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    Limited availability still for the current term!!!!


    Hi my name is Julia and I'm really excited to be welcoming you all to Sing and Sign in the Bolton/Bury area!


    I chose Sing and Sign over other options out there because it is all about communication and having fun! It is structured towards the babies needs at that age and is so functional; having a song or rhyme to sign for all the activities in your baby’s day gives a context to the signs, making it easier to remember them and helping you easily incorporate signing into your day. I also wanted to find a fun and relaxing group to take my daughter to that would help us both to bond, whilst also meeting like-minded parents and their babies – Sing and Sign was perfect!


    Signing with my little girl Poppy through the Sing and Sign programme has been a rewarding experience for us all; it has given us a window into her world that we just never would have had. When Poppy signed her first sign ('milk'!) the feeling of being able to communicate with her before she was able to verbally express her thoughts was absolutely priceless! This deeper level of communication has been invaluable to us and immeasurably beneficial to Poppy; I want to help other families experience that too!


    Many people ask the question ‘does sing and sign discourage verbal communication?’ The answer is – anything but! Signs are never used instead of words and your baby will be greatly encouraged to communicate verbally, not in any way discouraged. Baby signing is not a replacement for talking to your baby, in practice it encourages you to talk more! The use of gesture is a natural form of early communication and doesn't get in the way of learning to talk, other than to give it a boost! Poppy's speech development is progressing at a rapid pace, and I have no doubt that S&S has helped to contribute.


    As an extension of this experience, I now feel keen to help other parents and carers to stimulate an early rapport with THEIR children. I look forward to singing and signing with you all!




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    About Our Classes

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    Our signs are widely used by Speech and Language professionals, nurseries and schools across the UK. Sing and Sign is largely compatible with Say It and Sign It and other sign supporting systems designed to be used WITH speech and based on the signs of British Sign Language (BSL).

    Classes are very relaxed and good fun! We keep class sizes small (around 12 per class) so you and your baby can enjoy the social aspect of class.

    Classes run for an hour - we sing and sign for approximately 30-40 mins. Then the toys come out!

     Which class is for us?

    Sing and Sign Babes is suitable for babies from BIRTH-6 MONTHS

    The aim of this programme is to build the foundations for the exceptionally important framework for good communication through our magic ingredient... MUSIC! It is also a fantastic way to bond with your new baby in a relaxed, friendly environment and meet other new mums.

    The classes will incorporate sensory stimulation along with our Sing and Sign staple ingredients you may already be familiar with - repetition, anticipation, praise and, of course Jessie Cat; as well as some basic signing.
    This format has been specifically designed for younger babies who are Pre-Stage 1. 
    It is only suitable for babies who are not yet crawling (rolling over or sitting up is fine).


    Sing and Sign Stage 1 is generally for babies from 6-14 months and covers the basic needs and routines for a baby at that age, such as meal time, bath time, nappy changing and bed time. We usually recommend that you attend two terms of this stage before moving on to stage 2.

    We know babies don't like to stay still so we don't expect them to! They are welcome to roam around the room if they want to - they will still be learning (you'd be surprised how much they can pick up whilst wandering!) When Jessie Cat, instruments or the prop bag appear they soon come back!

    We learn all the signs through our easy to learn action-songs. Don't worry if you can't sing ... you don't have to!

    At the first week's class you will receive your baby's own personalised folder to keep the weekly handouts, which recap what we have learned in class.

    There are exceptions to this for babies who are older when they start attending. Please contact me if you are unsure which class is best for your baby.


    Sing and Sign Stage 2 is generally for toddlers ages 15+ months and covers more complex signs and concepts such as feelings, colours, the weather, simple counting and the alphabet. By now your little one may be starting to toddle (if not run!) – this is where the fun really begins as it’s their opportunity to move around with the music and become an extremely active participant in class. Jessie cat even has a song to help with potty training!

    If your little one has communication needs or is stage 2 age but has never done any signing before, please do still get in touch – it’s not too late! Signing can greatly help lessen frustration in the terrible twos if they can at least express some of their needs/feelings – not withstanding the fact that the classes are so much fun!


    Cost: Sing and Sign Babes - £30 for a 5 week term.

    Cost: Stage 1 and Stage 2

    To benefit fully from our classes we book you in for a full term of 10 weeks. The cost for your initial stage 1 class is £80.00 This includes:

    • Weekly hand outs
    • The Sing & Sign DVD OR subscription to the new Website with video streaming for Stage 1 and over 100 signs available instantly (brilliant for when you are out and about!) -a great resource to enthral and capture your baby’s imagination. By the time you come to classes you will know some of the major songs and signs and can then concentrate on learning the remaining signs. We show over 100 during the 11 weeks!
    • Refreshments after class (venue dependent)

    If you would like your DVD sent to you as soon as you have booked, then please add £3 for postage (£82.99).

    The course is £65 without the DVD/Online subscription


    To book on to a course, simply click the 'book now' button on the top right. Alternatively email me and I can sort it out for you!


    TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Introductory classes now available in some venues - contact me for further details.

     Class sizes are always kept to a manageable size, so places will be limited and filled on a first come first served basis. I will however keep a waiting list if classes become full. If you are not ready to enrol your baby, you are welcome to indicate your interest and will have the option of joining the waiting list.

    Sing and Sign operates a Buy One Get One Free policy for twins! Siblings are also welcome for free (stage 1 and stage 2 classes only and venue dependent)

    Full payment is required before classes commence. Payment instructions will be provided on booking.

    If you have any further questions about Sing and Sign and the course itself please just email me or give me a call.


  • Venues

    Sing and Sign @Home - helping you learn during the Pandemic

    The COVID 19 Pandemic isn't going to stop us here at Sing and Sign

    We have developed a course for you to join in your own home, giving you the same quality teaching you would get in a class setting, following the same curriculum just at home.

    Sing adn Sign @Home can be booked here:


    Email me for more information, or call me to discuss the options. 

    Julia and Jessie xx

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 Christ Church, Stitch Mi Lane, Harwood. Bolton
    Monday AM Babes Christ Church, Stitch Mi Lane, Harwood. Bolton
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Foundations For Learning Bury Nursery, 1 Tenters Street
    Thursday AM Stage 2 Foundations For Learning Bury Nursery, 1 Tenters Street
    Thursday PM Stage 1 Lostock Parish Centre, Tempest Road, Lostock. Bolton
  • Nurseries

    Sing & Sign Affiliated Nurseries

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    Sing and Sign has an excellent Nursery Affiliation Programme which will train staff on their own premises at a time to suit all. We will teach staff a selection of signs, tailor made to the nursery's individual requirements and design an Individual Action Plan to inspire staff and make signing fun and easy to incorporate. Following training, the nursery will receive a Certificate of Sing and Sign Affiliation together with ongoing access to our signing resources and a complimentary package of products.

    We currently have a well established nursery on board in the Bolton area

    Bolton School Nursery, Dobson Rd, Heaton, Bolton. 

    If your baby attends nursery or you know of a childcare facility that would be interested in receiving further information, or if you are a childcare provider please contact me for further details.

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