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    Hello and welcome to the Bath and Trowbridge and Bradford-on-Avon pages!

    Welcome - I am Raych Carbery - the franchise holder and teacher for the Bath and Bradford-on-Avon and Trowbridge area, I'd love to meet you and your little one and bring the magic of baby signing to your family.

    Autumn term 2021 Course dates - main courses begin w/c 13th SEPT booking OPEN but please note......

    Many Stage 1 courses are currently fully booked as I have taken a cautious approach with numbers so...

    PLEASE ADD YOURSELF TO THE WAITING LIST (plus let me know if you'd like to go on more than 1 waiting list!)

    Sing and Sign Babes - suitable for babies under 6 months (10 week term) £70 (Venue) 

    Course dates 13th Sept - 3rd Dec 2021

    - Your course INCLUDES  the Jessie Cat Songbook package which includes a beautifully illustrated book plus 2 CD's (and digital downloads) to allow you to enjoy our songs and games at a time to suit you and your baby RRP £13

    - Venue based lessons to get you out of the house and socialise!

    STAGE 1 & 2 Venues also include @ Home (detials below), plus Gold/Premium membership of the Jessie Cat Club (10 week terms) £80

    Course dates 13th Sept - 3rd Dec 2021

    - Venue lessons are approx 40-50min with some social time too

    - Zoom sessions will be available at certain points in term

     @ Home including Gold/Premium membership of the Jessie Cat Club(10 week terms) £50

    Course dates 13th Sept - 3rd Dec 2021

    - Online lessons are pre-recorded and last 30min

    - Watch anytime that suits, as often as you like each week

    - 10 different themes to gradually build your signing vocabulary

    - Watch with partners, siblings, pets ALL THE FAMILY!

    - Additional online resources to help you understand more about baby signing

    - Zoom sessions will be available at certain points in term

    - Stage 1 suitable for babies 6-13months, Stage 2 toddlers over 14months

    NB: no watching back to previous weeks

    E-mail me:

    Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07789765907

    My Sing and Sign story:

    I first met a signing baby when as a teacher a colleague's child came into school, aged 18 months and told me my tea was 'hot', amazing!  I have attended and taught in Sing and Sign classes in this area for most of the past 10 years, and truly believe that signing with your children is the most rewarding experience of early parenthood.  My two boys both signed extensively, they still show an interest in the signs I use when I'm with younger children and we still sing some of the songs! (bedtime most often!)

    SORRY NO FREE TASTERS TIMETABLED At the moment. Summer Fun @ Wiltshire Music Centre are suitable as paid introductions to either Babes or Stage 1/2

    If you are interested in finding out more about the way we have loads of fun while learning about signing with babies and toddlers, please contact me and I will do my best to help you find a course that suits you!

    Courses run at all 4 venues please head to the VENUES section for locations and get in touch to register your interest - Make enquiry or email

  • More Info

    Classes are...

    Autum 2021 Starts Sept 13th - go to BOOK NOW for exact dates/times

    Bath, 3 current venues plus Bradford-on-Avon

    Please go to VENUE's pages for more information about WHERE and WHEN?

    A term is generally 10 weeks of classes over a 11/12/13 week period (Babes courses sometimes shorter):

    • Classes are relaxed and good fun. We keep the classes small so that both you and your baby can enjoy the social aspect
    • Classes are approx 1 hour long, which includes 10-15 minutes of social time for parents to chat and toys for the children to explore.
    • As a general rule, Babes is for pre-crawling babies who are under 6 months are the start of term.  Stage 1 is for babies approximately 5-7 months and under 14months at the start of term. Stage 2 is for those who have attended at least 2 terms of stage 1 or who will be 14+ months at the start of the term.
    • Jessie cat, the music and props will keep your baby entertained during the class, however they are welcome to roam about in class, as they will enjoy exploring and interacting with other babies whilst you learn the signs.
    • We learn the signs through easy to learn action songs.

    Sing and Sign Babes (youngest babies)These classes are for babies under 6 months (who are not yet crawling). The classes are a gentle introduction to a few basic signs, but the focus is on bonding with your baby. These classes have been designed to set the foundations for good communication skills, focusing on gesture, eye contact, facial expression, touch and attention. New families are welcome to join at any time, we recommend waiting until your little one is about 2months old to get the best out of these classes.

    Stage 1 (babies ages roughly 6-13months): The classes are great fun and ideal if you have little or no signing experience. The baby classes cover basic routines as well as signs to do with babies’ interests such as animals, vehicles, toys etc. Many families return for a second term of Stage 1 to allow the babies to become fully comfortable with our class routines.

    Stage 2 (toddlers roughly 14-24months):  Many families are by now experienced signers (both parents and children!), although your little one's development should lead the choice of class. These classes cover colours, the weather, simple counting and we even have a great song for potty training. Also you’ll be able to learn the phonetic alphabet.

    If your child is old enough to attend the Stage 2 toddler class but you haven’t done any signing please do get in touch with me as it is likely to be best your little one goes in at Stage 2 - I can advise how to get up to speed with your signing.

    TWINS/multiples: we offer buy one, get one free - MANY twins families have benefited from signing with their little ones!

  • Venues

    FOR LIVE AVAILABILITY CLICK BOOK NOW (if courses open to book or enquire if not)

    PROVISIONAL Autumn 2021 from 13th Sept

    MONDAYS at Salvation Army Bath Citadel 

    Stage 2 10am, Stage 1 11.10am, Babes 12.20pm (Stage 1 1.30pm if demand is sufficient)

    TUESDAYS at All Saint's Centre in Weston, Bath BA1 4BX 

    Stage 1 10am, Stage 2 11.10am, Babes 12.20pm

    WEDNESDAYS at Wiltshire Music Centre Ashley Road, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1DZ

    Stage 2 10am, Stage 1 11.10am, Babes 12.20pm

    FRIDAYS at New Oriel Hall in Larkhall, Bath BA1 6RA 

    Stage 1 10am, Stage 2 11.10am, Babes 12.20pm

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Salvation Army Bath Citadel
    Monday PM Stage 1 Salvation Army Bath Citadel
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 All Saints Centre
    Friday PM Babes New Oriel Hall
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Wiltshire Music Centre Ashley Rd Bradford-on-Avon
    Wednesday PM Babes Wiltshire Music Centre Ashley Rd Bradford-on-Avon
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 New Oriel Hall
  • Nurseries

    Nursery Affiliation Programme

    <img src="/images/upload/681_first steps logo.jpg"><br />

    Babysigning is an invaluable tool to use with children and it offers many benefits and rewards, for children and staff alike.

    Our Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation Programme is effective, efficient, good value for money and highly regarded by the nurseries that have received it across the country

    Current Nurseries Affiliated to Sing and Sign via the Bath & Trowbridge Franchise:

    First Steps Bath:

    Moorlands Community Nursery

    Twerton Community Nursery

    Please do contact me if you'd like to include your Nursery Setting in the Sing and Sign Nursery Affiliation Programme. I'd be more than happy to  talk more about when and how we can start our journey in partnership - and you, your staff, your parents and most importantly, the children entrusted to you will reap the benefits the early pre-verbal communication brings.

    Do not hesitate to contact me through the "Make an Enquiry "button on the right of this page, please.

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