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    Sing and Sign Bristol and Portishead - opening a window to your baby's world

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    What is Sing and Sign? - Watch a short film of classes in action

    Welcome to Sing and Sign Bristol & Portishead! I'm Verity Jowett and I run Sing and Sign classes in North West and South East Bristol, as well as Portishead. If you're interested in joining one of our classes, or just want to learn more about Sing & Sign, please have a look around these pages. Click on the venues tab to see when and where we teach or the more info tab for information about Sing and Sign.

    You can see live availability of where and when we have space with NO obligation to book by clicking HERE.

    I discovered Sing and Sign two years ago with my twin boys. We started with the babes class when they were four months old and recently finished our second term of stage two. Just when I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to Sing and Sign, the chance to take over classes in this area came up and I jumped at it!

    For me, the best bit of signing has been how much they have been able to tell me from an early age.The first time they signed to me about something I didn't know, they were about 11 months old. Nathan started signing 'dog' and I turned round to see a puppy. The absolute delight on his face when he realised I'd understood what he meant was wonderful. At around 12 months, they started asking me 'where daddy' instead of crying around the time he was due home and I was able to explain that he was at work. I'd never thought to do that before. At fifteen months, I watched my husband have a detailed conversation with Tristan about why there was no more food and where it had gone. It's still a popular dinner time joke to ask him 'where's the food' and he shouts 'Tristan's tummy' back. As a family, we've had so many laughs because of baby signing.

    Helen Hill, Helen Coupe and Debbie Haines are your other teachers whom attended Sing and Sign courses with their children and enjoyed them so much they wanted to become teachers. 

    Classes are available for babies and toddlers: Stage 1 (6-15 months) / Stage 2 (16- approximately 24months). Babes short courses for babies 2-6 months are also available.

    If you've got a question you can't find an answer to on the site, or you want any more information, please do get in touch: or phone Verity on 07584428611


    Booking for summer term is now open

    May 2017

    10 week Stage one or Stage two class £65.00

    6 week babes class £30.00

    Price is per family - twins, triplets only pay once. Please ask about older siblings. Sing and Sign allow one sensible older sibling in stage one or two.

    20% discount on our Hanham class - £52.50 for 10 weeks (£65.00 for all other venues)

    2 weeks free at Redland Park and Lawrence Weston Farm (12 weeks for £65.00)

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    About our classes

    Classes run for 10 weeks, normally with a one or two week half-term in the middle.

    Sing and Sign classes are very relaxed and great fun.  You learn signs to help you better communicate with your baby while we entertain with lots of songs, music, props and games. Mums and Dads (Grandmas and Grandpas too!) learn simple signs and gestures to use at home with the babies. Over the course of the term we add in new signs and songs - though with plenty of repetition - and by the end you'll have covered over 100 signs. With consistent use at home as your baby develops they will start to sign back - and that's when the fun really begins. We teach a mixture of signs that are useful for you and signs that talk about the things which interest babies and toddlers, so that they can tell you what they are thinking about. 

    Our classes range in size from 6 to 12 families. We keep classes deliberately small and friendly. You'll be with the same group for the full ten weeks and learning a new skill together is a great way of getting to know each other.

    We offer three different stages of class, for different age groups:

    Babes - this is a very gentle introduction to baby signing for babies aged 2-6 months. In our five week course we cover some key simple signs to start using at home, with lots of focus on your interaction with your baby and plenty of fun sensory play. The babes class lasts around 35 minutes, with some time for socialising and any questions at the end.

    Stage one -  is for babies and toddlers from 6-16 months. You don't need any prior signing (or singing) experience. We cover different elements of your routine, such as mealtimes and nappy changes and lots of fun signs like animals and vehicles (the train sign is a huge favourite in my house). We offer two slightly different terms of stage one, with repetition to help you learn but different fun signs to keep it interesting. Ideally, we suggest families complete two stages of stage one before joining stage two.

    Stage two - for toddlers from 14 months or those who've done two terms at stage one. We cover some really exciting signs in this stage from the colours of the rainbow to the phonic alphabet. If you feel your toddler is too old for stage one and you want to come straight into stage two, I strongly recommend buying the stage one DVD first to give yourself some of the basic signs. This is also a more active class, to suit the needs of older toddlers. Lots of jumping around.

    If you're not sure which class to join, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help you decide.

    Baby Bank Network

    Sing and Sign Bristol and Portishead supports the Baby Bank Network. £3.50 from every stage one and two booking made in June will be donated to them and there will be a fundraising raffle at Christmas. If you don't know this charity, it was set up by a group of local parents last year to support families in need by providing them with good quality, used, baby equipment - donated by families who no longer need it themselves. They work with local health professionals to identify vulnerable families. It's entirely volunteer led and funds raised are used to pay for storage and to buy items such as mattresses that have to be provided new.



    January 2013 Sing and Sign Bristol celebrates it's 10th Anniversary

    For over 10 years Helen Hill has been teaching Bristol families the joys of baby signing.  From small beginnings with only 6 people in her very first class, she has seen the business and enthusiasm in Bristol grow to run over 25 classes a week with 6 sing and sign teachers joining her team - all of whom originally attended Helen's classes with their own children and loved them so much they wanted to become teachers. 

    With Bristol being such a multicultural city, Sing and Sign baby signing classes lends itself beautifully to families wanting to attend a fun musical class with their babies which also incorporate eductional benefits whilst embracing bilingual and trilingual families - the sign is the same no matter what language you use and this has been fantastic for reinforcing the words spoken whilst learning in a small relaxed atmosphere.

    Sing and Sign NW+SE Bristol enrols its 2,000th new Family and its 3,750th enrolment for 2010 term

    Since holding my very first class in January 2003 with just 6 people in it, I have been keeping a total of each family that book on to one of the courses in the Bristol and Portishead areas. 

    Sarah + Danyal Ahmed were lucky enough to be the 2,000th new family, whilst Claire + Isabel Sutton were the 3,750th enrolment to book onto the classes and to mark the occasion they have won the following which was presented at their first class of the September 2010 term with A Free of Charge course/Sing and SignDVD, CD + Vocab Book

    On hearing of her win – Sarah said “Hi Helen, That's brilliant news - how exciting to be your 2000th new family and it goes to show how great your courses are as word of mouth along with your fantastic demo's must be the way most people decide to book with you”. 

    Over 6,000 families have now attended courses run within the local area - so do please come along and join our ever growing community of baby signers. In the Bristol classes you will soon be laughing and singing and signing with new friends for both you and your baby. 

    Radio interview Radio Bristol interviewed me - please have a listen.

  • Venues

    Day Time Stage Location
    Monday AM Stage 1 St Aidan's Church Hall
    Monday AM Stage 1 & 2 Horfield Methodist Church
    Monday AM Babes Horfield Methodist Church
    Monday PM Stage 1 Horfield Methodist Church
    Monday AM Stage 1 Portishead Youth Centre
    Monday AM Babes Portishead Youth Centre
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 & 2 Redland Park URC, Whiteladies Road, Redland
    Tuesday PM Babes Redland Park URC, Whiteladies Road, Redland
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 Westbury Baptist Church, Westbury-on-Trym
    Thursday AM Stage 1 & 2 Horfield Methodist Church
    Thursday PM Stage 1 Horfield Methodist Church
    Thursday AM Babes Horfield Methodist Church
    Friday AM Stage 1 & 2 iPlay, Broadwalk, Knowle
    Friday PM Babes iPlay, Broadwalk, Knowle
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