greatly. Karen was such an excellent teacher - kind, caring and full of enthusiasm, we will miss her too! Sing and sign had been the best investment we've made so far regarding our son's development. I'll recommend it to everyone I know with a young baby or toddler!

    7/5/2016 7:55 PM

    Tash is always lovely. My baby loves her.

    7/5/2016 5:39 PM

    Max was memorised by Tash and really enjoyed the classes. Tash was an excellent teacher and made sure all the children were engaged, happy and excited. Thank you Tash.

    7/5/2016 3:58 PM

    Excellent class. Tash Tash is wonderful, my son adores her. Really helpful words and songs learnt. Fantastic thank you.

    7/5/2016 11:23 AM

    Tash has a fantastic energy and makes the children really engage even when they are tired or hungry!

    7/5/2016 10:48 AM

    Brilliant teacher and great class, thank you

    7/5/2016 10:25 AM

    Natasha was brilliant! Really enthusiastic and warm. We've really enjoyed our second term.

    7/5/2016 10:25 AM

    (Autumn term, Sept - Dec 2015)

    We absolutely love Sing and Sign and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Watching my daughter progress from using one sign (dog) , to having the confidence to communicate a multitude of animals, actions and feelings is amazing!  It has been highly rewarding for both of us and I am very much looking forward to seeing how my daughter advances during stage 2.

    Sing and Sign has really helped my daughter to communicate.  I find she is less frustrated than other toddlers of her age who cannot sign, Soo is a wonderful teacher and very knowledgeable.

    My daughter has been talking since she was one and is a parrot at 16 months and I am sure Sing and Sign has paid a part in this. The classes are educational and fun and Natasha is lovely.

    Our teacher was excellent. She made every baby feel special. Also, my grandson picked up signs for milk immediately. Have booked for next term.

    We loved it! Tash is great and my daughter loves her. Sing and Sign is definitely a highlight of our week and I like how the children can freely crawl around and enjoy all aspects of the class. Thank you for a great term!

    We've absolutely loved every single sing and sign class with Karen, this was our 4th term and my son has just thoroughly enjoyed every second.  Karen has such a wonderful way with every baby and makes each one feel so special. She's been absolutely inspiring, and I don't have a single negative to say.

    We love sing and sing and we love Karen. She is full of energy and gets the babies really involved. Great class. Great teacher

    (Summer term, April - July 2015)

    " We have absolutely loved Sing and Sign, it is the best baby class we have done and I recommend it to everyone".

    "Sing and sign has made such a difference to our lives".

    "Thank you for another lovely Sing and Sign experience".

    "This class has been fantastic in developing not only my daughters vocabulary but also her confidence and movement.  There is an ethos of inclusion and enthusiasm".


    (Winter Term Jan-March 2015)


    "Sing and Sign has definitely been our favourite class we have attended and we will be sad to finish."

    "My daughter signs and talks so confidently and it is because of this class and wonderful teacher."

    "Very enjoyable and stimulating".

    "We love this class and recommend to everyone!"

    "My daughter loves S&S, she asks for Tash constantly and surprises me with signs she has picked up, unbeknown to me.  An invaluable course, we will be back".

    "We really enjoy this class, it is our favourite of the week.  Soo has a lovely manner and presents the signs in a natural way, that makes it easy to pick them up".

    "We really enjoy Sing and Sign and look forward to coming every week!"

    "Tash is an amazing teacher, so full of life, really friendly and helpful.  All the babies love her!  Brilliant course."

    "Karen is a fantastic teacher - lovely with the children and so respectful."


    (Summer term, April - July 2014)

    "Fantastic!!!  Amazing communication with babies and toddlers - friends are amazed at the signing!"

    "Fantastic, highly recommended"

    "Sing and Sign is the one class I would 100% do again if I were to have another baby.  People always compliment my daughter on how well she talks and I sure this is because of Sing and Sign."

    "Sing and Sign is brilliant, my son and I love it and would recommend it to anyone"

  • Venues

    Classes in Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Sevenoaks

    Enrolling now for our Spring 2020 term!  Please get in touch ASAP to secure a space.

    Each term is 10 weeks long at a total cost of £85.  Twins pay once.

    To book a class email

    To enrol simply email  me and we can do it electronically.  To be fair to all, payment needs to be made to secure a space.  Cash payments can also be arranged.   


    *************Enrolment now open!***********

    Spring 2020 term availability - (starts 21st April - 4th July, Half term w/c 25th May)

    TUESDAY - St Augustine’s Church, Southborough Lane, Petts Wood, BR2 8AT

    Stage 2:- 09.45am   Places available

    Stage 1: - 10.45am Places available

    WEDNESDAY - Christ Church, 40 Lubbock Road, Chislehurst, BR7 5JJ

    Stage 2: - 09.30am  Places available

    Stage 1: - 10.30am  Places available

    THURSDAY - The ParkLangely Club, 44a Wickham Way, Beckenham, BR3 3AF

    Stage 2:- 9.45 am   Places available

    Stage 1: - 10.45am  Places available


    THURSDAY - The Vine Baptist Church, Park Lane, Sevenoaks, TN13 3UP 

    Stage 2:- 9.45 am    Places available

    Stage 1: - 10.45am   Places available


    FRIDAY - Bromley Parish Church, Church St, Bromley, BR2 0EG

    Stage 2:- 9.45 am      Places available

    Stage 1:- 10.45 am    Places available

    SATURDAY- Bromley Golf and Driving Range, Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, BR2 8JF

    Stage 2:- 9.30 am    Places available

    Stage 1: - 10.30 am  Places available

    Class details last updated  2nd March 2020 

    Please email me for up to date class availability or for any queries.  Please note, we welcome late starters, so if term has started, it is not too late! Please get in touch!


    Day Time Stage Location
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    Sing and Sign Bromley are currently not linked with any Nurseries in our Boroughs. If you are a nursery and would like to become affiliated, please contact me for more information.

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