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    All classes for January (Spring 2024) open now! 

    Babes (0-5 months- 5 week course)

    Starting: 9th January 2024

     Sing and Sign- 30/35 minutes 

    Babes play and parents chat- 10 minutes

    Carrer de Josep Bertrand 17,1,1 08021

    Tuesdays @ 10.30

    Turo Park, Sant Gervasi

    Booking open here

    Stage 1 (6-15 months-  10 week course)

    Starting: 11th January 2024

    Sing and Sign- 45 minutes 

    Babes play and parents chat- 10 minutes

    Carrer de Josep Bertrand 17,1,1 08021

    Thursdays @ 10.30

    Turo Park, Sant Gervasi

    Booking open 

    All Sing and Sign classes are in English. Not a native speaker? No problem, it's a great opportunity to expose your little one to another language early on.

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    My Story

    Hi I'm Katie,

    Mum of Penny and twin boys Felix and Lennox. I have a background as a primary school teacher and a degree in drama. My 'Sing and Sign' journey began when I signed up with my daughter Penny. The classes taught me to communicate with her through gestures and music and not only did Penny love it, but it became a special and fun time that we spent together weekly. 

    Baby signing effortlessly emerged into our household and we regularly listened to the songs and used simple signs to communicate. It was so amazing starting to see Penny pick up the gestures and remember the melodies to the music before even being able to say any words! It also helped diffuse some frustrations for Penny, particularly when she was tired, hungry or if I was unable to understand what she wanted or needed. A real-life saver!

    I have experienced the fun and benefits myself and am really looking forward to welcoming you onto your own 'Sing and Sign' adventure- I know you'll find it as rewarding and exciting as I did with the bonus of making new mum friends along the way!

    See you in class!

    Any questions, get in touch at

    Thank you!




  • More Info

    Who are the classes for?

    Babes  is for 0-5 months and is a gentle, sensory class, designed to focus on the key elements and skills of good communication with babies, such as eye contact, repetition and anticipation. We also start to use some initial signing. This is all done through music, using songs, instruments, toys and props.

    Stage 1  is for around 6-14 months. Each week we introduce a new theme, for example, bath time, then look at signs that are associated with the theme. This is a fully interactive class using simple, catchy songs to help parents remember the signs and give the babies a whole lot of fun, using instruments, props and toys. Each week you will be sent an email handout, to remind you of the key signs of the week.

    Each course lasts 10 weeks (5 weeks for Babes) with new classes usually beginning in January, March/April, and October.

    Babes (0-5 months) - 5 week course € 50

    Stage 1 (6-14 months) - 10 week course € 100

    As a mother of twins, it's a buy one, bring one free as I know how expensive classes can get! 

    At the beginning of your course, you will have access to our online platform 'The Jessie Cat Club'! You'll now be able to follow up on our classes at home with lesson theme reminders, tips and clips of babies using the signs to support your class experience. Each session lasts around 40-50 minutes. 

    • 200+ signs to view in video clips
    • Two 15-minute films directly supporting our Stage One curriculum, one covering songs and signs from weeks 1-5 and one covering weeks 6-10
    • A print-out facility so you can share your baby’s favourite signs with family/nursery
    • Our classic ‘Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way’ (DVD streamed)
    • 2 interactive "Where is Jessie?" games
    • For the duration of the Term you will also be able to enjoy our @Home programme, which means you can watch a variety of teachers deliver each week's class.  You will be able to watch each class as many times as you like during that week, at any time of day or night!

    Multilingual tool!

    Baby signing is a very helpful tool for multilingual families! The sign stays the same regardless of which language you speak with your baby, and in this way the signs act as a "bridge" between the two (or more) languages. They are a clear, visual way of showing your baby that two different words can have the same meaning, and in this gentle way you help your baby understand the languages more quickly.

    Let's enjoy the magic of our award-winning Sing and Sign classes together this year!
    Katie and Jessie Cat!



  • Venues

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday AM Babes Carrer de Josep Bertrand 17, apartamento 1,1, Barcelona 08021
    Thursday AM Stage 1 Carrer de Josep Bertrand 17, apartamento 1,1, Barcelona 08021
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