What do those who attend classes say about Sing and Sign?

Here are just a few testimonials from my classes:

"Peek-a-boo with Jessie Cat is the highlight of our week. We've both LOVED the class and regularly sing the songs and do the signs at home. THANK YOU!"

"A really enjoyable term, we've both loved coming. Thank you so much."

"Absolutely brilliant. Loved it all, so did my little boy! Thank you very much Helen! xxx"

"We have really enjoyed the class, and I am so impressed with how many signs my little one can do now. It makes life so much simpler now that she can tell me what she wants. Love the classes!"

"All great - my baby loves it! I'm sure her language has developed faster due to Sing and Sign."

"Absolutely brilliant - Helen is helpful, friendly and passionate about Sing and Sign. I recommend this class to everyone."

"Helen is brilliant! So friendly and we both love coming to class - we feel really welcome and at ease. x"

" A very enjoyable class. Helen is a great teacher, very lively, friendly, and good with the children."

"A +++ :)"

Just a few of the awards and honours Sing and Sign has received

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